Monday, September 20, 2010

Daily MelWear: Pops of Red

Hi friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend! We had a pretty easy one, didn't do much or spend a lot of money other than using some coupons at Bath and Body Works. Yay for Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin! It may not feel like fall in Florida, but I can certainly make my house smell like it. Plus my daughter wants to be a ghost for Halloween for some reason, so I bought her a ghost soap dispenser. It makes her happy.  She's 3, I really thought she'd want to be a princess or something, but nope, a ghost.

I can tell you right now that I'm not just sticking a sheet over her head. I'm gonna bedazzle that sucker or something.

Anyway - if you haven't seen my previous post from last night, please go check it out! My friend April is a fantastic photographer and took some shots for me after church. They're awesome! SHE'S awesome! {For those of you that have commented already, thanks! And yes, I do wish that she could take my blog photos every day!}

On another note, the next three months or so are going to be CRAZY for me at work, so my reading and commenting might be a little sparce. My posting might become infrequent too, but hopefully I can keep up with that.

For the next seven weeks starting today, we're doing a study involving 180 patients. That means a WHOLE LOT of answering the phone, returning calls, scheduling patients, making reminder phone calls, rescheduling patients, trying to find fill-ins for no shows, be here to witness consents all day long (but I need potty breaks!), copy their paperwork, file everything, ship paperwork to the sponsor, make sure the Principal Investigator signs everything necessary and the nurses didn't miss anything - ALL while still maintaining my normal workflow for everything else that I do. Whew! The study should be complete by the first or second week of November.

And THEN - our entire institute is moving into a new building in the middle of November! So amongst all of this study chaos, plus regular workflow, we need to pack EVERYTHING up to move!

I'm stressed out just thinking about it and today is only the beginning. Oh dear...Halloween is in there somewhere and then there's Thanksgiving. Needless to say, most of my outfits are going to need to be simple because I'll probably be running around like a chicken with its head cut off most of the time.


And someone please tell me that this dress IS in fact knee-length, so I'm not worried about getting in trouble for going against the code again!

Today's outfit:

Black Dress: Ross
Black/White Tee: Macy's
Red Belt: Salvation Army
Red/Black Pumps: My mom
Black Necklace: Wal-Mart


  1. Great look today. And yes, those photos your friend took of you are wonderful - you look gorgeous! I love the necklace you were wearing too :)

  2. I'm wearing black white and red today too! Can't resist that color combination and find myself constantly switching between it and black white and hot pink!

    Sorry to hear how busy you're going to be, but just think, you're going to look up and it will have all FLOWN by!

  3. To me that looks knee length, but to a conservative person it might be "above the knee" because to them knee length might mean "no knee showing". But the whole outfit looks really cute -- I hope you get away with it.

  4. Today must be the day for black, white and red, since I'm wearing that combo as well. It's so classic, and you really don't even have to think about it :)

    If you bedazzle a ghost costume for your daughter, please post pictures! That sounds awesome.

  5. I always wanted to be a ghost or a witch for Halloween growing up - my mom was so bored by me! My ghost costumes went through many different designs - some were sequined, some where grey - the best was an outfit where my mom sewed gauze strips all over so it flowed and moved in the wind!

  6. I think your dress is perfectly fine! I love the shots your friend took, she is so talented!!

  7. Sounds like you are going to have some very busy days ahead of you. I feel the same way with my school schedule. My summer days were so much more flexible :). I hope you will take sometime to breathe and relax.

    That's interesting that your daughter wants to be a ghost.

    I heard red is the color of this season. I have few pieces of red in my wardrobe, and will try to make good use of them.

  8. I love that outfit! I'm a sucker for black and white stripes! Hopefully at the very least you'll still get to post!

  9. I saw the pictures from last night. Very professional!

  10. Good luck with all the craziness coming up at work! I hate when my work gets like that, but at least it makes the days/weeks go by so much faster!!!!

  11. Great outfit today! Good luck with all the work-related stuff.

    And I love that you want to glitz up the ghost costume :-)

  12. I think you look great. That dress in definitely knee length. Good luck on all the work stuff :)

  13. Your dress most definitely IS knee-length! It is professional and conservative for any dress code. And gorgeous to boot!

    Good luck as you enter the impending busy-ness. We'll look forward to seeing your posts when you're able to write. I certainly understand the difficulty in finding time to comment!

  14. I'd say it's knee length! Good luck with everything at work!

    Oh, and I never wanted to be a princess or pretty/cute for Halloween. To me Halloween is about being scared for a night! I was always a witch :) Oooh except one year, I was a spider.

