Friday, December 3, 2010

Friend Friday: Blogger Burnout

Wow, it's been a long time since I've done a Friend Friday post! I tend to not have much time anymore. Technically I should be working out right now but I am completely exhausted, so I decided to write the post and then I'm going back to bed until my daughter wakes up in a couple of hours!

With the recent closing of the blog Fashion Butter (which I don't follow...I'm sorry, I didn't know about that one!), Katy decided to center this week's questions around blogger burnout. 

1. How many hours a week do you spend blogging? Has that number changed since you started blogging?
Blogging as in writing, or blogging as in doing anything at all blog-related like reading other blogs and commenting, etc.?  I typically post an outfit every work day which is Monday - Thursday for me. I try to post once or twice on my weekends but it's so hard, especially right now during the holidays. I spend a few hours on that every week. And then there's blog reading and commenting! That's what takes up the bulk of everyone's time, I'm sure. I don't spend as much time doing that as I would like, because I don't have much time lately. 

2. There is always more you can do, write, read, comment on... how do you limit your time spent on these tasks?
Well, a few months ago I didn't limit myself at all. I read blogs in the morning, checked them all day long, read more when I got home and again before bed...I was constantly reading blogs! Then came a few weeks when I just didn't have any time at all, I got really behind, and I found that I was a little more relaxed when I wasn't constantly on the computer making sure my Reader said that I had zero blogs left to read. Sure, the "1000+ unread" count can make anyone a little crazy, but then I just have to "mark all as read" and go on my merry way. I'm not SuperMom...I can't do it all. 

3. Have you experienced Blogger burnout yet? How have you dealt with that?
I think that's what I experienced when I didn't have any time to get on the computer to read blogs...and I liked it. Sometimes I still feel like I'm experiencing burnout. I'm honestly not sure how to deal with it, other than take the weekend to stay off the computer and then try to get back into it on Monday. 

4. This time of the year is always a lot busier than any other time. Will your blogging change as a result?
Probably not because I tend to blog first thing in the morning, so I get it done before I can be distracted. 

5. Could you forsee a moment in which you are not blogging anymore? How would you you identify that it's time to walk away?
I haven't thought about it. Right now I'm having way too much fun getting feedback from all of my fabulous readers and meeting new people and forming new relationships...I don't want to think about a time when I'm not blogging anymore. I mean, I can say that I likely will not be blogging by the time I'm like 80 or something although maybe I will. You never know. :) 

That's it for my answers! This weekend is going to be super crazy; I have a 3-hour gig about an hour away from my house this afternoon/evening, another 3-hour gig that is about two hours away tomorrow and then on  Sunday I have a 2 or 3-hour gig that's about an hour away. None of my gigs are local this weekend! And I'm doing three different kinds of music, tonight I'm doing traditional caroling, tomorrow is with the Santa Sisters and then on Sunday I'm singing with the Mistletones. I'm exhausted already!

While I really enjoy the gigs and singing is what I would do full-time if given the chance, I'm sad that I'll be giving up so much of my time with my girl this weekend. :( I'll get to see her this morning, hopefully before bed tonight, tomorrow morning and Sunday morning, but then I'm gone for the rest of each day. And Sunday I need to give her back to her dad. Then next weekend, when I DON'T have my girl, is when I don't have any gigs scheduled! Not yet, anyway. Hopefully I'll get some gigs so that I can stay busy and distracted. Otherwise I'll have to go shopping. 


  1. I have thought about a lot of those questions and now I don't blog at all on the weekends! It's family time! Have fun this weekend!

  2. I think it's so awesome that you sing. I'm so tone-deaf.

  3. Have fun at your gigs.

  4. Very interesting reading your answers today. I've thought about questions like this for a while too. I have some very specific reasons for my own blog, and I don't see myself doing it forever, but I do feel like I probably need to find a better balance with other things, and I have really enjoyed meeting all the other really awesome bloggers out there. And its also changed as I've started reading more blogs and trying to comment on them. I hope you have a great weekend and get to spend as much time as you can with your family! :)

  5. Great answers! I usually don't spend much time online over the weekend and catch up on Sunday night, just when it's hitting me that the weekend is about to end. It's worked pretty well for me.
    Have a good weekend at all your gigs and enjoy as much time with your daughter as you can.

  6. I think we all deal with how to manage our time with blogging - I agree, it can be all-consuming if you let it! I do sometimes have to remind myself that it is a hobby, and if I am not having fun doing it, I don't need to!

    Have a good weekend and great gig! What the heck is up with the c-c-c-cold weather in TPA this week!!!


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