Monday, August 16, 2010

Daily MelWear: Blue and Red - and some questions!

Hi everyone! Are you glad it's Monday?!

Yeah.  Me neither.

This weekend was lots of fun and I really didn't want it to be over.  My parents kept our daughter overnight so we went to dinner with some friends, slept in, went for scones and coffee and were surprised to see a very good friend of mine there too.  I haven't seen her in years so it was great to see her and her husband, and meet their baby girl. We'd planned to do some tax-free shopping but I just wanted to stay there and chat with her for hours. So we did.

Eventually we had to leave for our family barbecue which was TONS of fun in the pool. 

I tried to do some shopping after that at the mall, but you guys...I'm OLD.  I walked into Charlotte Russee and was a little overwhelmed with all the good stuff.  My budget was pretty small and I can't break myself out of the mindset that I need to get as much as possible for as little money as possible (see? OLD.) so I ended up not trying anything on and heading to Forever 21.

Big mistake.  That place was a madhouse.  There was a waiting line for the dressing rooms, too many people to move freely, half the stock was on the floor, the music was too loud...ugh. 

I ended up going to Ross and getting a few things that I've been wanting (jeggings, a long white cardigan and a vest - I also picked up two strapless dresses that can also be worn as skirts OR as tunics, so yay!), while my husband took The Princess to get some ice cream.

My husband hadn't been feeling well that night so we decided to sleep in on Sunday and skip church.  We had a leisurely breakfast at home, then my father-in-law got there in time for lunch and more shopping! We went to a children's resale store and bought TONS of twirly dresses.  That's all she's been wanting to wear lately, so I didn't even pick up any dress that didn't twirl.  We got a few pairs of shoes too. I'm so grateful to my father-in-law for taking us shopping for her with each season! She's got some great stuff that she should be able to wear next year too, because I bought the next size up, and then once winter hits, he's planning to take us shopping for warm clothes. Yay!

Then while she napped, he stayed with her so that my husband and I could head over to Plato's Closet where I got a few more things I've been waiting to get: a basic yellow tank and a white skirt.  I also bought a gray tee with jewel embellishments on the neckline and a purple cardigan.

Hooray for tax-free shopping!

Okay so this dress...I bought this when my daughter was just months weeks old and I had to find something to wear to my friend's wedding rehearsal dinner (so this was WAY before I lost the baby weight - but it surprisingly still fits okay!). It was in November so I've always associated this dress with winter and I've always worn it with a black cami underneath.  Today's outfit is a testament to how style blogging has changed me.  I'm wearing this in the summer time with the sleeves pushed up and I added red accents! I'm excited to see how I can remix this dress now that my view on color combos and layering has changed. 

And now for my questions: since I'm still really new to this whole blogging thing, I need to know how you guys feel about responding to comments. 

To be honest, I very, VERY rarely ever go back to a post after I've commented on it just to see if my comment received a response.  In fact, I think I've maybe done that twice. Ever. For the most part, I leave comments and then I just kind of hope to hear back from the blogger in some other way, shape or form.

So here are my questions:
1. Do you want me to try to respond to comments that you all leave by posting another comment of my own?
2. Is there a better way that I could be responding to comments, via email or something else?
3. Should I respond to all comments or only the ones that ask a question or otherwise warrant a response?

Let me know! I value your opinions very much. Thanks for sharing them with me!

Today's outfit:

Dress: Ross

Red Tank: Plato's Closet

Red Snakeskin Belt: Salvatin Army

Red/Black Pumps: My mom (Payless)

Turquoise Necklace/Earrings: Wal-Mart 


  1. Love the dress with the red accents! Sounds like you had a great weekend.

    As for comments, I seldom go back and read other's comments or see if the blogger responded. If I ask a specific question I might subscribe to get follow up comments so I don't miss it if the blogger (or other readers) comment back. But for just "hey great outfit" type comments I don't expect the blogger to respond in the comments.

  2. Ignorning that you bought jeggings...

    Which kid place did you go to? I heart children's resale...

