Friday, September 10, 2010

Daily MelWear: Last Weekend (Labor Day Weekend)

Hey everyone! Are you as happy as I am that today's Friday? 

I love Fridays.  For so many reasons.  

Okay so a few weeks ago someone asked me on Formspring about why I don't normally post casual outfits.  The answer is really quite boring: I can't wear casual outfits to work and I don't normally have much time to blog on the weekends (family takes priority!).  I have tried to post some outfits on Fridays but those are few and far between.  

I figured I would take some shots of what I wore over Labor Day weekend and stick them in a Friday post. 

Disclaimer: These outfits are NOT exciting.

First up: Saturday. Um...yeah. I didn't even shower that morning.  We got up, needed to go grocery shopping, found out that our favorite bake shop had Guinness cupcakes as their flavor of the day so off we went without a second thought. I think we may have done something that night but I honestly can't even remember now.  I swear, I have the world's worse memory. It's awful. 

Saturday's outfit:
Jeans: Ross
Top: Plato's Closet
Flats: Target
Yellow Flower Hairband: Won in a giveaway by Fashion Momma from Twenty-Five Design! I love it, check out her etsy if you haven't yet!

Next up: Sunday. My husband and I were scheduled to sing on praise team at our church that morning, so I wanted to look decent. I'm not entirely sure I accomplished that feat. I had the vision in my head of wearing the blue plaid shirt open with a belt, with the white skinnies.  I like yellow with that blue so I wore the yellow tank underneath.  When I put it all together, I was NOT happy.  The shirt flared out a little too much under the belt and made me look really wide.  I literally stood in my closet for about 20 minutes trying to come up with something else to wear (I really wanted those white skinnies) but couldn't come up with anything else. Something made me decide to throw on the black cardigan and once I did, I figured the outfit wasn't too awful. So I went with it. Definitely not my favorite, though. 

Sunday's outfit:
White Skinnies: Kohl's 
Black Cardigan: Ross
Blue Plaid Top and Belt: Kohl's
Yellow Tank: Plato's Closet
Black Pumps: Wal-Mart

And finally: Monday, Labor Day. Oh, I look awful in the Monday pictures. We'd just gotten out of the pool at my father-in-law's house, my hair was wet, no make-up...ick. We just went to Olive Garden for lunch and then drove back to our house. Not real exciting.  I wore the skirt only because I apparently can't wear it to work anymore and I like it, so I grabbed it for the weekend. 

Monday's outfit:
White Skirt: Plato's Closet
Purple Tank: Plato's Closet
Floral Flats: Target
Flower in my hair: picked by my daughter, who insisted that I put it in my hair. :) 

So there you have it! Truly nothing exciting. And in case you're wondering, I'm wearing a denim ruffled skirt and black tank top right now for my Friday at home with my girl. Who, by the grace of God, is still in her bed at the moment, rolling around and singing to herself.  I wonder how long that'll last...

Have a splendiferous Friday, everyone! 

PS - That didn't last long.  She's calling for me now. :) I love that little girl.


  1. I like the first one. That's what I look like every day, only not with the fancy hair.

    I'm lying.

    I'm wearing my pajamas.

  2. Those outfits are cute! I love the white skirt in the last one and that headband is really cute too. I don't see any awful shots at all. :)

  3. You look great in your casual look! Funny about your daughter waking up - I've been laying next to violet asking her to let me sleep for just 10 more minutes. She's not having it haha. Happy Friday!

  4. Very cute! The first outfit is my favorite.

  5. I think your casual outfits are uber cute! Have a great weekend :)

  6. Way to go Melissa!!! You look SUPER cute!! Love you in these casual looks darling....and YES...woo hoo for Friday!!! Cant wait til 5pm....:)

    Statements in Fashion

  7. I love Sundays look, even though it's not your favourite! It look so comfortable and pulled together!

  8. I think you look adorable! I love all of your cute little hair accessories :)

    I love the purple and yellow from Saturday's outfit - always a gorgeous color combo! And you should be proud of your layering abilities because Sunday's outfit is awesome! I love the mix of pattern and color, I think it's so fun and creative! And how many people can wear 3 layers and still have a tiny waist!?!? You are very fortunate lady:) And of course Monday is just a darling outfit, pretty soft colors! So feminine.

  9. You are never boring love!

    Sent, sent, sent!



  10. I like #1 the most. I don't think clothes always need to be exciting. If I ever wear "exciting" clothes every single day, I don't think I'd like who I'd become. ;-)

    I used to pick flowers for my mom. :-)

  11. I love when you go casual! I think you look great!! I have had so many days when I envision the entire outfit, put it on and want to cry!

  12. I love your bangs pulled up! It's a totally different look for you. Kudos on changing it up.

    I love the sunny blue and yellow outfit too.

    I love seeing a bloggers "casual" wear.

  13. I love the purple top in the first picture. Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy your time with your family.

  14. I love your casual outfits! Have a great day off!

  15. oh my goodness you look so cute in your 1st casual outfit.
    i love it.
    have a wonderful weekend love.

  16. very sweet casual style, i think simple is best!

  17. I like Sunday's look! Though, I understand that feeling of not liking the look of something and standing in front of the closet and coming up with a blank. And the flower in your hair on Monday is cute.

  18. I like Saturday's outfit as I'm partial to purple. Hope you have a great weekend! Thank you for your comments as well. It's always so lovely when someone takes the time to drop a comment hello! :D

  19. Love your outfits. I always struggle with casual. I find dressing up so much easier.

  20. Thanks for checking in on me!
    You do weekend casual very well!

  21. All of your weekend wear is adorable! And they are by no means, boring! I love the first one with the purple and yellow and your hair looks cute pulled back. So cute, as always.

  22. yay! you love your headband AND look fantastic in it!!! :)

  23. Love that first casual look! The color is so pretty on you and those jeans look great!

  24. Thanks everyone! Maybe I'll try to post more casual outfits.

    Oh, if only I could dress more casually at work. Or if only I could work from home! :)


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