Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daily MelWear: Flower Girl

Good morning! I had a great time reading over your comments and thoughts on yesterday's post about replying to comments.  It seems like some of you already have a great system in place that works for you and some others are in the same boat with me, trying to figure out what will fit in best with our blogs and our schedules.

If you haven't already, go back and leave your two cents! Or one cent.  However much you've got.

So last night, I came home to a yummy spinach salad that my husband made from a recipe in Men's Health magazine.  Light, delicious, healthy...and then we had some homemade chocolate guinness ice cream to top it off.  Negate much? Eh. We just had a little bit.

I'm having mood swings with this outfit.  This skirt is actually one of the strapless dresses that I bought at Ross over the weekend. I have quite a few fun, casual outfit ideas in mind but it was more difficult for me to come up with something office appropriate.  At first I didn't like this version.  I thought the neckline of the tee didn't look right.  Then I pulled the skirt up higher, pulled the tee down so it fit tighter and I kind of liked it again.  Added the necklace and heels and it was okay! Then I got to work, saw it in the mirror and I'm not sure again.  I'm wondering if the skirt is a little too full for my short self. It might work better with an untucked shirt (still belted, of course). I don't find this to be a very professional outfit at all, but at least there's nothing about it that is specifically inappropriate for work.

What do you think?

Today's outfit:

Floral Skirt (Strapless Dress): Ross

Pink Tee: Target

Brown Belt: Salvation Army

Brown Studded Heels: Wal-Mart

Floral Statement Necklace: Target


  1. That's a strapless dress? Did you just tuck the top part down? What a cool idea!

    Hard to tell from the angle but maybe the skirt is a tad long?

    Overall, great outfit, love the colours :)

  2. Hello doll...I think the dress is too cute!!!

    I love how you styled it....I don think its too full at all....you look super fab!!

  3. Your top has a fun and vibrant color which I love. You are so creative the way you converted a full lenght dress into a skirt!

  4. I love the way you made your dress into a skirt - I am assuming you folded it down so it's a 2-layered skirt?

    I think this outfit looks darling on you!

  5. I think it's pretty fabulous. With the neckline it makes it a dressier tee. I rather like it.

    But hey tomorrow's another day and we all get another chance to wear something entirely different!

  6. Brilliant idea to convert a strapless dress into a skirt! I don't think it's too full at all, and I love it with the vibrant blouse. Such a fun neckline, and great idea to use it to frame that lovely necklace. Great look!

  7. I think you look so great! Love that you repurposed the dress into a skirt! You'll get that many more wears out if it! And that shirt has a fabulous neckline, so adorable

  8. Oh I think its pretty genius that you were able to wear that dress as a skirt! And the colour combination is lovely!

    Please do read the article Mel! I'd love to hear your thoughts about it:


  9. loving the bright colours- just perfect together! and the print is so pretty! lovely blog xxx

  10. Hi Melissa, thanks for the sweet comment. I wanted to tell you I got my yellow belt at Ross for $.99! I know you mentioned you shop there occasionally, so you might want to check!

  11. gotta love your remixing of different brands and stuff!

  12. What a fun print that skirt is! So many colors to pair with it. Cute!

  13. I really like this outfit! The skirt looks fine in the photo, but it's hard to say how it felt walking around in it. I do like the top and how the proportions balance out. The belt and shoes do a great job of grounding the colors in the rest of the outfit, and that necklace is just so fun!

  14. I love it! I love it! I love it! So cute. :) I don't think that skirt is too full. NOT at all. You look perfect. :)

  15. I love this outfit on you! It's very flattering.

  16. I love the look. It's professional and feminine at the same time. Can't believe that skirt is a dress... good repurposing

  17. i really love this outfit and the way you styled that dress! :)

    and homemade ice cream sounds absolutely delicious.

  18. Thank you guys! I've been trying to find ways to wear more of my clothes to work. That's actually the only reason I bought this dress, because I knew I could repurpose it a few different ways.

    curls-and-pearls: Yep, that's exactly what I did, I just tucked the top part down and threw a belt on. I'm probably going to wear it as a dress (or with some jeggings) this weekend so you'll see the whole thing then.

    eek: I didn't really make it a two-layered dress, just folded the top part back...but maybe I should have made it two layers so it would be a tad shorter...

    Brittany: I can't believe you got that yellow belt at Ross for $0.99. That's amazing, I have to go check! Thanks!

    Jen: not just homemade ice cream, homemade chocolate GUINNESS ice cream. Oh yum...

  19. LOVE this! Definitely keep tucked, and I love a classy long skirt. Long is in, too. Also, full accentuates feminine sexiness, so don't worry. I'm short, but I love my big thighs - and you are skinny, girl!

    Also I love purple and pink - IS that purple? - but this is more office-appropriate than most. I definitely see this, from where I'm sitting, as professional.

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