Monday, August 23, 2010

Daily MelWear: Gettin' Comfortable

Well HI! It's Monday! I'm trying to psyche myself up! It's not working!

Oh well.  It was worth a shot.

This outfit is one that I've worn before, but deleted the pictures before I uploaded them.  Duh.  So I wore it again and took more pictures.  These pictures came out kind of crappy-like because of the time of day. Sorry about that.

I saw someone else wear a shirtdress with another shirt underneath and I thought to myself, "Why on earth did I not think of this on my own?!" It's a great way to rework this dress.  It's not a full shirtdress so I'm not able to layer another dress underneath it, but a shirt...that I can do.

I must admit that this is NOT what I'm wearing to work today.  Someone asked me on FormSpring why I don't post more casual, weekend outfits. Since I'm not wearing anything particularly thrilling today, I figured it was the perfect day to post a weekend outfit. I wore this on Saturday when we ran errands, trying to sell some things to make some extra money, went to lunch and then just crashed for the night.

Saturday's outfit:

Chambray Shirtdress: Wal-Mart

Black/White Striped Tee: Macy's

Teal Belt: Salvation Army

Gold Floral Shoes: Target

Pink Necklace/Earrings: Beya

As some of you may (or may not) know, I work in the research office for the diabetes outpatient clinic at a local hospital. We do studies on new glucose meters and medications and comparative studies too. I'm the administrative assistant and the only person in my department who is not a nurse. Although many of the girls who work the front office at the clinic are also non-clinical, they all wear scrubs every day. 

However, my boss has informed me that I can only wear the hospital-issued scrubs (they were actually an employee appreciation gift!) no more than once a week, and I'm not allowed to wear any other type of scrubs. Her reasoning that I shouldn't wear scrubs is because I'm non-clinical and she wouldn't want a patient to mistake me for a nurse or medical assistant and ask me questions.  Apparently it's out of the question for me to just state that I'm not a nurse, cannot offer any medical advice and they need to contact their doctor with concerns.

Anyway, I haven't worn scrubs EVER because she made me feel like she'd really prefer that I don't wear them at all.  However - she's off today so I'm wearin' 'em! I considered wearing a belt but then I thought that would be entirely unprofessional in this type of uniform.  I did make it my own a little bit with the necklace and hairband. Plus my Sketchers sneakers are SPARKLY!

I'm so comfy today. Although the shirt is so baggy that with it tied, my butt looks like one of Cinderella's stepsisters' butts. (Is it obvious that I'm a mom when I compare my butt to that of a Disney character? Oy.)

Today's outfit:

Black Scrub Pants and Teal Scrub Top: work-issued

Sketchers Sneakers: DSW

Necklace: Wal-Mart

Hairband: can't remember - either Wal-Mart or Target

So is there anything you wish you could wear to work all the time? If you are a stay-at-home-mom, is there anything you wish you had the opportunity to wear more often?


  1. underwear. I wish I could wear underwear daily. ;)

  2. Please. Don't pretend the stepsister reference is a mom thing, you took a Disney cruise for your honeymoon! ;-)

    I'm still rooting for uniforms!! And I wish the dress code allowed thong type shoes - I have some riDICulous red kitten heels but since they go between the toes I can't wear them.

  3. Heather...I hope you're kidding. I adore you but that might be TMI for me.

    Alyson, you do have a valid point with the Disney cruise. But...yeah, anyway. I just wish I could wear open-toe shoes at all! I can't even wear peep-toes!!!

  4. I was just going to say "I thought you couldn't wear denim to work!" then I kept reading :P

    Hmmm...I actually wish I could dress up more sometimes! I tend to feel a little over dressed to work. But I'm sure if I always had to dress up I'd be longing for a pair of yoga pants!

  5. Happy Monday doll..I think your weekend outfit is awesome..way to re-work that dress...:)

    You look tooo cute in those scrubs...and yes, Disney films remind me Im a Mom too, lmao!!!

    Have a great week!!!

  6. Yes, I would absolutely love to wear my yoga pants to work everyday but no can do! =(

    Happy Monday Mel, as always, your smile makes me smile!


  7. I love seeing the more casual side to your life! That chambray shirt dress looks awesome on you! And how cute are you in scrubs!?

  8. I like the idea of wearing a shirt underneath a shirtdress. I haven't tried it yet, but I like how your combo turned out!

    As far as what I could wear to work everyday, I'd vote for jeans!

