Monday, August 2, 2010

Daily MelWear: I'm Copying Myself

Hi friends!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  We had a pretty fun and event-filled one.  On Friday (Mommy Day! Since I work 10 hour days Monday-Thursday, I have Fridays off with my girl.), I took the girl to the playground for a couple of hours and we had a picnic lunch.  It was so nice, lots of tree coverage, shade, breeze...perfect! That night, my husband and I went out to dinner at the Mellow Mushroom (awesome place, every time!).

Saturday was FUN.  We took the girl to a kids' cooking class at Maggiano's! A fun little surprise was seeing my uncle's daughter (technically she's my cousin!) and her son there too! We all sat at the same big table and learned how to make their chicken manicotti.  After we prepared our food and got it wrapped up to bake at home, they set up a fantastic buffet lunch. The kids had a blast. I know we're going to do it again the next time they have one, and they mentioned the possibility of an adult class too. Yay!

I got to go shopping at the Salvation Army store and Ross while my husband stayed home with our daughter during naptime. That was a nice little treat! I found three skirts, a belt and two dresses, and spent less than $40. Whee!

Sunday was church, our first time back in a couple of months since my husband has been singing somewhere else lately, then we hit the outlet mall and sweat out any water we've ever had in our entire lives.  The outlet mall is outdoors and the heat index was 110 yesterday.  It was HOT. I must admit, though, that I'd rather have it too hot than too cold! That's why I live in Florida!

Okay this has been a little bit too wordy. Sorry! It seems like all of my Monday posts are filled with weekend details and I just continue to babble!

Pretty, pretty flowers.
This dress is one of the new ones I purchased at Ross on Saturday.  It has pockets! Perfection! I like that it's strapless so I can layer a shirt underneath for work (or over top, which I will likely do soon too) or I can wear it as is with some jewelry for a fun night out, or throw on some flip flops for a relaxed afternoon.  I already love this dress!  And look at the fun floral details at the waist!

I am, however, wondering if maybe it's a tad too short for work. What do you think?

Yay pockets!!!
The color scheme is one that I've worn before. I liked it and decided Wonder Woman makes me feel powerful. So I'm channeling her again.

Today's outfit:

Black Strapless Dress: Ross

Blue Blouse: JC Penney

Red Pumps: Mom (Payless?)

Black Necklace/Earrings/Bracelets: Wal-Mart

Frances Joy over at Mad Dress Game tagged me to share more about myself, so I'm going to quickly answer her questions (if my verbose self is capable of answering quickly!).

1. Why did you start blogging?
I've always answered that I started because I feel like I can learn a lot from the other fantastic women who blog, and that's true.  I also read someone else's answer to this question who said that they've enjoyed reading fashion blogs for so long and decided they wanted to join in the fun.  So ditto!

2. What's your favorite kind of ice cream?
Oooh, I'm gonna go with Cheesecake from Cold Stone with Oreo mix-ins. Yum!

3. Favorite book? Why?
Wuthering Heights.  I'm not sure why, I just love it.

4. What do you like most about your day job?
My co-workers and the fact that I get to sit at a desk most of the time (I love computers!). Don't ask me what I like least.  Let's not go there.

5. What's the most amazing place you've ever visited?
Thailand. My husband and I went with my boss, his wife and some others for a mission trip several years ago.  It was one of the most life-altering experiences ever.

6. Heels or flats?
Depends.  I typically go with heels because I'm so short, but I like flats for comfort and to be casual.

7. What do you always carry with you?
My iPhone!

8. What's one beauty product you can't live without?
Hm...a beauty product.  That's a tough one, because I'm just fine leaving the house on Fridays with my girl without make-up on.  Does deodorant count as a beauty product? Cuz then I'd pick that.  Definitely can't live without that.
I'm supposed to come up with my own 8 questions and tag other bloggers to answer, but I feel like I've been WAY too chatty in this post already so I'm just going to ask you ALL a couple of questions.
Answer in the comments!
1. What do you consider your most classic piece of clothing and why?
2. What trend are you most looking forward to for fall?
3. Do you enjoy fashion blogs that post pictures with very little text or would you prefer that the writer include more information (and if so, what kind of information? about the clothes or about their lives, etc.)?


  1. Thank you for sharing somethings about yourself with your readers. I enjoyed getting to know you :).

    I tried wearing a strapless black dress with a white shirt underneath. It didn't turn out the way I would have liked the look to. Perhaps I'll try again.

