Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daily MelWear: From Day to Evening

I'm so glad it's Wednesday! Normally I'd much prefer Fridays but today I'm just glad it isn't Monday and I only have two more days to work. 

Tonight we're going to a birthday party for a friend at a Greek place that has belly dancers on tables and all sorts of crazy antics.  My husband and I haven't been here yet but everyone keeps saying it's awesome, so we're excited.

This outfit is my attempt at the simplest way to go from day to evening.  It's proof that a cardigan and belt can make practically any outfit look more office appropriate.

Still, the dress is a bit too short. I can't wait until I'm able to wear tights and leggings. Then again, I really hate cold weather (hence the reason I live in Florida).

I do really love the rosebud details on the waist! I had to cover them up with the belt because I just need the belt with this cardigan, but isn't this a great detail?

Enough whining! How was everyone's evening last night? Do you have any fun plans for the rest of this week or is it just work until the weekend?

Today's outfit:

Black Strapless Dress: Ross

Blue Zebra Cardigan: Wal-Mart

Black Belt: Kohl's (came with another shirt...that I apparently rarely wear.)

Leopard Heels: Payless

Pink Necklace/Earrings: Beya


  1. A great LBD with pockets and an animal print cardigan? That makes any Wednesday feel like a Friday in my book.

  2. Fantastic dress! Have fun tonight, I love Greek food!

  3. look fab in this dress!
    I bet you guys are going to have a wonderful time, sounds like fun!!

    I love how you belted the cardigan, its perfect for day wear, then you can let loose and lose it for the night party!!

    Woo lady!!
    PS....Glamorous..I am not, but thank you so much for all your super sweet comments!!!

  4. What a fantastic outfit to go from work to a night out! I love the pattern mixing, and the pink with the blue! You're going to look gorgeous all day! Just love it.

  5. Perfect outfit for your day and evening! I went to similar Greek restaurant last year and it was sooo much fun. Somehow the belly dancers managed to get our group dancing on the tables, too. Yikes!!!

  6. Thanks ladies!

    Frances Joy, I'll do my best to keep a Friday attitude! :)

    Collette, you ARE too glamorous. :)

    Kelly, here's hoping that doesn't happen. Actually, I can pretty much guarantee it won't happen unless someone else is buying me drinks. I don't have the money to buy the amount of drinks it would take to get me to do that. (I really should learn to live a little!) ;)

  7. That is a great dress. You look awesome.
    I love belly dancers. In fact, I now teach belly dancing.
    A long, long time ago, I used to dance at a Moroccan restaurant. Have a great time and remember to discreetly tip your dancers :)
    (There is nothing weirder than and old man trying to put a fiver in your top. Uh, I'm not a stripper. Thank you very much!)

  8. Lori you just made me laugh out loud. I wish I had the guts to dance but I'm WAY too self conscious. I plan to enjoy watching all my friends do it though!

  9. What a cute dress! Love the rose details. Perfect outfit for day and night.

  10. I still cannot get over how cute that cardi is!! I love the detailing in the waist on that dress! Have fun tonight!

  11. I just added you to my blog roll :)

  12. LOVE that cardi with the dress, and the dress is just so supa cute on you!

  13. Oh wow, you look great! Love that you are taking this from day to night, and your cardigan could be featured in any magazine right now (I'm reading all about animal prints!). So impressed!!

  14. I'm see all animals lately and I love it! This look is perfect!

    I was holding a gorgeous cougar print cardi yesterday at BR, I put it back but I think I am going there and taking it home!

  15. So cute, I love that color of blue on you! And that lbd looks great on you! Have a fun night out!

  16. That's a gorgeous LBD! I love how you accessorized it with bright punches of color, and cinched in the silhouette with a great wide belt. Love love this look!

  17. Thanks ladies! We did have a blast (the place is called Taverna Opa) and I felt awesome in that strapless black dress! Granted, now I can't wear it to work anymore, but whatever. :)


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