Friday, August 20, 2010

Friend Friday: Conspicuous Consumption

Katy mentioned that this week's Friend Friday topic is something that is a heavy topic in the world of style and fashion bloggers. Being completely honest though, it's not something that I've thought about in regards to what other people should or shouldn't be doing. I try very hard to not judge how people spend their money or run their blogs. Hopefully that won't make my answers too boring!

1. Do you think fashion blogs are often just conspicuous consumption? Are some?
I do think that some are. There are quite a few that post weekly or even daily about sales and what they're buying this time.  Sometimes, honestly, I do get a little bit jealous because they talk about how this $100 dress is now on sale for $50 and it's such a steal! Well...I can't even afford a $50 "steal". I buy dresses at Ross for $10! That's about what I can afford. So my goal is not to buy as much as possible, but rather to work with what I have more creatively, to buy things from thrift/consignment stores or serious discount stores, or to find things on deep discount. I only buy things full price from places like Ross, Wal-Mart and Target.

2. As bloggers do we have the obligation to explain our personal financial status, how we pay for the things we showcase, if we have debt, etc...
Nope. No one is obligated to explain their personal financial information. If people want to read about financial topics, they can read financial blogs. Fashion bloggers don't have to explain a thing. 

3. Critics often say that fashion bloggers should use their money to support more worthwhile causes than clothing themselves in a different outfit daily. What's your reaction to this?
I don't use my money to showcase different outfits.  I try to create outfits by reusing pieces as much as possible in an effort to not spend money, which will hopefully encourage other people to work with their current wardrobe too. Besides, everyone has their own opinion about what constitutes a worthwhile cause.

4. Since you started blogging, do you spend more money on fashion and beauty products?
Well, definitely not beauty products because I'm just not into that.  I have my core make-up products that I use and that's about it.  As far as clothing, I'm finding myself wanting to shop more often than I used to, but now I have a goal of finding great things on clearance or in thrift stores. I don't care so much anymore about the newest, full-price pieces. Yes, I love trends but I need to find the ones I can get least expensively!

5. Life is about more than what money can buy. What are the things that top your list of what life is all about?
Loving God. Spending time with my family. Making sure they know that they are my top priority. Raising my daughter to be confident, independent, dependable, wise and in love with God. 


  1. Nice answers. I just applied; I hope I get in! This seems like so much fun. (OK I love surveys.)

  2. I agree - I think most fashion bloggers totally enable each other, but we're all here because we love fashion and enjoy having a little outlet where we can just "talk" clothes and escape our daily lives for a bit.

    Plus I think it is fun to be able to get wardrobe inspiration from other bloggers and be able to think of new ways to wear your closet pieces, regardless of personal budget.

    And I totally agree on the finances thing - sure I get jealous too sometimes, but it is not my place to judget how another blogger decides to spend her money - plus if I really want something, it is a nice inspiration to save up for or look for a similar look for less, etc.

    Yeah, fashion is a little frivolous - but then again, isn't every hobby?

    (Love always reading your answers, Melissa, and thanks for sharing!)

  3. Great answers! I agree with Lisa - most hobbies are frivolous and this is just something that "fashion" bloggers have in common. For many people what they blog about is just one aspect of their lives. Just an outlet to share a love of something they may not be able to share with the "real" people in their lives.

  4. Those are great answers Melissa:) Sounds to me like you have a great plan and are sticking to it sister!!!
    I too, love looking at all the new things that are out there...we are women..we in our nature:) Have a great day hunnie....and thanks again for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog.....:) mwah!

  5. I really like your answers and how you stay strong to your goal. I do not consider myself as a fashion Blogger because that is not my main focus.

    As a matter of fact, people can do whatever they want with their money. How do we know that all these bloggers spend are just on clothes. They may have donated on a regular basis but they don't brag about it. At the end it is really up to us how much influence we are going to let their posts or reviews effect our buying decision.

    For me personally, I have become much better at controlling my spending since I start my blog. I am mentally stronger than ever and have been using and re-mixing my old clothes.

