Friday, December 10, 2010

Friend Friday: Let's Connect

Katy, the brain behind the Friend Friday phenomenon, received an email this week suggesting the topic of reader connectedness - so here are the questions and my answers!

1. How important do you think reader connectedness is to the success of your blog?
I think the ability to make your readers feel connected is important to any blog. If I have zero in common with a writer, I'll typically scan their blog every now and then but the ones that I read on a regular basis are the ones where I feel some kind of connection, either personally because we've chatted somehow or because their style is similar to my own or we just have things in common.

2. What do you do to draw readers in and create that writer-reader bond?
I try to create a bond by responding to comments either through email (if Blogger lets me reply to comment notifications; sometimes when I click "reply", the address for the commentor is a no-reply@blogger... address instead of their actual email) or by commenting on their own blog. I really LOVE getting questions on Formspring, that's another great way to connect and I especially love getting emails from readers and getting to know people through email conversations.

3. What is one way you could improve this connection?
I'm not sure. I don't feel like I'm connecting with quite as many readers as I'd like to (I would really love to get to know every single one of you!) but since I don't know how to get in touch with each person (I don't even know who reads my blog if they don't comment!), I can't really connect more. If you have suggestions for how I can improve the connection, please let me know!

4. Is there a blogger you think does a great job creating that writer-reader bond? Why?
Hmmm. Well, I think Katy has done an awesome job just by coming up with the Friend Friday idea in the first place and then implementing the Google group! GENIUS! Then there's Kendi with her 30 for 30 challenge that creates an entire community of participants as well. I think creating a common bond/theme among readers/other bloggers is key.

5. What do you do to cultivate new readers? How do you get them to your site in the first place?
Um...I don't really know! If I had a good answer to that, I'd probably have a lot more readers. :) I'm still learning as I go so if anyone has good tips, I'm listening!

Reader connectedness is part of the reason I started a blog to begin with! I'd love to connect with each of you. Please feel free to send me an email any time at {aworkingmomscloset at gmail dot com}, ask me a question on Formspring or follow me on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. Great post hunnie.....I love your blog....and Ive loved getting to know you...I think you are doing fab:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    NEWS EDITOR for Style Sample Magazine♥

  2. I agree that part of it is the readers need to do a little work too. However, how do you get them too. It's a question of the ages.
    No Guilt Fashion

  3. i think you're doing really well! i always like your comments!

    Formspring didn't work for me at all. i got 2 questions, ever, before i shut down my account.

  4. I love you blog and getting to know you. Plus we both live in FL. I love getting comments for you.

  5. Great idea! Reader connectedness is certainly important in making people feel welcome. Sometimes, all it takes is a few comments about your day to day life! Because what reader can't relate to traffic woes, brilliant buys, etc, etc.? Haha!

  6. I love your comments and I think you do a great job cultivating followers because you have a chatty way of talking that creates an instand bond with people. And you are real. I like real!

  7. Oh, and chatty is good here in the south. Long winded is one sided, but you make your readers feel like it is more like a conversation!

  8. I always love reading your answers to these question! And I remember from my first days of blogging being impressed by your ability to connect with other bloggers, and I still am! I know that there are definitely bloggers who I feel more of a connection to than others! And I have been really amazed at the people I've met while blogging, and I love getting to know them more! I definitely agree that having things in common or really liking someone's style makes me feel more connected to other bloggers, but I always worry that it's one sided! And I like the idea of formspring, but I know that I also like putting answers in posts because it makes it a lot easier to write a post that at least one person is interested in! :) I also know that I've personally felt really frustrated lately because I feel like I'm falling behind on commenting and emailing people! Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend! :)

  9. I really liked the last answer!!!


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