Friday, December 24, 2010

Favorite Holiday Outfits!

This holiday season has been incredibly busy as far as singing gigs go for me. I've had a gig almost every single weekend day and several during the week as well. It's been so much fun because I've had the opportunity to sing with more people, some I haven't seen in years, and sing music that I haven't performed in a while, too.

All that being said, it's left very little time (read: no time!) for me to attend any holiday events ( a guest - I've been to plenty as part of the entertainment!). I haven't been able to get dressed up and party! I'm missing the chance to see all of my friends in their favorite holiday sparkles, so I asked all of YOU to submit your photos for me to see and feature you on the blog. I received some GREAT submissions and I'm excited to share them with you!

This is going to be a VERY photo-heavy post, so grab a  cup of coffee (or glass of wine, depends on what time you're reading this), sit back and relax, and enjoy the glitz and glamour of these fabulous readers!

But first...I did have a few people ask to see what I'VE been wearing to these little holiday here goes nothin' with my "holiday attire". 

The first costume is what I wear on traditional Caroling gigs, when I sing with a quartet (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). The second costume is what I wear for gigs with a group called The MistleTones; we sing more contemporary and upbeat arrangements (normally I'm also wearing a scarf with the costume but I wore the actual outfit to work one day so I nixed the scarf). The third costume is for the Santa Sisters, a three- or four-part all-girl group.

Now on to the REAL stars of today's posts - YOU GUYS! :) 

First up is Franca with Oranges and Apples.  I am in TOTAL love with her simple black and gray ensemble with pops of red! A bright pop of color gets me every time but the way she incorporated it through the layers, tights and necklace is fantastic!

Next is one of my most favorite people (and bloggers!) in the world - Kimberly of Fashion Momma! I just can't even begin to express how HAWT and classy she looks in this outfit. So very sparkly, so very glamorous, and OH so chic with the blazer and black tights! Fashion Momma is Sexy Momma!

Now I'm pretty sure everyone knows Eek! She is so super sweet and look at her with her hubby! That tiered skirt is gorgeous, those heels are killer, the patterned tights are fantastic, the jewelry is perfect and she is simply glowing. It looks like they had a great time at their party!

This next picture is of my super good friend, Rachel. She and I were in a girls ensemble together in high school and through the power of Facebook and MySpace, have been able to keep in touch through the years! She had an event to attend around the holidays and asked me to go shopping with her to pick out an outfit. We had SO much fun and just look at how HAWT she is in this! Definitely a smokin' momma, for sure!

Next up is Amy from Amy Fashion Blog. Amy sent in two photos and told me to pick one - but I decided to show you both! The first one is from last year and the second one is from this year's event. I love that this year's outfit isn't too "holly jolly" with tons of red and green, but more modern glam with the black and white. You look awesome, Amy!

Now we've come to Danielle. First of all, I love the pink in her hair. Secondly, both of her outfits are so sparkly and shiny! Gold and silver are the perfect colors for holiday party outfits but can be difficult to wear without looking costume-y. Danielle did a GREAT job combining sexy and classy in these ensembles!

Look at Liz and how adorable she is! I love that her outfit is simple but so cute and super flattering on her. There are many different types of parties to attend and as she writes in her post, her event was a small white elephant gift exchange at work. This is the perfect work-appropriate holiday outfit! You look great, Liz!

If you haven't checked out Matt's blog, you have got to go there now! Matt is one of my favorite bloggers because I would probably wear pretty much any outfit he puts together. He has great style and this outfit proves it! He writes, "At the last minute, some friends had an informal gathering, and so I had the opportunity to dress up for it, and so this was actually worn to a party!" I love the shade of the dress and anything belted makes me happy. The necklace and pumps are fantastic and the cardigan is the perfect topper. And oh my word, those tights. I need them. :) You look awesome, Matt!!!

How much cuter can these two sisters possibly be?! Tricia and Jessica both also run their own style blogs (both of which I read) and they have impeccable taste. Tricia submitted this shot of the two ladies when they had a sister-date to see The Nutcracker (I'm so jealous!). They both look so festive, so glamorous and SO gorgeous! Hope you girls had a great time!

Our penultimate outfit is from Jamie of Thrifty Threads! She wore this to meet up with a fellow blogger - which I have yet to do. I feel like I'm missing out because I haven't met any other bloggers or readers in person yet! I think Jamie's outfit is simply perfect: a gorgeous dress, cardigan, belt and super cute t-strap heels! Love it, Jamie!

Last but not at all least we have Cathy, who writes the blog Minister of Style. I absolutely LOVE the color purple for the holidays and this dress is perfect! Her wrap adds some elegance and the peep-toe pumps are super sexy. You are stunning, my dear!

So there you have it! I must say, I really do have some of the most stylish and beautiful readers ever! You guys all look fantastic and I'm so honored that you chose to submit your holiday photos to be featured on A Working Mom's Closet.

I hope you've all enjoyed seeing these pictures as much as I have! This might be one of my favorite posts; hopefully I can do more reader features in the future!

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!


  1. look great!! LOVE your Holiday Duds:)

    Love these pics of the ladies too...Happy Xmas Eve darlin:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Forever 21 Holiday Giveaway!!♥

  2. Merry Christmas, Melissa!

    I LOVE this feature. Everyone looks fabulous in their holiday outfits!!! Your singing outfits are great as well. I think the traditional caroling look is my favorite of the bunch!

  3. Fun! I love seeing everyone all dressed up. Have a good Christmas!

  4. This was so fun to look through. It makes me wish we had a party or something to got to :)

  5. Oh! Thanks for including me! Also these wonderful people are beautiful! And now I have lots of inspiration for next year!
    Happy Christmas everyone!

  6. Aww You look amazing! And everyone else does too in their party digs! Happy Christmas, Melissa~

  7. You Look super cute in you costumes. Thanks you using both of my pictures.

    Merry Christmas.

  8. I love your caroling outfits!! Super cute!! And thank you for this awesome post! Everyone's outfits are so wonderful!! And you are too kind! Thank you for including me in this as well!! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!! :)

  9. yeah, love your outfits, esp the carolling one, and this post! So great to see all the wonderful party outfits!

  10. Thanks so much for including me Melissa! I hope your holidays were and continue to be wonderful!


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