  6. Girl, I'm blowing you kisses right now. Love your answers and they are not the least boring. :) Mine aren't any different

  7. Great answers! I think these were good thought provoking questions.

    Like I said on Keely's blog, I really started spending more on clothing, but in effort to buy more quality lasting pieces. I also have had the thrifting available for play pieces so I can learn more about what I like.

    I agree that there's some jealousy at seeing the bloggers who seem to have endless amounts to spend on clothing. I've tried to pick and choose very carefully some expensive pieces to play with my cheap ones... but oh I'd love a good shopping spree at Anthro any day of the week!

  8. Great Q&A! I think there are more to style blogs than just consumption of more stuff. I think I actually shop LESS since involving myself in this community. I too am inspired to spend less an re-style what I have to make it go further.

    And...I so badly wish there were ROSS stores in MN!

  9. SO true - real style is about working with what you have, not just buying the newest things!

    I have recently unsubscribed to a ton of blogs that were really only about the conquest of new stuff.

  10. Very good perspective on the whole fashion blogging Mel. I am with you on social and financial responsibilities that may be wrongly assigned to bloggers. They never claim to change the world, some are very straightfoward to say, I just want to showcase my outfits everyday.

    Nothing wrong with that! Have a great weekend pretty lady!

  11. I think some fashion blogs do enable excessive consumption. I only recently started blogging but I am trying to work with what I already own but I do continue to buy some when I meet my savings and retirement goals. I feel very fortunate to have been exposed to sound financial planning and even more lucky to be able to spend money on clothes. I agree with you that bloggers shouldn't have to explain their financial status to the readers as fashion blogs are just that, fashion blogs. To be honest, I read a lot of beauty blogs because the girls who run those blogs are gorgeous and really know their stuff, but I rarely feel enticed to buy everything they use. I think it's knowing one's limits and staying within them. Thanks!

  12. Great answers. And I agree that fashion bloggers do enable me to buy more but they also give me great ideas for styling pieces I already own. And I'm not here to judge others for what they buy, everyone has their thing that they spend their money on. My just happens to be clothes.

  13. I love your answers! You are so honest and I appreciate that. I also LOVE that you are bold and outspoken about your love for God.

    I can tell your having fun blogging but I can also tell your heart and your priorities are in the right place!:)

  14. wOW!At first I thought why does the layout look so familiar? I used the same design for my blog before. Great choice :).

  15. Great post - very thought-provoking answers. I must admit that I have a bit of a shopping problem, but I'm also enjoying learning to wear what I already own in different ways. I'm constantly inspired by other bloggers and reinventing my own style as a result. Blogging makes getting dressed that much more fun!

  16. I definately think we enable each other - by looking at other peoples blogs I begin to lust more :)

  17. Interesting answers.

    It worries me a little that everyone is constantly buying more clothes and the environmental impacts. But I don't think bloggers are always guilty of this. Many buy lots of second hand clothes and are great at making lots of different outfits from what they already have.

  18. I agree with everything you've said, I think some bloggers have been recognized because they seem to have a limitless supply of designer labels but I think it shows more creativity to mix and match thrift, department store, boutique, and discount finds. Have you seen/read I just discovered her via an article on yahoo, she reworks $1 thrift dresses. I love to see "real" people and how they put things together. Thanks for sharing!

  19. You girls make me smile. It's such a relief to be able to answer these questions as honestly as possible and not get anyone telling me that I'm stupid or don't know what I'm talking about. (Can you tell I have some self-esteem issues? Eh, that's for another day.)

    Thank you all so much for chiming in! I love hearing your thoughts about this. I guess it really can be a touchy subject.

    I like what several of you said, style/fashion blogging is only one aspect of a person's life, that doesn't mean that shopping is all they think, see and do. It's just all that we see unless they choose to include other information in their posts.

    Juanette, I have seen her blog! I think she's incredible. I don't follow it because I can't sew worth a lick (seriously, not even a button) and it only makes me sad that I can't glean anything from her. She's really amazing!


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