Friday, August 6, 2010

Daily MelWear: The Real Me

Working 10 hour days Monday - Thursday is worth it to me when I get to spend Fridays with my girl. 

And per my usual, this morning I threw on something comfy and decided to go make-up free. So this is me!

This black dress is one of my favorites.  I've never worn it without another shirt layered underneath or a cardigan over top, but since all I'm doing is cleaning, blowing bubbles outside and maybe grocery shopping later, I figured this was just fine. Can you see the cute flower detail the right side (my right, not yours) of the neckline?

I love my new red snakeskin belt and I adore red and turquoise together, so I added the turquoise necklace and earrings.  To finish it off, I plan to wear these leopard sandals once I leave the house. 

But for now, here I sit, on my couch, blogging, reading, commenting, glass of wine on the table, laptop on my lap, Princess Girl napping.

I love Fridays.  

Especially naptime on Fridays.

Good grief, that sun is bright.

Today's outfit:

Black Dress: Plato's Closet

Red Snakeskin Belt: Salvation Army

Turquoise Necklace/Earrings: Wal-Mart

Leopard Sandals: Kohl's

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  1. Those leopard sandals are fabulous!! Love them! The turquoise is such a fun pop to the black and red. Everything in the outfit compliments each other perfectly =)

  2. simple yet so elegant! you look great!

  3. Ooohlala! That red belt is fantastic! A perfect summer LBD.

  4. I love this look, so casual and chic! Love the red belt with it too.

  5. Love the combo of red, turquoise, and leopard. Looks fantastic! Enjoy your day with your daughter!

  6. Very cute! The pop of red is so fun!

  7. Great blog! As a new mom, I love to see other moms' style.

    I really wish I could do a 4-day week too!

  8. ShyGirl: Thank you! Those sandals are so stinkin' comfortable too, great even for theme parks!

    Jessica: Thanks! Elegant isn't something that I've been called often but do strive for.

    Rachel: Thank you, love. So are you! Let's go shopping!

    Megan: That red belt makes me HAPPY. It really is a perfect summer LBD!

    Jessica: Thanks! I love it too, might even throw a black shirt on underneath and try it for work!

    Frances Joy: Thank you! I absolutely enjoyed the day with my daughter. She's so much fun!

    Liz: Pops of red make me happy. Actually, pops of any color make me happy, to be honest. :)

    Backseat Stylers: Thank you! Your blog is pretty amazing, too! And yes, four day work weeks are fabulous. Hard on Monday mornings, worth it on Fridays!

    Nicole: Thanks! :)

  9. Love the look great!!! Nothing like a little black dress:)

  10. I adore your red skinny belt. And you're so right that red and turquoise go well together. I saw the most beautiful red/coral and turquoise dress from Nanette Lepore. It was waaay out of my price range, but oh so pretty:

  11. Collette: Thank you! That dress is SO comfy, it makes me very happy.

    Jamie: Oh. My. Gosh. That dress is so stinkin' cute!!! I can't believe how expensive it is, but if it was in my price range, you better believe I'd go out and get one right now. I really love it!

  12. That dress is really cute! What is Plato's Closet?

  13. Maria: Thank you! Plato's Closet is a resale store that says it's for "teen wear" but heck, I'm 30 and I still shop there. It's a lot of Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Aeropostale, Abercrombie & Fitch, things like that. I LOVE that store. It's like all my favorites rolled into one place and cheaper since it's resale. Love it! Google it and see if there's one near you!

  14. love this dress - great find! You look so awesome!! and yes, i know what you mean about loving that nap time!


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