Monday, February 28, 2011

Daily MelWear: Outfit 27/30 and Fabulous In February!

Can you believe that February is over this week? Today is the last day of Fabulous In February! I can't believe it. It's gone by so quickly.

We did have a handful of people express interest in extending into March but not many, so I think we're going to keep it to February and do it again next year.

Also, can we please not notice the fact that I wore this dress last Monday too? I guess that's what happens during this 30 for 30 challenge.

Okay I'm going to have to come up with three fabulous things pretty quick because I don't have a lot of time today! Please make sure to check out my co-host Hope's blog as well for her Fabulous In February post!

1. I'm very organized. To the point where if someone moves a pen on my desk, I'll notice. I don't go crazy or anything or freak out if someone does that, but I will notice. At one of my other jobs, some of the guys in the Media department decided it would be funny to not just move a pen, but move my ENTIRE DESK 180 degrees. It must have taken a lot of work because they had to move the computer and phone cords and everything. To this day, no one in that department will tell me exactly who did it but I think it's hysterical. It was really funny.
2. Sarcasm is a second language to me. I think that's pretty fabulous.
3. I make a point to be WITH my daughter when I'm with her. I try very hard to not be on my laptop or phone very much, to look right in her eyes when she talks to me, to ask her about her day and her thoughts and what she wants to do and how she feels about things. She's only three, she'll be four in June, but it's so important for me to really hear her and be with her during the little time that I have.

And a blazer in case it's cold at the meeting.

Okay, that's it for me! I've got to start working on getting packets ready to deliver tomorrow, plus we have a Town Hall meeting this morning and my boss is leaving at noon and the other two girls are out today so I'll be by myself and it's just going to be a busy day!

Don't forget to enter the $100 Shopbop gift card giveaway if you haven't yet, and link up your Fabulous In February posts below or on Hope's blog!

Today's outfit:
Dress: Ross
Green Shirt: Target
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Black Pumps: Target


  1. What a great outfit. You are going out with a bang. :)

    I just love the story about your desk. That's totally hilarious. Your office sounds like fun.

    Sarcasm is a good thing. I think it means you can be light hearted even when things are hard.

    It's so hard to not be connected all the time. I love hanging out with my son and if you are actually there with them it's the most priceless thing in the world. I bet nothing in the world means more to her than tat. Your a good mom.

    Thanks for doing the fabulous in Feb. I can't wait to see what you do next!

  2. i love the belted cardigan over the skirt. and the headband is super cute!

    and i wish i had your organization skills! i will usually go weeks before i noticed something's missing. :)

    cute and little
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  3. I like that you are WITH your daughter when you're with her (that makes sense, right?) I was at the doctor's on Saturday and there was an 8 month old sitting in his mom's lap, whining, holding his arms up to be held. You could tell he just wanted attention because he was sick, but I was sad that the mom AND the dad paid no attention... Both were playing on their phones. All of this technology makes me wonder how parenting is changing... It also makes me glad that I was born BEFORE all of the technology. :) Anyway, that's my two cents. Ha.

  4. I love this look!

    Also, I am the same way with my desk at work: even though I'm only there one day a week, if someone moves a pen while I'm gone, I know it! They use my desk as a "visitors desk" for anyone who happens to be in for meetings, and wants a place to check their email, so I always mystify them at coffee when I ask who was in that week!

  5. Teal looks great on you, and I like the wide belt.

  6. I work with a guy that has to have everything at right angles on his desk. People are always messing with him and moving things a few degrees and then seeing how long it takes him to figure it out. :)

    You look so good in jewel tones. You seem to have figured out what colors really work for you!


  7. Oh gosh-I hadn't realized February was over this week. Scary!

    I love those shoes :).

    Lindsey Soup

  8. Can't believe they went to all the effort with your desk! Though we did steal someone's soft toy at work and too him on holiday and took photos and emailed them, that was probably more effort! it was fun though and they are now happily reunited!

    great layering btw!

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  9. I love the desk story I need to be more organized I am slightly a scatter brain and can never remember where things are or go! Great dress on you! I think you should wear it every monday!

  10. I've been meaning to check out your blog. I've seen your posts here and there... Anyways, I love your belt!

    #3 is SO important and something I need to work on when I'm with my little guy. Thanks for the reminder. =)

  11. great the crdi belted over the dress with that fab belt!

  12. Okay, so I gotta ask-- who takes your pictures?

  13. Hey wearing a thing once a week is realistic. Especially if it's a favorite thing. I love the colorful top over the grey and black dress.

    I always try to connect to people I'm talking too. My husband and friends don't get why I get angry if they hop on their smart phones while I'm mid-conversation with them. Eye contact is very important. Doubling important when paying attention and learning from your own kid. She'll thank you for it.

  14. I find I'm repeating a lot of items, too--but figured if people were still checking in to see if I can make it to 30, they wouldn't care! :)

  15. That's too funny about your desk getting moved. Sounds like you handled it much better than I would have!

    I'm not super organizied but I do have an oddly weird memory and I can remember exactly where things are, even if they are in a big pile or mess!!! I always know when people move things around on my desk at work, and it drives me nuts!

  16. That is so funny about your desk being moved.

    I would like to sum up #3 for you:

    3. You are a FANTASTIC mom!

  17. Loving the striped dress! :) I really like #3 today b/c it really demonstrates how thoughtful and kind a person you are. I loved hosting this with you! I'm a little sad it's over now.... :)

  18. I love the colors today. That button down just pairs so perfectly with the dress..and the belt!! oooh you and your drool-worthy accessories!

    I'm really just in awe of how wonderful you've done in this challenge (because I know it had to be so difficult and I could never do it!). Day after day you turned out all these creative, fabulous outfits!

  19. I too am a very sarcastic person. Sometimes I get really uncomfortable if people take what I say too seriously.

  20. I could've written your 3 things myself! I've got a desk story in my blog today too. :)

  21. Love the teal shirt with the dress and you hair cut is great for your face shape! I love it! I think it's great that you spend the time with your daughter it's so important in this technology crazed world.

  22. I love the humor in your blog.... and you sound like an awesome mom!! AND YOUR OUTFITS ARE CUTE!!! :)

  23. Too cute! And nobody would ever notice that you wore this dress last Monday, too :)

    I forgot my Fabulous in February today, so I'm posting mine tomorrow...thanks again for introducing that. Great idea!!

  24. Thanks for hosting such a terrific feature! I think you are doing a great job with the remix. I really like #3 on your list--your daughter is lucky to have you for a mom, and I bet your time and attention makes her feel quite special!

  25. Gorgeous outfit!! you have amazing wardrobe staples :)

  26. I really like your new bang! How cute? The dress, belt and the colored shirt combination is just perfect. You are closed to the end of 30/30 challenge. Well done.

  27. Great outfit. I think it great that you spend all your time with you daughter. its need that. Also I love reading all the cute things so say that you write on twitter.

  28. I finished adding the last of Fabulous in February on my blog! This was a great challenge!

  29. (sigh) I love your three fabulous qualities! I envy #1. High-five ya on #2. And couldn't agree more with #3. Thank you for sharing those!


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