  15. Cute dress Melissa! And I'm with you on the smell of pumpkin, it is sooooo good!

  16. Oh my goodness, I totally want to bedazzle something now. Do they still have Bedazzlers?? My little one was going to be a fairy (preparing for her Tinkerbell birthday party in January), but she already as a Hokie cheerleading uniform, so I figured she could do that or be a cow, since one of my friends bought her an ADORABLE cow costume! :) You look gorgeous and your dress is totally knee-length. You tell me if boss-lady has something to say about it. I'll kick her shins.

    Your photos from April are GORGEOUS. :) But you're absolutely beautiful, so I'd expect nothing less!

  17. Just slouch over if anyone thinks your skirt is too short! ;)
    Martha Stewart had a cool ghost costume on her site. It's for an adult but could be modified for a kid. It's basically a lot of tulle, but you could add some sparkles and cutsy-ness to it.
    My son wants to be a knight this year, so I need to get off the internet and get to work on it! :)

  18. What a clever way to get a more summery cut dress to work in cooler weather/more conservative offices! :)

    At my job, your dress would be 'above the knee' but it would still pass (unless someone had a personal grudge against you). I think my office is the most conservative out there that is still 'buisness casual' lol so I really feel for you! I was lectured once for a 'low neckline' a long time ago... though I think it was because they wanted to get my coworker, and to be fair they grabbed me so it wouldn't be attacking her personally lol (it's hard for a man to lecture a woman on appropriate attire and not get accused of other things).

  19. I love how you wear shirts under dresses to make them more modest/work appropriate. I might try that out to get more wear from some of my summer dresses.

  20. I have a possible solution to your problem. If it matches ok, like black on black (well black is so hard to match to black, or else I'm just a lousy launderer---so maybe white-white or... dunno) wear a knee-length skirt under another dress.

    I haven't tried this out but I was thinking about it re: one of my dresses. Maybe I'll try wearing that for you.

    You might even match the skirt to the top of the dress or something. It's worth a try in front of your mirror. Wait, that is how I was going to try it with my own dress. My mind is tired today. Running around too much.

    Cynthia, oh you've got to have a little knee! ;-)

    Oh and I love those shoes!

  21. I'm really digging your layering today. And yesterday's photos are AMAZING!

  22. This is a really cute outfit -- I may have to do my own version of it. I love the stripes!

    I laughed at your bedazzle comment. I can't wait to see how you turn that ghost costume into something amazing.

    I love your photos from yesterday! Your friend did a great job!

  23. This is totally knee length! I think it's really flattering too. I hope everything goes well with your study! It sounds like this will be a very exciting fall for you.

  24. great dress! i really like how you put the tee underneath. and hey...those photos that your friend took...lovely! :)

  25. I love how you layered the striped top under the dress! I have a striped top I almost never wear, I'll definitely try this out!

  26. Yay! Thanks girls! Your comments make me SMILE!!!

    Ashley, if I could sew, I'd definitely do that with the gauze strips and make it all flowy! But alas, I can't even sew a stinking button on. It's sad.

    Melanie, I may have to check out that Martha Stewart costume and see if my MIL can make it for my daughter!

    You guys all make my day, have I told you that lately? You're awesome. :)

  27. You're rocking the black, white and pops of red like no other in this outfit!

  28. HI Melissa....I saw your post yesterday....I loved it...what a special friend....your photos are all fabulous!!!
    I love you in black and look classy & chic!!
    I hear you on the work thing...ughhh....mine is going to be NUTS for the next couple months.....:(

  29. It is knee length! I hate to hear you worry so much about the length of your outfits :( Work is pretty busy for me too so I know what you mean! Looking sweet as usual x

  30. That outfit is super cute! And I think its knee length, but what do I know. Ugh, so sorry about all the craziness at work! Good luck! And a ghost can be a fun costume. Especially a bedazzled ghost. Okay, I have too much fun with Halloween in recent years, because I'm getting to do all the costumes I wanted to do but couldn't growing up... and yes, that includes being a princess! ;)

  31. I absolutely love this outfit! :) You look stunning!

    Thanks for the sweet comment! You made my day!

  32. Thanks guys! No one said anything about the length of the dress so I guess it was okay. I really need to get some longer skirts and dresses so I don't have to worry about this so much!

    Matt, if you wear a princes costume this year you have got to post it!

    McKenzie, you are more than welcome. I meant every word!

  33. What a fabulous look! The red belt really makes it pop!


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