    Sorry to tank your shopping ;-) We went but I got sick of it immediately, so I went out alone on Sunday after the show - shocked to find that JC Penney actually had some really cute dresses. (Not a fan of JCP but had a $10 off thing and figured I'd get something for G, but oooh pretty dresses!) Then I had an epic TJ Maxx win. Yay!!

    On comments - I never answer them in the post itself because I figure most people don't go back (I don't.) A girl I knew swore that to be a successful blogger you have to answer every comment (I had to sit through her 30 minute How To Be A Successful Blogger lecture once and the rest of us were like "yeah, can we please just enjoy our margaritas and gripe about our husbands or something?") I always think of people who answer every single comment, no matter how insignificant ("thanks!" "lol!" ":-)") as putting too much importance on being perceived a certain way or doing it to gain audience rather than to be genuine. Web if they really ARE just genuine. (She said people stop commenting if you don't answer every one. I say people don't need an "lol" from me to spur them onward in life.)

  3. (That "web" was supposed to be "even". Close, right? :-P)

  4. Really love your blog and this outfit!

    As for comments, I wonder the same thing myself - I try to respond to comments that ask questions or if there is a comment on something specific. I ask questions when I comment on others blogs but sometimes forget that I commented and then I don't realize that a response was sent to me.

    LOL probably not really answering your question, but that's been my experience so far in the blogging world :P

  5. I'm as conflicted as you when it comes to responding. I used to respond to every single comment, but after a while, there's so many just "thanks" responses that a person can make without beginning to sound disingenuous.

    I still try to respond to every post I make, if nothing than to make a blanket thanks and then address the specific folks with Qs. I'm not sure what the etiquette is in that, but I figure if they come back to read, at least it'll be easier to reference than if I responded to their Q as a comment in one of their posts.

  6. I love the red and blue combo. Up until recently (aka pre-blogging), whenever I thought of the combo of blue and red, I thought of the US flag. Thanks to blogging, I have come to appreciate a broader rang of color combos.

    As for comments, I have the same problem. I'm not really what is appropriate and what is not. I enjoy comments and I don't take them for granted. However, I agree with Alyson. I think to much follow-up seems "fake", for the lack of a better word. Someday, I'll figure this blogging thing out :)

  7. LOVE the dress. The red accents are amazing (I can also see it working with that yellow necklace you've got).

    Congrats on the shopping finds!

    If I ask a question on someone's post, I usually go back and check it the next day. I think email works if there's a lengthy answer or question to be asked, or if you want to start actual conversation.

    I don't expect bloggers to respond to each comment, but it is nice receiving a comment if I've left one. I think it's a good give and take. But of course if they don't, no big deal.

  8. I usually try to email a commenter back when I get the comment in my email. Sadly, though, many bloggers don't accept return emails. :(

  9. Sounds like you had a successful tax-free shopping weekend!

    I have the same issue with comments. I try to respond if/when I can, but like Megan Mae said, it's definitely a give and take.

  10. Maybe I'm a bit of a nerd but I do take time to comment and do check in if the blogger responded to it, especially if I asked a question.

    I agree with Andie, there are some bloggers that don't bother writing you back and that's discouraging. I don't like that feeling so I try my best to reply and I do have ongoing e-mails with a lot of them!

    p.s. Yes, me love the dress!

  11. Isn't it great how blogging sort of expands your wardrobe horizons? I also had things that I of as strictly, winter or strictly dress up and I've really been able to throw most of my old wardrobe rules out the window:) You look so cute!

    I'm conflicted as well. If someone asks me a question I'll try to respond and sometimes I will go back and respond with a thank you. I don't have any hard and fast rule about it. It really depends on if I have time that day to respond. If I do I will but when things are hectic I don't. I'm never offended if I post a comment and the blogger doesn't respond.

  12. Oh I love that dress! I love it even more with the red belt and tank top. Such a fun contrast of colors!

    As for comments, I really feel like we all do what works best for us, and that there's no real rule out there. I like to acknowledge almost every comment I get on my outfit posts, even if it's with a short "thank you" because it means something to me that a reader has taken the time out of her busy day to shoot me a sweet compliment. As I do it, though, I am aware that they will likely never see my response, but I feel better acknowledging the kindness of strangers whenever I can. And on WordPress it takes no time to approve and respond (and I don't get all that many comments), so it's never an excessively time consuming thing.

