Thursday, August 26, 2010

Daily MelWear: Little Lady

Happy Thursday, everyone! I’m so glad I have tomorrow off.

First off, I want to thank all of you for your comments on yesterday’s random post about my “too short” dress.

I honestly would not have made it through the day yesterday without getting all of your comments in my email. Your encouragement, support, empathy and advice were needed far more than I can express. YOU are the reason that I started blogging and wanted to become a part of this community! Thank you so, so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with me – and that goes for EVERY post, not just yesterday’s! Thank you!

In reviewing our corporation’s attire guidelines, we’re permitted to wear skirts ranging in length from mid-calf to ankle. Apparently showing your knees at all is a no-no. My particular department is a little bit more lenient; however, clearly not as lenient as I thought.

We’re also not allowed to wear open-toe shoes (I’ve whined about that on numerous occasions and as lenient as my office might be, that is one rule by which they do abide. I can’t even wear peep-toes and that makes me so sad!), our earrings are not supposed to extend below the earlobe (yeah, I don’t follow that one), our necklaces are to be only thin gold or silver chains with small pendants if necessary (don’t follow that one either) and there are some other things in there about not wearing colors that are too bright or patterns that are too bold.

So yeah, I guess I do get a lot of leeway considering how overly conservative our dress code is.

There was serious consideration this morning about wearing a suit. But then I thought maybe that was going a bit too far. I tend to be rather sarcastic and facetious and opted instead to take a more subdued, calm and professional approach in today’s outfit.

I’ve had this shirt for a while; it was a birthday gift from a co-worker and I’ve been stumped as to how to style it. I saw Kate’s post last week where she wore it with a skirt and belt and a light bulb went off! Thanks for the inspiration, Kate!

I did throw on the blazer for good measure. That’s just a little bit of my sarcasm.

AND – today is my husband’s birthday!!! Happy birthday, Pat! Not like he reads my blog, but whatever. As I’m typing this, he’s at Disney auditioning for an opera singer gig. He is PERFECT for that so I really hope he gets it! If you think about it, please pray for him! He really wants this and I want it for him. What a great birthday present, could you imagine?!

Okay I’ve gotten too wordy again. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Today’s outfit:

Tee: Wal-Mart

Skirt: Target

Belt: Salvation Army

Brown Studded Heels: Wal-Mart

Green Necklace/Earrings: Beya

Brown Blazer: Ross (I think…)


  1. You look so cute! I am think it's great to be a little sacastic with the blazer!;) I hope your hubby has a wonderful birthday and gets his birthday wish to come true!

  2. You look professional yet it is still you. You can still add a personal touch to your business attire.

    Dressing appropriately for work doesn't only show the respect to your profession but also reflects who you are. Most of your work clothes look very appropriate for the working environment you are in. I just can't believe my eyes what some people at my work put on. It looks like they come to work straight from BED! That is beyond rude and the person just looks horrible coming to work on a wrinkled t-shirt and jeans.

  3. Wow, that's a pretty darn specific dress code, especially if they're going to get into earring lengths and even the color tones!

    I personally feel like it is a little over-the-top, but company policy is what it is, and at least they're not being overly-vague.

    I hope that if HR is planning a clamp-down on policy right now, they also have discussed this same issue with other folks that may also be considered "non-compliers".

    Happy hubby b-day!

  4. oo I love the light colored skirt with the black jacket! Such a nice contrast! And your necklace is just the icing on the cake, great outfit girl :)

    I think you put together the cutest and most creative outfits, especially given your work's dress code! I couldn't put together all the fab outfits you do!

    And Happy Birthday to your husband!! He sounds like he has the coolest job ever! I'll be hoping and praying he gets the Disney job.

  5. Happy Hubby Birthday Doll:) Hope its a SUPER great one for him!

    I think you look awesome today....and that dress code? whoa....seems pretty intense..keep wearing your supa stylish clothes after work and on the weekends....your style is an inspiration for MANY:)

  6. hey my blog has been updated, pay your usual visit with ur sweet comment, my dear friend..

