Friday, September 3, 2010

Daily MelWear: Surprise!

I'm so glad it's Friday! 

Do you know what that means? That means I'm DONE with the pants challenge! I know, it couldn't have been very difficult since my work week is only four days but really, it was hard. I don't feel like my pants fit me very well anymore, I can't afford to buy new ones and I'm just not comfortable in them. 

So today I'm at home with my girl, planning to catch up on blogs, clean the house, do laundry, watch some Disney movies and do some "arts and craps." {She still can't get the f sound in there when she says it, it's pretty hysterical.}

My outfit today is not very exciting (black sleeveless dress with white straps...and white socks.) so I decided to FINALLY make good on my promise to show you what I wore last Saturday for my husband's surprise party (hence the post title).

Isn't it fantastic?! $14 at Ross.  Yep. I had to buy a black strapless bra for this and the bra cost as much as the dress.  There's something wrong with that. 

The great thing about the dress is that it's long enough that I can wear it to work (I have a feeling that's going to become something of a joke to me at this point). Just throw a cardigan over it and I'm ready!

I may try to do some posts with more casual outfits this weekend, since it's a longer weekend (yay Labor Day!) and I'll wear more casual clothes, but I can't guarantee.  Does anyone else find it difficult to blog on the weekends when your time is filled with family and friends? I'm so glad to have that time with the people that I love and I'm grateful for extra time on long weekends like this. 

BY THE WAY - some of you might remember that I was frantically searching for the perfect RSS reader app for my iPhone so that I could read and comment on blogs aside from my computer at work.  I'd been using a free one called MobileRSS but when I tried commenting the keyboard on the touch screen wouldn't stay open. It would pop up and then down right away. Well, they updated the app and that problem is now fixed! For those of you who have an iPhone, try this app! I use the free version, that's all I need.  My boss has been in the office all day, every day this week but I've been able to keep up with blogs on my phone using this app. Yay!!!

What are your plans for the long weekend? If you're an international reader, tell me your plans for this weekend too! Do you normally try to blog on the weekends or at least read blogs, or do you find that you don't have the time outside of the work week?

Hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend!!!

Today's outfit: 
Black/Purple Dress: Ross

Leopard Stilettos: Payless


  1. That dress is super cute! And you're right, it will look great with a cardigan for work! ;) I'm also seriously loving those shoes too. I'll be reading and commenting on blogs some this weekend, but I won't be posting on my own until Tuesday, to force myself to spend time away from the computer.

  2. Gorgeous dress! You look fantastic.

    Have fun with your arts and craps today :)

  3. That dress fits you so nicely! Can't believe the deal you got on it!

  4. Great dress! What a good deal too. They don't have a Ross near us so when I see all your awesome deals I feel like I'm missing out. Enjoy your time home with your little girl! This weekend my parents are coming to visit, it's my husband's grandmother's birthday, and we're having a little get together with friends on Monday.

  5. have some extra craps for me.

    Love you.

    And the length of your skirt. ;)

  6. How gorgeous are you! I love it! You look so stunning! Ross has to be the best place to shop for dresses. You can get some beautiful, often times really well made, dresses for a steal!

    And the leopard shoes + those earrings couldn't be more perfect.

    Have fun with your little girl today, and I hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend!

  7. I LOVE what you wore to the party..this dress is FAB, and yes, II agree...the strapless bras are INSANE!! I bought one a few weeks ago (still yet to wear it) from Vic the tune of $54.00..:(
    I find it VERY hard to blog on the weekends, my time is spent with family and catching up on my writing plans this weekend are to SHOP SHOP SHOP!! and I need to get my kiddos a few things before they start back to school on Tuesday too....hope you have a few FABULOUS days off hunnie....I have Sat, Sun & Mon..thankfully:)

  8. Cute dress! And it could definitely transition to work with a cardigan (I pretty much only buy dresses now that can do this!). I sometimes blog on depends on if I'm crazy busy or doing absolutely nothing (my weekends usually fall into one of those categories with nothing in between).

  9. I occasionally blog on the weekends but I try not to. It's nice to have a couple days break from the computer screen!

  10. You look BEAUTIFUL in that dress!!! I bet he wanted to send everyone home and just enjoy his beautiful wife!

  11. Your hubby is a lucky man to have such a hottie on his arm! Great dress!

    Thanks for the update on the App - I am meaning to ask you if you found anything.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. You look amazing -- that dress fits you so well! And this post was pretty funny. Arts and craps, I love it!

    I totally have the same problem as you about pants -- I don't wear them very often, so they don't fit well sometimes. Have you considered altering a couple of them? I had a pair of mine fixed and it made a huge difference, plus it was cheaper than buying another pair at the LOFT.

  13. you look beautiful....!!!
    that dress looks amazing on you!
    have fun on your cleaning/crafts day!!!
    have a wonderful weekend.

  14. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend. I took today off, and I am really enjoying having a FOUR day weekend. Amazing. Nothing big planned -- which is exactly the point.

