Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Daily MelWear: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

I've come to the realization that while I do live in Florida so I don't need to own a snowsuit, I most definitely must invest in more sweaters, scarves and leggings.

It was 50 degrees when I left this morning. I know that's a warm front to some of you but when you've lived in Florida for so many years, that's DARN cold!

Today we have to deliver the meeting packets to our board members for our board meeting next Tuesday. Most of the members are located in our main medical plaza but there are some that we'll have to drive to as well. We also have a lunch meeting this afternoon. And my boss is still gone, she'll be back on Thursday or she may end up taking Thursday off to rest.

This is my only pair of patterned tights, now that my polka dot ones from last week got a run in them. :( Why don't they make tights for adults as heavy-duty as they make them for little girls? They really should. Maybe I should check out We Love Colors, I keep hearing a lot about them but I've never looked.

And this headband? MUCH more comfortable!

Okay so I have some questions for all of you that read and comment on a lot of blogs.
1. Do you read blogs every single day or only certain days of the week?
2. How many unread blogs do you usually have waiting for you?
3. How much time do you allow yourself to read and comment on blogs in each sitting (and are you able to read all of them in that span)?
4. Do you try to comment on every post or do you save time by only commenting on a few?

I'm wondering if I just subscribe to too many.  If I'm all caught up but then I don't read for a day or two, I'll have 200+ unread posts to read! That takes several hours for me and I just don't have time to read blogs every single day anymore. What am I doing wrong or inefficiently? I feel like I'm missing out on everyone's lives because I just can't keep up.

Today's outfit:
Pink/Black Dress: Ross
Black Patterned Tights: Forever 21
Black Bow Belt: Charlotte Russe
Black Mary Janes: Target
Black Bow Headband: Icing


  1. I'm up in Philly, and I think 50 degrees is cold, which of course means the winter is rough for me. Anyway, I have been limiting myself to about 10 blogs a day lately, just because things are crazy. I try to comment if I have something worthwhile to say, but it is hard to stay caught up. I actually don't even look at my reader most days and base everything off my blog roll (which reminds me that I need to update that).

  2. 1. Do you read blogs every single day or only certain days of the week?
    Monday~Friday I read blogs. On the weekend it hard for me to read them

    2. How many unread blogs do you usually have waiting for you?
    10 to 15 all depends on how many that was written

    3. How much time do you allow yourself to read and comment on blogs in each sitting (and are you able to read all of them in that span)?

    I give myself 1 hour

    4. Do you try to comment on every post or do you save time by only commenting on a few?

    I try to comment on all of them.


  3. Cute headband!

    I read blogs everyday but I do not read ALL the blogs I subscribe to - that would be utterly impossible and I would give myself such anxiety over "wasting" time in front of the computer. I tend to "skim" blogs and while I used to try to comment on every single blog I read, it's just too difficult. If I'm commenting on your blog today I may not comment again for a couple days. That's unfortunately how things go! If I'm home sick or on vacation or something I will take more time to read.

  4. Check out DKNY tights. They are indestructible. I have one pair that have lasted for five years. Every year I go to the post-Christmas sales at the big department stores and stock up on DKNY tights for half-off. Totally worth it!

  5. I read blogs every day of the week (ssh, don't tell my boss!) - sometimes I'll skip a weekend day but I usually like to grab my laptop in the morning and scroll through some posts.

    I read a LOT of blogs - like, a ton. I have just over 100 personal style blogs in my google reader, plus wedding blogs, baby blogs, cooking and baking blogs, people I know from college...I have at least 300 all together. Usually in the morning I'll have around 70 posts to read - I went out of town one weekend and had almost 600 posts just from three days of not reading. That being said, I'll just skim a lot of posts if they don't grab my attention, and I don't actually read the baking/cooking blogs - I just check to see if I like the recipe, and if so, I star the post.

    I just read what I have time for.

    I read a lot of posts on my phone, and unless I REALLY have something to add I won't comment because it's a pain. Since I read so many posts in general I don't comment unless I feel like it's genuine and offers real feedback. I also only comment on daily style blogs - I never comment on any of the others I read.

