Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Daily MelWear: To The Board Meeting We Go...(and a call for pictures!)

Hi guys!

I hope you all had a good Monday. Ours was fun with the holiday open house. And we have TONS of leftovers! Yay!

Today will be just as fun because the IRB Chairperson is taking our office to the Cheesecake Factory for a Christmas lunch! Then we have the board meeting tonight. My very first board meeting ever. I'm not doing anything this time except watching; I may eventually run the computer or take minutes at future meetings. Yipee!

Professional dress is required for the meeting, so I pulled out another pencil skirt and wore my blazer again. That always makes me feel like I'm dressed appropriately for meetings. I think I need a larger blazer wardrobe, though!

My shirt has red and black stripes so I added the red belt and pumps, then for more color I threw on the turquoise necklace. I love red and turquoise together!

With all of the gigs we have going on this season, I don't have a lot of holiday events to attend simply as a guest. I don't get to go shopping for holiday dresses or see my friends dressed up. I need to live vicariously through all of you, so what I'd like to do is compile a post of your favorite holiday party outfits! They can be your own outfits/party dresses or they can be someone else of whom you've taken a picture (and obtained permission to use said picture!) at a party. Submit your pictures (you can submit up to two) through next Monday, December 20th and I'll post them next week. I can't wait to see them!

Today's outfit:
Black Pencil Skirt: Ross
Shirt: Wal-Mart
Red Belt: Salvation Army
Patterned Tights: Forever 21
Red Pumps: From my mom
Turquoise Necklace: Beya


  1. love the smart look on you!

    This is what I am going to wear to my work christmas lunch tomorrow (i took the picture on saturday cos i'm organised for once!):


  2. I'm totally sending you a picture of my holiday attire.


    PS...package on its way to you. ;)

  3. Great Outfit and I love that you are going to do a post on Christmas attire.


  4. You look super polished today!

  5. I wish I had some cool holiday party :)
    I forgot all about IRB. I had to do this massive IRB report in grad school for my thesis project. It was so stressful. I love the belt by the way. It adds a festive touch.

  6. Very office appropriate! I will send you some pictures from this weekend!:)

  7. We are going to a party this weekend. I will totally post!!! I have this amazing red shirt - but I don't know that it still looks good since I have lost so much weight since last year....I may have to go shopping!!!

    Love what you're wearing today!

  8. Red and turquiose together is my favorite color combo EVER. I love that you combined them in such a polished way!


  9. Love this look! That top is awesome.

    I don't have any parties to go to. I'm lucky if I manage to see all my friends and family in passing this year! But goodluck, I hope you get some great pics.

  10. I love red and turquoise together. And I really love teh button details on your skirt!

  11. I adore your outfit!! Its just too fabulous! And so professional too! This is more like head of the board meeting! :) And you can't go wrong with a really great blazer! And I *love* your request for pictures! I don't actually have a party to go to dressed up, but if you'll take a "what I would have worn" picture, I'll be happy to send one! (After we find an opportunity to take a picture of one this week!) :)

  12. You look the very picture of professionalism. You look sharp, but not off the wall, which I suppose is the look you would be going for at your first board meeting!

  13. This outfit looks so good on you! So professional. I'm sure you wowed them with it.

  14. You look great, Melissa. Blazers really are the perfect way to turn almost any outfit into a professional look. I hope the board meeting went well! I always get so nervous and uptight the week (let's be honest, the month) before ours. Trustees can be intimidating!

  15. IRB? I just completed my IRB curriculum for my research project on Post PartumDepression! Oh what fun it was, not really! Anywho, I LOVE your layers. Great looks on your posts. I am glad I stopped by!


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