Thursday, December 2, 2010

Daily MelWear: To Be A Professional...

We have to leave for our meeting in 15 minutes so I'm going to make this one brief!

Actually, I don't really have a whole lot to say so that works out well. :)

I do want to thank all of you for your suggestions on camisoles! I've checked Maurice's online and I'm also going to hit Forever 21 at the mall as soon as I can. I have gigs all weekend so I'm not sure how soon that'll be, but I do need to get some quick!

Here's my interpretation of dressing professionally while still being myself. I'm sure she'd probably prefer that I wear solid tights instead of patterned, or a neutral shirt instead of a color, but that's not me. So I'm me and hopefully I won't be told that I'm not dressed to standard. Or something. :) So far she hasn't said anything to me about my attire, so maybe I'm good.  I do really like my new job...maybe I'm just being too paranoid!

After looking at these pictures though, I'm realizing that this shirt does not fit me well. Now I wish I'd picked a different shirt. Oh well...I'll have the blazer on for the meeting.

Okay, we're off to the meeting! Have a great day lovelies, hopefully I'll be able to read some blogs and catch up with you all today!

Today's outfit:
Black Skirt: Can't remember...Ross?
Green Shirt: Wal-Mart
Black Blazer: Salvation Army
Dotted Tights: Forever 21
Black Booties: Payless
Necklace and Bracelet: Gifts from ML (I seriously adore her, do you read her blog yet? If not, go read it - she's GORGEOUS!)


  1. You need hooker boots. ;)

    I bought you a present yesterday. It will be mailed soon. Then you can think of me every day. :)


  2. Fantastic look here - I especially love the booties!

  3. Heather.... be my friend! be my friend! I need boots!

    Ha Ha

    Mel your outfit looks great - as always. Even though it was short and sweet you still caught my eye.

    Yours Truly

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  4. No one...even your picky old boss...could call today's outfit anything but professional. Do you watch What Not to Wear? I do and love it, but Stacy and Clinton always address how to dress professionally while keeping your individual style. I record marathon sessions of it and then watch them randomly whenever I need a style boost or some inspiration!

  5. I love this look. Very professional but not a uniform. The tights and the shoes really do it for me.

  6. You look great. I been reading ML blog for a month now.

  7. You look great! If they want you in solid tights and a neutral shirt they should just implement a uniform, because that's getting way too narrow of a dress code!!

  8. That color looks great on you. You look very professional :)

  9. I just found your blog which is kind of surprising since we have a lot in common (30ish, mommies, work/fashion balance). I think you look like a creative professional. I can't see how anyone could complain!


  10. The shirt fits! But maybe you're seeing something that I'm not? Hmmm... I think you look completely professional, even if you ARE wearing a colored shirt and patterned tights! As long as you don't don leopard print shirts or something, I think you're in the clear, haha!

  11. This is seriously an awesome professional and cute outfit!! I'm with Cara, if the dress code is going to be that tight, they need to do a uniform instead! That shirt is a wonderful color though, and it looks like it fits in the picture. But if it doesn't fit, there are other shirts in the mall! ;)

  12. I think the shirt fits. I think it would have looked a little more polished if you tucked in the shirt. But I think it's a very professional outfit. If they wanted a uniform, they should state one.

  13. I am so jealous of your tights! I've been looking everywhere for affordable polka dot tights and have yet to find them! Yours look fabulous!

  14. love the tights and you can't go wrong with an oxford for professional. I would prefer to wear my suits to work - I know that is what corporate would want, but none of mine fit currently! Have to loose 10 pounds. So in the meantime, I've been more "free" in my dressing. Not sure what they think but it's fun!

  15. Great look! I like how you went with the booties instead of traditional (and safe) plain black pumps. Hope the meeting went well!

  16. I really love this outfit today.

  17. This color of teal is so very beautiful on you -- I really love the bright jewel tone!

  18. Booty boots is in my list to shop for right now and I still haven't found a perfect pair for myself.

    You are looking fantastic my dear and awww, I'm always touched, (and it always cheers me up!) to see your shout-outs!

    luv ya!



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