  6. Ooo I love this outfit! It's so feminine! I love that the dress looks like a high-waisted skirt and the bow belt is so sweet :)

    As for reading and commenting on blogs, there is almost no rhyme or reason to what I do lol. I have a handful of blogs that I try to comment on each post but sometimes life does get in the way and I'll only be able to comment on some posts. I don't have a specific time carved out that I spend reading or commenting either. I tend to just fit it in when I have a free moment.

    I think the most important thing to remember when keeping a blog and viewing others, is that it is supposed to be fun..more of a hobby. We should each do what we have time for, not every blogger will do things the same and that's okay :)

  7. That belt is too cute!!
    Now on to answers...
    1. I usually read Mon-Fri. Sometimes I will check them out on the weekend, but not usually.
    2. About 20-25.
    3. I spend 15-30 minutes here and there a couple of times a day.
    4. I just comment on a few. The ones that really stand out or the ones where I have a relationship with the blogger.

  8. That dress is fabulous... very hot silhouette!

    1. I read every day, multiple times a day. Fortunately, my current "work" situation allows that.
    2. I wake up to about 12 unread items, with about me usually waiting until the count hits 4-5 during the day before I'll take some time to read them.
    3. I give myself about 20 minutes in the morning, and 10 minutes throughout the day. I hope it's less than an hour a day. I also only read the text of half of them; there are some blogs where I just skim and check the pics.
    4. I comment predominantly on the those who comment on me, and then only on others if there is something I immediately react to (positively).
    My rule is that I follow no more than 50 blogs. I'm also no opposed to using the "Mark all as read" function.

  9. I only read fashion blogs during the weekday's if I have time it all depends on the day! I also only allow myself an hour a day to comment and what not! I usually do all the specs for my outfit the night before so all I have to do is add pictures!

  10. I love this outfit!! Its fabulous! That dress is too cute! And I have 166 blogs in Google reader right now, with 255 unread. Its been sitting at 200+ steady for a while now. I do have them divided into two categories though. Blogs I try to make a point of commenting on because I've gotten to know the blogger a little, and others that I just skim, and may comment on or not. I think there's a little over 50 blogs that I really make an effort to comment on (I'm not succeeding though, there are probably 20 or 30 or so that I'm really keeping up with). I don't have a regular commenting schedule though, but I feel like I need to be better organized about it. But disorganization in other areas seems to be preventing that. Wow, long comment, but I hope that helps.

  11. 1. Do you read blogs every single day or only certain days of the week?

    Yep everyday.

    2. How many unread blogs do you usually have waiting for you?

    In the morning, roughly 33 posts. And about that much in the evening. Sometimes more or less.

    3. How much time do you allow yourself to read and comment on blogs in each sitting (and are you able to read all of them in that span)?

    I open up all the new posts into tabs in the morning. I read through blogs, go back and comment as many as I feel like my comments will apply. If I don't finish before I have to go to school or leave the house for the day: I leave the tabs open and finish up when I get back. Often I can finish up, but sometimes I can't and it's no big deal.

    4. Do you try to comment on every post or do you save time by only commenting on a few?

    I comment to blogs where I feel 'comfortable'. If I've been commenting back and forth with a blogger or the blogger is asking questions where they want response I'll comment. If it's someone who gets 100+ comments a post, that I don't "know" but I still read their blog, I'll probably skip commenting because what I have to say has usually been said (a dozen times over).

    I have about 25 active blogs I watch and feel comfortable with that amount. It takes roughly 2-3 hours of my day reading and commenting. I would add more blogs to that list if it was a give-and-take of getting to know another blogger through their blog. Otherwise I have a good balance of look-book types and people I can actually talk to types.

  12. I usually read blogs during my lunch downtime. Sometimes I will read them on the weekend if I have time.

    I don't comment on every one of them since I don't have the time, but if I have something to say, i will! :)

  13. It is sooo cold! My thin southern blood does NOT like it at all.

    I read blogs everyday. I think I have about 30 I try to keep up with. I may not always comment, but I do read. I don't put myself on a time limit. I just read as I can throughout the day.

