Friday, August 27, 2010

Friend Friday: Fall Fashion

The past few Friend Friday posts have been some rather serious subjects. This week Katy decided to lighten it up a bit to discuss Fall Fashion!

1. What new fashion trend are you looking forward to sporting this fall?
This is kind of a loaded question for me. Six months ago, I was dressing differently than I am now. My style has evolved in such a few months that I'm not sure where my "new" style will take me in the fall.  Last fall/winter, I never, EVER would have thought to wear booties with dresses or skirts; they were strictly for pants/jeans and only my knee-high boots would come out for skirts and dresses.  I also wore pants ALL of the time. It was extremely rare for me to wear a skirt or dress.  So this time around, I'm excited to get a lot more use out of my booties and to start wearing tights and leggings!

2. Which item in your closet is most likely to be your go-to transition piece?
I'm thinking my white cardigan with the lace back. It's so pretty, lightweight, 3/4 sleeves and perfect for the warm fall weather typical of Florida.

3. What item from last year are you looking forward to reinventing this fall?
My red booties! Not sure you can really reinvent a shoe, but I'm excited to get more use out of it with skirts and dresses this year!

4. What is your favorite part about this time of the year?
I don't really have a favorite part about fall.  My favorite season is winter because of Christmas.  Fall in Florida doesn't bring about much change weather-wise so it's kind of like an extended summer. The only difference is that school has started and Halloween is coming.  Maybe that's my favorite part - candy!

5. Will you be attending any fashion events this fall? 
Sadly, no. I'm not aware of any local fashion events and I don't really have the money to attend any kind of conferences or travel anywhere else. 

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  1. I'm looking forward to booties too! I actually don't own any, so I guess this is my excuse to go shopping. I have been loving those high heeled oxfords - I think they would look lovely with tights.

    I love fall in the NE - the Hudson River Valley when the leaves are turning is the most gorgeous place on earth!

  2. Booties! YAY. I found some at Rue 21 for great prices. Charolotte Russe has lots of options, too!

  3. It's always nice to know more about you! I am looking forward to wearing my trench coats but not the chill in the air!

    Have a great weekend Mel!


  4. Yay for evolving style! I love how blogging can really help us step up our game and try to look our best each day. - Katy

  5. Yay for booties! And trench coats. I have a great black and white one that I can't wait to wear. Thanks for reminding me about that! :)


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