Monday, December 6, 2010

Daily MelWear: When The Cat's Away...

Welcome to a brand new week, friends!

It is SO nice to not dread going to work anymore. While I would like to be a SAHM or WAHM to have more time with my daughter, I do appreciate working in an office where we can have fun and socialize while still getting our work done. It's good. It's nice to be relaxed at work.

So guess what I did this morning? I rode in an elevator! I realize that's not exactly monumental to most of the world, but I have a HUGE, debilitating fear of elevators. I get claustrophobic and afraid that the doors won't open and I'll get stuck in there. It's awful. I'll take the stairs any chance I can. However...we have a board meeting twice a month in a room on the 11th floor of the Medical Plaza. 

I can't climb 11 flights of stairs. With a laptop and other supplies.

Today was just a little meeting to work some of the kinks out of our media needs for the board meetings. I'll attend my very first board meeting next Tuesday. I'm not looking forward to riding the elevator again.

I have GOT to find some way to get over this. AND my fear of flying. I hate planes.'s today's outfit! I really wanted to wear my brown patterned tights but I've come to the realization that most of my clothes are black based and while I've played around with mixing black and brown a little bit, I'm not quite comfortable wearing a black dress or skirt with brown tights. Not so much.

So I broke out the black leggings, wore a sweater that is NOT boss-approved because she's away at a conference for the next three days, and threw on the skirt and boots too.  Done and done.

Oh, and that really cute little headband? It's already off.  Because it hurts. A lot. Perhaps that's why it was on clearance. But it's oh, so cute...

Today's outfit:
Black/White Skirt: Salvation Army
Purple Sweater: Target
Black Leggings: Charlotte Russe
Black Studded Belt: Gift from ML
Black Boots: Can't remember
Headband: Icing


  1. Love it!! That sweater is a beautiful color. I can hardly ever wear hard headbands, they always hurt my head.

  2. I love the purple, black and white going on. I hate elevator to and I have got stuck in one. Lucky it wasn't for long but it was long of time that I has a panic attack. Lucky I don't have to take them often.

  3. I can't wear headbands either. Even the type that are supposed to be more comfortable start giving me a killer headache after about an hour.

    It will take time for you to get over your fears, but you can do it! Just riding the elevator today was a step in the right direction. Good for you!

  4. That headband is freakin' adorable but why do they all have to hurt. I mean why hasn't anyone designed a comfortable one yet?
    As for flying, I'm right with you. I haven't flown since the kids because I don't know how I could possibly watch them and take all the meds that would be necessary for me to even board the plane. It would have to be an entire family trip, and someone would have to be assigned to watch me.

  5. What IS it about headbands?! I love that sweater with the skirt, and I feel you about black skirts and brown tights. Black skirt and brown belt? Yes, please. Brown tights? Are you insane?! Totally logical in my head.

    Also, I find it interesting when people are afraid of elevators because my mother is terrified of escalators and we ALWAYS had to take the elevator.

  6. I'm so glad the new work environment is much more positive and everything is working out. It's so easy to tell, just from your writing, that this is a much better fit and a healtheir place for the employees.

    Love the bright purple! And I can totally sympathize with painful headbands. Maybe I have a big head (teehee), because many headbands are too tight on me, and then they end up causing an awful headache! But they are so adorable!

  7. A little cami underneath and it'll totally be boss-approved in the future! It looks so wonderfully cozy!

    As for neutral mixing, I'm going to a Christmas party tonight, and since I couldn't find any navy or silver shoes that would work with tights, I'm taking another stab at black and navy!

  8. I hate headbands for that same reason - hate the head squeeze!!

    Congrats on riding the elevator! I wasn't aware how many people do have that fear until I started working at the building I currently manage. It is 22 stories tall and I've heard a lot of comments from visitors expressing their fear. I will say that we have only had one elevator get stuck (out of 6) in the past 1 1/2 years and we had them out of it in less than 20 minutes. Good luck getting over the fear!

  9. Oh my gosh this is so fabulous! I love it!! The boots are fantastic! That's a shame about the headband, because its too cute! And yay for taking the elevator! Good luck!! I have trouble with airplanes too! And again, your outfit is just too cute today! :)

  10. So cute I really love this outfit!! I am with you on the fear of flying! I on the other hand have no problem with elevators! I am flying to Phoenix at the end of this month so I had better get over this fear soon!

  11. I hate planes too. Something about not being able to get off easily when I want to just makes me CRAZY. And like Lori, if I wanted to take a plane trip the medication I'd have to take would make my husband feel like he was responsible for 3 small children, not the 2 we actually have. :)


  12. great the pattern on that skirt with the pretty purple sweater. So glad you are loving the new job.

  13. You are so cute! I love this look on you! And I love how you're sneaking in the shirt while your boss is out of town.

  14. Gorgeous sweater. Agreed that a cami will make it boss approved. A lace-trimmed one would be a cute added detail.

    I love headbands/hats/etc but they all tend to fight the area behind my glasses. XD

    I finally swapped my brown sweater tights. I loved them but they went with nothing I owned.

  15. I love this look. I would totally wear it to the office, though there would be a camisole under that sweater.


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