  2. I love your layering! I always enjoy reading more about other bloggers.

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend, and I'm impressed by everything you got for under $40!

    I often think I get too wordy in my posts too. Sometimes it's nice to let the pictures do the talking, but I think a big part of what makes a blog interesting is getting to know the blogger and the stories they have to tell.

  4. I think those colors look great on you! I am impressed with your bargain shopping! The heat thing I cannot understand! We lived in Ft Lauderdale for 4 years and I LOVED the winters but summer all I could do was swim everyday! I hate REALLY hot summers with humidity! But I do miss the tan I always had and all of my wonderful friends I left behind!

  5. I always love a dress with pockets! And I've always wanted to take cooking classes, how fun!

  6. Love this! That dress is adorable with the rosette details! Looks so cute over the button down :) - Oh and I don't think the dress is too short for work, it's just the right length to show off your legs but remain work appropriate.

  7. I feel like I've missed out on a lot of reading and commenting lately! Thanks so much for keeping up with me. I'm about to write a ohmygoodness long post about everything that's been happening lately. No outfit post today. Just stuff... But to answer your questions:

    1. What do you consider your most classic piece of clothing and why?
    - Black slacks. Am i boring for saying that? I feel like it's so common. But I can dress them up for work with a professional top, down for errands with a cotton tee and some jewelry, make them snazzy for a night out with a cute tank, or cuff them up to make adorable crops.

    2. What trend are you most looking forward to for fall?
    BOOTS. Can't wait.

    3. Do you enjoy fashion blogs that post pictures with very little text or would you prefer that the writer include more information (and if so, what kind of information? about the clothes or about their lives, etc.)?
    - I think this is relative to the blogger... There are some people that have great blogs and very little text, and with those people, I'm usually perfectly satisfied not knowing much about their daily lives. But when I find bloggers (like you) that are young working moms that are interested in style, or bloggers who are starting out and aren't all super famous in the blogsphere, I really like hearing about their lives and how things are going. This is a good question. Sometimes I wonder if I write too much and don't post enough pictures. But my blog is just that: MY blog. Ya know? Sometimes I want to write a lot and sometimes I want to post pictures. :)

  8. Cute layering with the dress! Congrats on the super deals~

    1. What do you consider your most classic piece of clothing and why?

    Most classic? I guess my black pumps. They have a pointy toe and a slim mid-height heel.

    2. What trend are you most looking forward to for fall?

    Boots and layering. I've had to ease off layering a bit since it's so hot.

    3. Do you enjoy fashion blogs that post pictures with very little text or would you prefer that the writer include more information (and if so, what kind of information? about the clothes or about their lives, etc.)?

    I enjoy reading about bloggers. I'm not really into blogs that are solely lookbooks or about shopping, especially since I try to get to actually know the people I'm following and vice versa.

    I do enjoy when bloggers like to add their own fashion tips and tricks.

  9. Sydney: Thanks for reading! :) I think you definitely should try it again! I wasn't sure about this when I first put it on, but it grew on me.

    Frances Joy: Thanks! I do too, depending on who they are. Some of them I just feel more connected to.

    Kelly: I was impressed too! I do get wordy a lot but I don't feel like I have any fun stories to tell. Sometimes I feel like I'm just blabbering on about myself for no reason. I may need to let the pictures do the talking more often!

    Tricia: Thank you! It's funny that you mention missing your tan, because I don't even have one. :) I rarely go to the beach and I work indoors. I'm probably the most pale Italian girl you'll ever meet! :)

    Jessica: The class was a BLAST! If you have a place near you that does one-night or one-day events, you should definitely check into it. So much fun! Not to mention yummy!

    ShyGirl: Thank you! It's great to have some validation that I didn't miss the mark on the professionalism with the skirt length. I was a little nervous for a while...

    Kimberly: You are not boring at all for saying black slacks are your most classic piece. I think that's likely of a lot of women for all of the reasons that you listed. I agree with the learning about more bloggers, depends on who they are and whether I feel like I have something in common with them.

    Megan: Thanks! Yes, I'm also looking forward to boots and layering! When I first got into reading fashion blogs, I stumbled on the notion that it was okay to wear booties with skirts and not just with pants, so I'm ready to break mine out and wear them! I just need lots of tights and leggings now. :) I also enjoy getting to know some of the bloggers, I tend to skim over some of the posts about dressing room reviews and such.

  10. Great outfit!


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