Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Daily MelWear: Pop of Color

Well hello, Wednesday!

I don't have a whole lotta time today (normally I post by around 8 or 9AM, and it's already 2PM now!) so I'll make this brief.

Actually, I don't even have much to say! We had an office breakfast this morning, then we had to meet to discuss last night's board meeting, then we had to get ready for our update meeting at noon today, now I'm finally at my desk for a little while and have to leave early for a caroling gig tonight. Whee!!!

Don't forget to email me your favorite holiday outfit/party dress photos! My email is {aworkingmomscloset at gmail dot com}. I'll post them all next week and link to your blog if you have one. If you don't have a blog, email your photos to me anyway! I want to see!

And have a great rest of the day!

Today's outfit:
Black Pants: Ross
Purple (?) Tee: Plato's Closet
Gray(ish) Sweater: Plato's Closet
Black Belt: Ross (came with a dress)
Black Flat Boots: Ross


  1. You are beautiful! And I don't know what color that top is, either... possibly mauve? It's very festive and warm and cidery for winter time, though!

    Have fun at your gig, tonight. I SO wish I had music gigs! Lucky duck!

  2. That is an awful lot of meetings crammed in to a 24 hour time frame. Love the top underneath the gray shirt. Good luck tonight!
    No Guilt Fashion

  3. Love the texture of the grey top. Have fun at your gig!

  4. Great layering! I hope you get through your super busy day relatively unscathed.

  5. I love the neutrals with the pop of color from that top! Fabulous! Wow, your day sounds crazy! I hope it all goes well, and good luck with the gig! :)

  6. Love your layering with the purple look cute hunnie...hope all is going well with the new job:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Spoil Me Fashion Jewelry Giveaway!!♥

  7. look so cute in this outfit! I love the casual-ness of the short sleeved shirt over the long sleeve t, but the belt and heels makes it NOT casual. Love it!

  8. great look. I can't wait to see your holiday post.

  9. Hope the caroling is fun! I wish I could carry a tune!

    And you are the queen of repurposing belts from one item to another -- I love your resourcefulness!

  10. I am so late.
    Late for sending pictures, late for saying happy holidays... well i guess we still have new year's ?
    Hope you have a good one.... and you are wearing one of my favorite combos: grey + purple!


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