The Dress Code

Here are the basics of my corporation's dress code. Some of these are due to the fact that the company is Seventh-Day Adventist, others are in the name of professionalism. Either way, I think they're too strict but I wasn't consulted so my opinion doesn't matter. :)

*No patterns unless they are so subtle that they appear to be solids from a distance (such as pinstripes or small polka dots)
*Muted colors only, no bright colors
*Pants must have no more than a 2 in hem and must break at the top of the shoe (no capris or ankle pants!)
*No animal prints of any kind (there goes my dress...and my shirt...and my skirt...and my booties...and my shoes...and my other shoes...)
*No bracelets
*Necklaces must be a single, thin strand of either silver or gold and have no more than one small pendant
*Earrings must not extend past the earlobe (so, only studs then?)
*No open-toe shoes (not even peep toes!)
*Belts much match or be in a neutral coordinating color with the outfit
*Tights/hose must be a neutral or flesh-toned color with no patterns
*Any nail polish must be a flesh-toned color
*Hair accessories are limited to small barrettes or hair clips in a shade that matches the hair color

My supervisor has allowed us some concessions (because we work in a tiny office that used to be a house, and it's just the four of us girls), as follows:

*We can wear jewelry as long as it's removed if we're seen by any other staff member (if they visit our office or we leave)
*Same goes for sandals and open-toe shoes (yay!)
*Prints need to be minimal and we're not entirely sure if she said that we could wear prints on skirts or not, but two of us do normally
*Skirts may be no shorter than just above the knee (this skirt is as short as we're allowed)
*As for sleeve length, she said that we're allowed to wear sleeveless in our office only and if we set foot outside our office, for lunch or any other reason, or if we have guests stop by, we MUST have some type of cover-up (blazer, sweater, bolero, anything with sleeves).

*She also reserved the right to deem any piece of clothing inappropriate regardless of whether or not we feel that it complies with the rules and in that case, we are not to wear that item to work again, unless the offense is remedied (such as it being too low cut and we wear a higher shirt underneath).

It's kind of nice to have some of these liberties!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at {aworkingmomscloset at}.