Friday, August 13, 2010

Tax Free Shopping!!!

For those of us that live in Florida, today through Sunday is the one and only Tax Free Shopping Weekend for 2010. 

To see if and when your state participates, along with any restrictions, check the link here.

My husband and I are planning to do some shopping tomorrow for ourselves (because YES! It includes adult clothing as well!) and then on Sunday, my father-in-law is coming into town after church to take us shopping for The Princess. 

So excited!  Are you planning to take advantage of your state's Tax Free Holiday this year? At which stores do you think you'll shop?

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  1. Are you serious?? I have never heard of this...ohhh myyy...I am so going to click your link and see if my State participates!!

    Hope you are having a good day....TGIF!

  2. I missed the tax-free weekend this year for TN. No big deal because I'm trying to continue to stick to my not-shopping.

    Hope you find some good deals~!

  3. I checked.....sadly, Michigan does not even do this:(

  4. Sadly, Indiana never goes tax free for a weekend. However, I can't to visit Minneapolis in less than a month - not only to see a couple of great friends but to take advantage of the tax free clothing (all the time). That is like a 7% off sale right there!

    Can't wait to see what you get!

  5. Boo, CA doesn't participate! I don't know why I thought they would, with our bankrupt funds and all. Hope you get some great stuff!

  6. Wish I could participate but I think all the nie maternity clothes are online

  7. Tax free weekend is always an exciting occasion in my book! we're having it here in MA this weekend as well, and I'm consciously trying to avoid the stores. I just bought a new camera, so no new clothes for me for a while! It's killing me to be missing out on the tax break. Hope you and the hubby have some good shopping luck!

  8. I live in NYC so I can't take advantage of that - hope you made the most of it!!

    xoxo, Ashley

  9. Oh my goodness, I'm so surprised by how many states DON'T participate in this. That's awful. I'm so sorry, ladies!

    Although to be honest, I probably only saved a grand total of about $7. But still...that's $7 right there.

    Hopefully more states will start to participate each year!

  10. Oh my goodness. Tax free weekend in Texas was a retail workers nightmare. People go insane.I'm so glad Colorado doesn't do this.

    Have fun shopping though! I'm sure it's a blast if you're the one doing the shopping! Haha

  11. The only thing I bought all weekend (well my wonderful beau bought it for me) was a necklace. In Florida, that doesn't count! I miss Mass! Haha. Never any tax on clothing and all accessories still count; it's not for school shopping. Plus no $50 limit. Ugh. (I am much poorer spending tax on clothing here in FL, but I did quickly complete my goal of finding my soul mate.)

    I also would have bought shoes and a scarf, but I already purchased those because I need wide widths, and they're so rare that when I discovered the 6W at Payless in my dream wedges, I thought it was better to pay an extra few bucks than to chance missing out on that comfort.

    Oh sigh.

  12. Jenny, I can imagine it'd be awful for the people who work at the stores! I'm glad for your sake that you don't have to deal with it now! :)

    Ella, I know! It really bugs me that accessories aren't included in Florida. The limit of $50 isn't too bad because I'm cheap and don't buy anything that expensive anyway. :) And yes, Payless is great for wide width shoes!


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