  13. I love the print of that dress! Fabulous! And those shoes are adorable. you look gorgeous :)

    I definitely would have ended up shopping at Ross too - I love forever 21 but I cannot shop in store there anymore. It's just too overwhelming. I only do online shopping for Forever 21 now.

    I think it's so admirable that you try to respond to your commenters! However, I definitely would understand if you only responded to questions, or didn't comment back at all because I imagine your life is very busy between working, being a mom and wife, AND blogging! So you just do whatever you have time for! Commenting back is never required in my opinion - you have to do what best suits you and your life!

  14. love your dress. IT is so great that your parents took the princess so you and hubby could hang out and sleep late.
    I also wonder about responding to comments...I do go back and read them, but I am not sure if I need to reply to the cute outfit ones. But if someone asks a specific question then I definitely respond

  15. Cute dress and I love your new heels! As for comments, I agree with what Kimberly said.

  16. You are so lucky to have the tax-free shopping! We never get that here, in Toronto. It's now 15% for taxes =(

    Anyway, wanted to drop by and say hello! Nice blog!


  17. That's a great question you brought up. I'm relatively new to blogging, too, and have been wondering the same. I try to respond to questions in cases where I think other readers might find the responses helpful. Sometimes I read something that's very inspiring or touching, I would respond to the reader through email. I don't respond to every comment. Just pick the ones that you think are relevant to your blog. It's your blog :).

  18. Love the dress with the red. I think it'd be cute with yellow and green accents too.

    Comments: I do not expect a response for every comment I leave. We'd be chained to our PC if we did that. If I ask a question I'll go back and check the post the next day or two to see if the blogger answered or I subscribe to follow ups on that post.

  19. I love the print on that dress!!! I would do what you want with comments, I appreciate when people comment on my blog and I usually write below the question for a response!

  20. Adore your outfit! And where you placed the red belt is VERY flattering on your body. You look teensy weensy. :) As for commenting (responding) on comments, I think I'm just lucky we have FB, Twitter and gmail! But I hardly go back to see if my comments were responded to (just like you). I guess if you expect someone to respond to your comment, you should leave an email address!

  21. Great dress. And I'm as conflicted as you are on the comments. I do comment back, but I know that I rarely go back and check, so maybe that's not so helpful? Sometimes I'll just address a comment in a post, like, if someone has a specific question or request.

  22. Wow! Thanks everyone! I wasn't sure I'd get that many responses but I'm so glad you all replied and it seems like we all share the same thoughts - in a perfect world, it'd be great to respond personally to each and every person, every single time, but for now we do as much as we can. That makes me feel a lot better because I was starting to get burnout trying to respond to each comment on each post. I love getting every single one of them and try to respond via commenting on your blogs as well, but posting another comment on my post every time was starting to take a toll.

    From now on, I'm giving myself permission to only post a comment response on my own blog if someone asks a question or touched on something to which I'd like to reply.

    You ladies are AWESOME. Have I told you lately how glad I am to be a part of this blogging community? SO GLAD. And you're why!

  23. Oh...I think it's a lot to ask of a blogger who has another full time job besides blogging (or more than one!) to come back and answer every single comment. I check sometimes to see if someone has asked me a question and I'll return if there's some kind of conversation going, but if it's just a "hey you look nice" I try to stop by their blog in return instead of posting something in response on mine. Don't worry about it too much, just do what seems natural to you.

  24. look fab girlie!! Love the dress and how you accented it!! Your shoes are adorable!! I know how you feel about F21..somedays I find hardly nothing, other days....I need four more hands for the bags, hehehe..have a great night!

  25. Great dress-I love that print.

    As a blog reader, I use a Firefox plugin called Cocomment that tracks my comments across platforms and notifies me (with an icon in my browser) when a reply has been posted. So while I don't visit the website to see the reply, I do see the replies. Sometimes I will come back to reply to the reply (if I have something to add).