    This dress was a great deal from Ross. I love the gray/silver? band under the bodice. It is absolutely gorgeous!

  15. I'm glad for you to be back in dresses. Pants are great, but I'm a dress girl at heart, so I understand your excitement.

    Glad you have a fun day planned too! Have a lovely weekend!

  16. Somebody's husband must be really happy that day! You look sexy and pretty!

    Well, you always do M!



  17. That's a very lovely dress, Melissa! I'm sure your husband was all eyes on you that day :).

  18. What gorgeous dress!!! You look so hot!

    I can see throwing a grey blazer over it and getting away with office wear.

    I try to blog on the weekends since my "weekends" often fall mid-week. But I notice most people don't or aren't as active then. So I'll sometimes save a Sunday-post for the following Monday or an off day, which isn't something I used to do but have started to.

    I don't really have any plans this weekend other than catching up on textbook reading. Maybe I'll get the hubs to take me out, but most likely I'll have my nose in a book.

  19. Perfect choice for a party dress. I love how you paired your sassy shoes with it, too! Have I mentioned lately that I love ruffles *THIS* much?!

  20. What a cute dress! And an even better deal! You look great.

  21. My BF sucks up my time on weekends AND nights. I realized I've been slacking with blogging. When I was really successful I worked 12-hour days. Trying to get back to that. Actually I worked through last weekend (and maybe the weekend before??). Thank goodness it's Labor Day weekend! It's going to be TIME OFF for 3 Days! Whew.

    I might still catch up on Project Runway and do my sketch-along, which is partially going to go on the blog, though. I put off things that might catch interest, dangit.

    I'd love for you to come check out my outfit. I think I'm finally going to be posting a lot of ensembles now!

  22. WOW!!! You look absolutely gorgeous!!!

  23. The dress and bra cost the same... I guess we need to appreciate the underpinnings too.
    the dress is cute!

  24. Super cute dress and a great Ross find!! You look fantastic!!!

    I tend not to blog on weekends because I am spending time with family but I want to. Maybe this weekend since I have an extra day!

    Our town has a labor day parade every year so we will go to that then maybe have some BBQ and do some shopping!

  25. No long weekend here. Bummer.
    I read blogs all week long... here and there throughout the day since I'm a SAHM.
    This weekend I'm ironing clothes getting ready for my Not Dependent on Denim Challenge".

  26. the dress looks awesome on you-- and agree re 'right length'! cardis become sweet salvation here

  27. Sounds like the perfect day. I constantly find it difficult to fit everything in. As I work from home I find it difficult not to work, weekends included. You have reminded me how important time with family is. I am definitely going to make a big effort this wekend. Love your dress.

  28. Cute dress;)))
    follow me if u like

  29. I feel similarly about pants. Much prefer dresses/skirts. I am planning on relaxing, some blog reading (obvi) and shopping this weekend! Have a good one!

    xoxo, Ashley

  30. I LOVE THIS DRESS (excuse the caps), it looks incredible on you. What a deal too! So pretty!

  31. Glad to see you saw your challenge out to the end! And I love this dress on you, it's so sweet!

  32. you look so pretty! perfect little party dress.

    Thanks for the tip on the mobile RSS. I use NetNewsWire to read my RSS Subscriptions but I haven't tried to comment using that so I don't know how well it works in that regards.

  33. That is a beautiful way to break out of the pants challenge! The dress is very cute and looks perfect for a surprise party. However, as much as you love dresses, I think that you did very well with your challenge this week.

    Hope that you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend!

  34. Thanks everyone! It's interesting to find out what everyone thinks about blogging on the weekends vs. weekdays. Sometimes it's hard to get caught up on blog posts after a full weekend.

    Kimberly, let me know if you try out the app and what you think of it!

    Jamie, it's a sparkly silver. Love it! Anything sparkly makes me happy. :)

    Elle M., I'm not on chictopia. I'm not even entirely sure what it is/what function it has...someone needs to school me in it! :)

    Thanks again! Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

  35. Adorable dress! I usually write my blogs on weekends (all but the outfit posts) but don't beat myself up if I don't read all the blogs I follow on the weekends. Gotta get out there and play!

  36. Angeline, that's very true! It's something I struggle with, I feel like I need to stay caught up. Like right now I have 45 unread posts and I feel like I'd rather catch up on those than work out! It's a problem. :)

  37. :) 45? That's nothing! i've got 100 fashion-related posts to catch up on, not to mention over 1,000 from the other blogs I read (or try to read). Life comes first!

  38. Chictopia is a site where we post our ensemble pics (or other things too) to perhaps try to gain exposure. I need friends on there. :-)

    It's kind of like or a slew of others.

  39. Angeline, you're right - I just tend to be OCD and if I see something unread or undone, I can't deal with it. Drives me crazy.

    Ella, email me your chictopia information and I'll see if I can get myself on there too! Thanks for cluing me in! :) My email is aworkingmomscloset at gmail dot com.


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