  9. I'm not working right now, and I just finished grad school so I have very little reason to wear the sequined shirt I just bought last week (on clearance!)...but I'm hoping! I also own a ridiculous number of clutch purses that I used in my pre-mommy days but can't fit all of my junk into now. And let's face it, clutches are very inconvenient when running errands and hanging with a 4 year old! :)

  10. Very cute outfit (and scrubs)! I used to wish I could wear jeans to work every day (I only get casual Fridays), but since I've gotten more into fashion I like dressing up a lot more for work now!

  11. If you had to wear scrubs daily, you would yearn to wear something attractive which scrubs are not. The headband is a great touch. Do the girls in your office wear necklaces with their scrubs?

  12. Aw, you guys are sweet! Thanks! I agree, jeans would be fabulous too - I don't even get a casual Friday for those.

    NellJean, you're right, I'd probably get very bored if I was required to wear scrubs every day! I think the girls up front have the option of wearing dress clothes but choose not to because scrubs are so comfy and easy. I do like to dress up more than the normal person at my office though. I never claimed to be normal. :)

    Some of them wear little necklaces with tiny charms, because that's what our dress code dictates, but since I'm non-clinical and don't go bending over patients at all, I can get away with wearing necklaces that are a little bigger.

  13. I cannot believe that your supervisor is such a beast!!! I would love to wear scrubs all day and never worry about what to wear!! Being a stay at home mom I wish I had more reasons to dress up more!

  14. Love the shirt dress with the t shirt.

    I work from home so wish that I could get dressed up a bit more. I do some times go to networking events which are a great opportunity to get a bit more dressed up.

  15. I love all the bright colors in the first look! And the layering, you're a pro!

  16. Cute belt! It's refreshing to see casual outfits every once in a while, and let me assure you that you look just as adorable on the weekends!

  17. As a SAHM, I wish I could wear more belts and dresses! NO can do when you're breastfeeding, though :(

  18. I love your casual outfit, the pop of green is super cute! And I wish I could wear my dresses and heels more often. But now that I'm a mom, heels just aren't practical when you lug a baby around all day. That's what I miss about being in the working world.

  19. I admire you for standing up to your supervisor when she's not around! :). It's so awesome that you do that for yourself.

    I wish I can wear embellished flats to school each day.

  20. LOVE this chambray shirt dress, the teal belt is amazing (I love anything teal though, so this might just be me).

    If I could, I'd wear really casual dresses to work and I'd wear flip flops...but then I think I might get mistaken for someone headed to the beach.

  21. Love the denim shirt dress with the striped t-shirt underneith. Also loved how you dressed up the scrubs. I wish I had a reason to dress up more...skirts and dresses. But only on work days, when I am with the kids it just won't work!

  22. I wish I could wear SCRUBS! Way back in the day, hospital social workers wore them. Sadly, not anymore.

  23. Sequins! I need/want more sequins to wear to teach! *I am SO serious, I want to wear them for everyday wear.....

  24. I LOVE the top layered underneathe time a million. That's an awesome outfit. It makes me wish I had a denim shirt dress but I may try layering my green shirt dress with a striped shirt once it cools off.

    Considering I'm not working at the moment, I have the freedom to wear pajamas everyday if I wanted. I wish I had more of an excuse to dress up!

  25. For you girls who said you wish you had more of a reason to dress up, I say just do it! :) Who cares if no one sees you? Dress up and then make a trip to the grocery store. Dress up for yourself, not anyone else.

    I also wish I could wear jeans to work! Some of you mentioned not being able to wear certain things because you have kids...I try to wear those things anyway! Heels, skirts, dresses, white pants...I wear them all even with a three year old. And yes, that's not quite realistic if you're breastfeeding but at least you know that phase will eventually come to a close and you can go back to dresses.

    Sydney, you can't wear embellished flats? That's sad!

    Juanette, sequins are great! I have a cardigan with a little bit of sequins on them. A little goes a long way in a professional environment (even teaching!). I'm sure you can find some way to pull them off at school! :)

  26. One last word about scrubs. The first year I worked in home health I wore scrubs in pretty colors from my previous job throughout the summer because the weather was unbearably hot. When fall came I started wearing street clothes again. To my surprise, several patients commented that they appreciated my 'dressing up' to visit their homes.

  27. NellJean, I can see that especially when going into someone's home. It's almost a sign of respect, kind of like getting dressed up for church because you're entering God's house. At least, that's my own opinion!

    Thanks for sharing your experience with this! :)

  28. Well, after being a SAHM for about 4 years and then going back to work (part-time) I tend to dress up for work because for the past few years I wore yoga pants or jeans most of the time except for church! I live in dresses now, too - I breastfed for about 5 years straight since my kids were so close together and so I could never wear dresses - only tops and skirts so I was able to nurse.

  29. What a perfect change of pace for you, Jen! To be able to dress up but only work part-time so you're not away from your baby full-time. That's great!


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