Monday, August 9, 2010

Daily MelWear: Oh Monday...

I earnestly wish that I'd worn something sleeveless.  And shorter.

My office is normally somewhere around 69-72 degrees.  I have a space heater under my desk.

Not today, however.  Not today.

Instead, the AC is broken, so it's 80 degrees in here. The AC company is on site trying to fix it. It breaks a lot, but it's never been quite this hot in here before. I guess it hasn't broken since the start of this unusually warm summer.

To add insult to injury, I think I might have caught what The Princess had last week. I don't have a fever (well, I might now with it being so stinkin' hot in here), but my throat is a little sore, my head hurts, my nose is congested and I'm just exhausted and so sleepy.

I did get up at my usual 4:30AM to work out, but I just did a two-mile Leslie Sansone walk instead of my normal Insanity or The Firm routines.

What I'd really like to do is go right back to bed. I'm so tired. I suppose that's the reason I feel so blah about this outfit. It's just sort of okay to me. It works, I'm clothed, but it doesn't do much for me. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day!

So how was YOUR weekend? How's your Monday starting out?

Today's outfit: 

Top (all one piece): Kohl's

Skirt: Ross

Belt: Plato's Closet

Shoes: My mom (Payless, I think)

Pink Earrings/Necklace: Beya 


  1. Feel better soon! Sorry to hear about the broken air-conditioner, that's got to be miserable.

    At least you have a rocking pair of shoes on!

  2. 1- You look FABULOUS.
    2- I can't believe your dedication to your exercise routine. I'm inspired by you.
    3- I'm not feeling too well, either (got it from S-bug... ughh).
    4- For some reason, I'm immune to caffeine this morning. BOO.

  3. Try to keep cool doll....hope you feel better...I felt a little under the weather myself yesterday, maybe its the heat?

    I think your outfit looks great!!
    I'll start posting mine this evening...but I did do a little update on my blog about an order I'm waiting for, lol...have a great day!

  4. Those shoes are adorable!

    I very dislike going inside the buildings in campus. They always keep the rooms around 65 degrees even when it's 100 degrees outside. I always have to remember to bring a sweater before I leave the house. Otherwise, I'd feel very uncomfortable. Luckily, in my office I can adjust the room tempt to whatever I want. So in the winter months in order to save energy at home, I go in to my office and put the thermo up to 80 heh.

  5. I think you look fabulous!! I love the color combination in this outfit! The pop of pink is perfect!

    Hope you feel better really soon and try to stay cool! Hopefully the AC in your office will be back and running asap, I know that's a miserable feeling.

  6. Sorry about no a/c! At least you look cute. And I love those shoes!

  7. CepThat is a really pretty outfit..what a cute mommy! I used to go Kohl's all the time in the past but left empty handed most of the time.

  8. I hate to exercise so much! I do run 3-5 times a week but hate it even after doing it for almost 2 years! I love that your dress is one piece so easy and cute!

  9. I love those shoes!

    Just wanted to let you know I posted your outfit today on!

    You got an A++! :)

  10. been a crappy monday all around here...
    love how the shirt ads color to the LBD....sorry you are starting to feel hard no to catch it from the kids!

  11. Hope you get to feeling better! I really love your top even if it was too hot for the office :)

    Looks like I've found another crazy workout person to relate to - my hubs got us up at 4:45 this morning to run!

  12. I think your outfit is cute! But being overheated can make any outfit feel like too much fabric.
    How do you get up at 4:30am to workout?!?! Part of the reason I don't want to go back to work is because I get to workout at 10 or 11am, and then leisurely get into the rest of the day. I admire your dedication, though.

  13. Well, you look cute anyway, I especially love those shoes :)

  14. Feel better! For what it's worth, I think that outfit - the shoes in particular - is super cute.

  15. Thanks for the comment on my blog doll.....It was alot of fun taking the outfit I just have to get my daughter to NOT cut my feet off!!! lol...have a great night...see you tomorrow!

  16. Oh no! I have a space heater under my desk too. That must have been a disconcerting change of climate~ well you looked super cute anyways.

    Hope you feel better! :-)

  17. Boo on getting sick...hope it passes soon! I love this outfit...the shirt adds a great pop of colors and the shoes also add interest. Great look!

  18. Beautiful outfit!

  19. Megan: Thanks! Yes, the AC thing was bad but I was cozy all day, I hate being cold!

    Kimberly: Thank you. :) I hope you don't get sick!

    Collette: Thank you! I love your blog, so glad you started one! You're gonna be GREAT!

    Sydney: Thanks! I totally wish that I could adjust the temp here. We're moving into a brand new building in November and I think that our little suite of offices will have a control separate from the clinic, so hopefully we can keep it warmer for ourselves!

    ShyGirl: Thank you! I wear that pink necklace a lot, pops of pink make me smile.

    Jessica: Thanks! :)

    Nelah: Thank you! I'm sorry you left Kohl's empty-handed! Was it the fit that you didn't like, or you didn't find any styles that appealed to you?

    Tricia: Oh, you have to find something you enjoy! I hate running too, I used to do walking/jogging intervals but hated it. It's so boring to me! Have you tried DVDs to do at home? Some of them are really fun!

    Laura: I actually saw your post before I saw your comment! Whee! I'm SO glad that you liked it! That makes me very happy. :) And you looked AWESOME!!!

    rlutz: I'm sorry you had a crappy Monday too! Ugh. Yes, it's really hard to not catch it from the kids, especially for Moms because we're the ones that like to hug and kiss and cuddle them so we catch EVERYTHING!

    Eek: Yep, 4:30 every day! Even on Saturdays! And that's only so that I can be done, showered and dressed by the time my daughter is up. I can't handle running though, it drives me crazy! I use DVDs instead.

    Melanie: What works for me is putting my alarm clock in a place where I HAVE to get out of bed to turn it off - plus I also sleep in my workout clothes so I'm already dressed. Those two small things actually help a lot! But hey, if you can avoid going back to work, I would too! I wish I didn't have to work, I'd rather be a SAHM.

    Jen: Thanks! Those shoes are really comfy, too.

    Frances Joy: Thank you! And like I just mentioned to Jen, those shoes are really comfy!

    Bianca: Normally I'd love the change in climate because I just hate being cold, but with that heavy shirt...ugh. Oh well!

    Angeline: Thank you! I almost wore plain black shoes but saw these and hoped they'd add another element of interest. Glad they did!

    Minnja: Thank you! :)


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