    As a blogger, I respond to questions whenever possible, but often tend toward a blanket "thanks" when there are a lot of comments that don't ask questions. I know some of my readers subscribe to the comments and have come back to reply to my reply before.

    I hear a lot of bloggers go to the commenter's blog to leave a comment reply...personally I think that is really confusing. I feel bad commenting on someone's post about their comment on my blog (seems totally off topic to me).

    I'm not so sure about getting an email reply to my comments...I get too many emails as it is on a daily basis, and I always feel like I have to respond to an email, even if the person is just saying thanks. I've had many a drawn out email exchange just out of politeness.

  26. I love the colors of the dress and shoes, very chic!

  27. you look great!

    i generally never respond to comments as i don't have time to check during the day (i work 10 hour days). i'd rather have people email me :)

    xx anna jane

  28. Very cute dress - great colours!

    Good question about comments! I've been wondering the same thing...

  29. Love your outfit. I have heard of Platos closet. We don't have it in the UK but it sounds great.

  30. Angeline, I didn't know Firefox had a plug in for that. Although most of the time I'm reading and commenting on my work computer rather than my laptop, so it wouldn't track mine.

    I'm pretty compulsive about replying to emails too, so I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like I come across as though I have to get the last word in but really, I just don't like for there to be no response. I feel compelled to respond to everything!

    Style Eyes, I'm sad that you don't have a Plato's Closet in the UK! Hey, maybe you can buy a franchise and open one there! (Ah, dreams...)

  31. Hi Melissa: I missed your post yesterday but I hope this is not too late. People start blogging for many different reasons.

    I think if your intention is to document your journey and you just want to treat it like a diary, then comments may may not be that important. On the other hand, if your intention is to interact with readers, then I personally think it is a courtesy to respond. Not everybody who reads our posts respond so those who take extra time to write something show genuine interest in our stories (with exception of bloggers who only want to promote their blogs without reading the post). I am still new to blogging too and I do not have many readers at this point so it doesn't take too much time for me to comment back.

  32. Wow sounds like you got some great buys! I'm the same way when I shop in that I like to get the most for the least (or even better - a really spendy item on super clearance or something)

    I think the blue dress looks great with the punchy red accents.

    As far as the question on comments, I dont think its vital to respond to every "nice outfit!" note, but if a comment requires an answer or input a response would be nice, though whether by email or a follow up comment is kind of dictated by how things are set up on your blog and how people leave their comments.

  33. @ Melissa - they have a plugin for Internet Explorer, too. It's web-based, so the comments aren't stored on your computer, but on the site, so you could comment at work and then login and see any replies when you get home. it's pretty neat!

  34. Wow! It seems everyone wants to way in on this subject. I know for me personally I like to atleast say a "thanks ladies" to my commenters because they took time out of there busy schedule for me. And it's just how I was raised...someone compliments me, I say thank you. If someone asks me a question I'll always answer back on my blog. It's definately give and take.

    And you seem so perky and cute! Just adorable.

  35. Angeline: Thanks for telling me about that! I definitely have to go check it out.

    Thanks to all of you ladies for chiming in on the subject! I have a feeling it's still something I'm going to struggle with a bit because I truly want to get to know and interact with everyone, but it's hard when I work 10 hour days and then when I'm home, all I want to do is be with my girl and my husband.

    It's so important to me to thank all of you for reading and commenting! So THANK YOU and I'm going to do my best to keep up with responses! :)

  36. I'm pretty new to blogging as well and I don't go back to see if there's a response to my comment except when I comment at Gigi's Gone Shopping because her blog is devoted to discussing the fit of clothes and sales so I actually ask questions.

    On my own blog, if someone asks something that I'm comfortable answering, I will or if something else strikes me I'll acknowledge it as well.

    I don't know about others, but blogging takes a lot more time than I thought it would be. Had I known, I may have found a less expensive and life changing hobby ... like smoking crack!

    Come by and get to know me at

  37. Eboni, that's funny. I also didn't realize how time-consuming it would be, but the friendships and support that I've received far surpasses any of that!


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