Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daily MelWear: Walkin' on the Wild Side

I remembered yesterday that I have a three hour meeting this morning. 

Mornings are usually when I try to catch up on blog reading and commenting.  As much as I love my iPhone, this isn't something I've been able to use it for. I have an app called MobileRSS (there are three of them; I'm using the free version) that is REALLY fantastic and I love it - except for one HUGE flaw.  The vast majority of the time when I click in the box to type a comment, the keyboard pops up for a second and then goes away.  Over and over and over again.  It won't stay open for me to type anything. 

It's so incredibly frustrating.  When I try to visit the blog's actual site using Safari, I can't see the captcha to submit my comment.  I can see the captcha in MobileRSS, but then I can't get the keyboard to stick so that I can type a comment. I"ve tried other free RSS Readers but with all of those, I also can't see the captcha. 

I know that I'll have time during this meeting to catch up on my blogs but I want to be able to comment too! I'm really, really frustrated by this.  I don't want to spend money on another RSS app that might have the same issues, so I'm trying all of the free ones so far. 

Plus I have a meeting with my boss this afternoon so I'm pretty sure that I won't have any time other than during this meeting to get caught up.

Do any of you have any iPhone app recommendations?  PLEASE?!

Okay so on to the outfit: like I said, I'd forgotten until yesterday that I had this meeting to attend.  I work for a HUGE hospital but don't actually work in the main medical plaza, so I rarely see anyone else in the organization other than my immediate co-workers.  Since I'll probably be meeting people today I wanted to look professional, but still myself. 

This outfit is similar to one that I wore during my pre-blog days.  I saw another blogger wear something along these same lines and it reminded me of what I'd worn before, so I decided to try another version of it for this meeting. I like the subtle pattern mixing between the zebra sash and the leopard pumps. Everything about this outfit is super comfortable. I also have a blazer that I didn't photograph, but that's only in case the meeting room is cold. 

So seriously...please let me know if you have recommendations for RSS apps for the iPhone. 

And...I'm done. Have a great Thursday, everyone!

Today's outfit:

Black Skirt: Kohl's

Red Blouse: Kohl's (I think...I suddenly can't remember)

Zebra SashRoss (came with a shirt)

Leopard Pumps: Payless


  1. Think you look great this morning! I'm really feeling animal lately, and then read my new Glamous last night and they're really pushing cheetah print. So you are right on trend, and look great!

    I can comment on blogs through Safari, and actually once last week I couldn't see the I just hit "Publish"...and then an error message came up that told me I'd forgotten the captcha...and I could see it then. It didn't delete my comment, so it wasn't too bad. Maybe try that if you're desperate to leave some loving words? :)

  2. Love the mix of prints :)

    I am still in the dark ages and don't have an IPhone...just can't keep up!

  3. HI girl!!! Let me just say that firstly, you look smashing today!!! GORGEOUS the animal touches in this!!! I really really love reading your blog everyday....feels like friends Ive had a long time:)

    I cant help you with the IPhone Apps...I have a Blackberry:)
    Have a super great day dollie!

  4. The zebra belt is genius with this outfit! It is the perfect accessory. And that shade of cranberry is so your color. I love this look!

  5. Is that an animal print sash?!! Oh me LOVE! You are sooo... CuTE!

    Mel, I tagged you at today's post:

  6. LOVE the shoes! The whole outfit is adorable.

  7. I love how you used the animal prints to accent, so cute!!! I wish I knew of an app. I hate using the iPhone for internet browsing I used too all the time until I got the iPad and now that's all I use.

  8. Love the shiny cranberry top! I can't help on the iPhone app, I have a dinky flip phone. Good luck with the meeting!

  9. i love the color of that blouse - it looks great on you! as far as iphone blog reading goes, i've just been using safari... sometimes you just have to hit submit twice on the comment and then the captcha appears. i definitely would like to find a reliable app for blog reading tho... have a good meeting!

  10. I love the red blouse on you. Its the perfect color for fall.

  11. That's such a cute outfit, I love all the prints!

    I found your blog today and I really enjoy all the outfits!

  12. My internet is not working very I am using my blackberry to look at blogs. Not fun!!! It is a pain. Have a great day girl! Xoox

  13. Zebra print sash is so pretty. It looks great with that blouse and a skirt. You have so many cute clothes!

    I don't have an iPhone so I am helpless in that department.

  14. This outfit is so gorgeous -- I love the zebra sash with the cranberry top.

    I'm afraid I don't have an iPhone, so I can't offer any advice. I tend to sneak in my blog reading on my lunch break, and before and after work...when I'm at my desk, I watch the clock so I can pop onto the internet : )

  15. I have no recommendations on the apps, since I'm still using a two year old phone (boo), but I do love the zebra with leopard. Subtle, but fun.

  16. Loves it! Loves it all. I'm wearing leopard kittens today. :-)

  17. Thanks ladies! So I ended up not being able to do anything during the meeting anyway - it was *gasp* INTERACTIVE! And then my boss was in the office the rest of the day so that didn't help me much.

    Anyway, I did try using the Feedler app and although it crashed a couple of times, it worked okay otherwise.

    Thanks for the tips to hit "publish" and wait for the captcha to show up the second time around - that worked! It's a pain in the tush but hey, when I'm desperate, I'm glad to use it.

    Hope you all have a great day!

  18. oh my goodness leopard and zebra in one, I love it! You mastered the print mixing - you look so chic and fabulous! I always think leopard almost passes for a neutral so it definitely works nicely in this outfit :)

  19. I really like that color on you and the zebra sash belt is a great touch!

    I don't have that problem with commenting on my nexus one, but certain log in screens give me that same exact problem! It's so frustrating.

  20. Great outfit! Love the blouse with the black, and the zebra-print scarf around the waist is a great finishing touch!

    I'm with you on commenting. I rarely go back to check a post after I've commented. If I ask a question, I'll go back to see if there's any answer. If the comments contain a discussion and opinions (like You Look Fab, Already Pretty or Corporette), I'll go back if I find the topic interesting to see what other readers have posted. Otherwise, once I comment on a post, that's probably the last time I see the page.

  21. Well thanks! I don't know if I feel like I've mastered mixing prints, but I'm certainly trying to branch out a little more. :)


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