    Love this outfit. Hope the new job is going well.

  14. You look lovely today :)

    I have certain blogs I read everyday and consistently comment on. I may not comment everyday, but I almost always. I also have a few that I skim, but I don't comment on typically because they already have 40+ comments. I'd rather check out their outfits for ideas and comment on a blog that needs more encouragement... Does that make sense? I mean, when I first started blogging I would be stoked to even have a comment, so I try to share the wealth. During the week I will only blog/read/comment about an hour every night. During the weekends I may blog for several hours and if I do that's when I find new additions to my blog roll or comment on blogs I don't get to during the week.

    Whew. That was a lot! :)

  15. You look great, I love the skirt! 50 degrees sounds wonderful to me, it was 25 when I left for work this morning, and that's a pretty mild New England morning.

    1. Do you read blogs every single day or only certain days of the week? Most days, I'd say 5ish.

    2. How many unread blogs do you usually have waiting for you? 75+, some that I read update several times a day!

    3. How much time do you allow yourself to read and comment on blogs in each sitting (and are you able to read all of them in that span)? Depends on the day, sometimes I only have 15 minutes and there's no way I get through all of them and comment, so I just skim through. Other days I spend an hour slowly meandering through them and commenting.

    4. Do you try to comment on every post or do you save time by only commenting on a few? I don't comment on every post I read, but I do like to comment on a fair share of them.

  16. Black and pink are my fav colors and the bows make this too cute!

    As for the chilly weather I so know how you feel. And I object! The south is supposed to be WARM.

    I don't read blogs every single day. I only read when I feel like reading. Therefore I usually have a ton to read when I do decide to check them out. I usually spend about an hour or two reading and commenting. As for comments I only comment on the stuff that moves me. If I like the outfit or have a reply for the content I'll comment. The entire blogging experience is fun for me and I never want it to feel like a chore or a job.

  17. Good blog questions! I enjoyed reading everyone's answers. I've been struggling with this lately, too. At my last job I took for granted I had extra free time to read and comment on blogs throughout the day. With my new job, I just don't have the time...not to mention our office is one big shared space and I don't want everyone seeing me read blogs all day!

    I've been trying to get up earlier in the morning to do a little blog reading, then do my post and more reading when I get home at night. It's really starting to stress me out!!!

  18. Cute dress! I love the bow belt with it.
    1. I usually read/skim everyday.
    2. My blog roll is around 35-40.
    3. I usually get sucked in and spend a good hour or 2. But sometimes it's only a few minutes to check my favs.
    4.Sometimes I don't comment for days. Probably bad PR, but I just don't have the time.

    I also unfollow some blogs that I lose interest in. Probably another negative. But I tend to keep up on bloggers that I know read mine. I also have blogs "waiting" in my bookmarks that I check the weekends.

  19. Major bummer that your polka tights got a run. Mine suffered a similar fate, sadly, and I haven't found a replacement pair yet.

    I'm glad you found a more comfortable - but just as cute! - headband to wear.

    I also struggle to keep up with reading all my blogs. I subscribe to about 135 (but only read 100 or so of those on a regular basis), so I'm always looking for ways to do it more efficiently!

  20. Your waist looks itty bitty! As for blog reading: I have all of them in google reader so I definitly skim through them probably twice a day so there will be about 50+ posts. I'll comment on ones that really interest me, and I comment back when people comment me. If I have spare time I will actually go through all of them and leave a comment, just so people know I do read!
    A related question, you don't have google friend connect on your blog right? I'd love to follow but maybe I'm blind and can't find it?

  21. While you have a hot front, we are having a cold one that included 40 hours of rain. Nonstop.
    Regarding your questions, i wish I could read all blogs everyday, but I can't.
    I read a few a day but when I do, I read every single thing, meaning I just don't browse :)
    Right now my google reader has about 100 pending to be read....


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