  7. Very cute ;-) xo

  8. You look fab! I love the blazer lol! I think you dress very well for somebody who is supposedly allowed to wear scrubs once a week. Keep being your fabulous self. Stick it to em by being stylish within the stuffy rules.

    I've personally always been one to push the dress codes. I'm cool with knee length, covering the shoulders... but controlling my choice of color? My school system decided to implement uniforms in public school my senior year... I fast tracked my schooling and graduated early! Okay it was a bit more than that but it was definitely part of the problem with the school system.

  9. I love this look- and I would have done the SAME thing with the blazer. Go you. I love your style, but you already know that.

    I had NO idea that an office dress code could be THAT conservative. My goodness... I can wear sweatpants if I want. I mean, I have before, but I don't prefer it. But WOW. And I work at a university!

    GOOOO PAT! I'm praying and crossing my fingers and doing all of the things that should get him the gig! And wish him a happy birthday from all of us!

    P.S.- I did know you were a singer from your Amazing Grace duet with The Little Princess. :) You sounded wonderful. I miss singing and actually emailed the vocal chair at the school where I work today! YAY. I hope for some insight about joining some type of extra curricular ensemble (because I have so much extra time and all).

    P.P.S.- iPhone 4 comes to mi casa next week!

  10. Happy birthday to your hubby! Hope you both have a fun evening.

    And I think your outfit has such personality while still looking professional and conforming to the rules of your office. I love that you're wearing color, too. You look lovely!

  11. so love your outfit! I never thought of any of your outfits are not work appropriate...WTF todays blazer does add sarcasm.
    Happy birthday to your hubby...hope he gets the job!

  12. I don't like to wear suits. I"m much of a girly girl :). It's too bad that the profession I'm in/choosing to go into require me wear suits sometimes. A lot of people say one can look very good in suits because of the polished look. I'm not one of those people heh.

  13. I think you looked fine but being without dress code power, I guess you still have to cooperate with the powers that be. You will be able to figure out a way to be yourself within the dress code. Mine is very lenient and that can be difficult at times too because I want to feel professional but it is sometimes inconvenient to wear nice things. My most casual job let me wear shorts to work and that always felt weird!

  14. Hi Melissa! I'm so sorry that you had such an awful experience yesterday with the dress code police. I'm a little behind in my blog reading, so I'm just now seeing this. I think you always look so pulled together and work-appropriate, and I didn't realize until now just how strict your dress code is. I have always been impressed by your outfits, but even more so now that I know the constraints you have to work within. Wow -- no bright colors. That's a tough one. I use bright colors to cheer up my day, so I would be in a pretty foul mood all the time if I had to follow that rule!

  15. I'm glad you were able to find some peace with the dress code realizing that they are more lenient than the actual written code. I admire that. I don't do well with rules and regulations like that. Maybe that's why I've stayed away from the traditional work environments. :)

  16. oh my.. that is a lot of rules for a dress code. i would go crazy!!! but you look beautiful and i hope you had a better day today!! enjoy your day off! xoox

  17. Now there's that smile again!

    Happy, happy Friday!


  18. Great outfit! They can't cramp your style. :)

  19. Looks great! Glad to see you shine through the touchiest of dress codes!

  20. Thanks everyone! I felt really good in this outfit and then when my boss sent me an email, attaching the dress codes, just to "follow up" about our meeting regarding the fact that skirts must come to at least the knee, I felt confident that there was nothing wrong with this outfit.

    You guys are so great. I hope you know that.

  21. I think this is super cute and professional. The necklace really makes you stand out without comprimising any standards. (Not that I had a problem with your other outfits, but it sounds like some people are just nit picky.) I also love, love, love the top!

  22. Thanks Jenny! I'm learning to love the top too. :)


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