Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Daily MelWear: Belting Blazers

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I've already had one cup of coffee, so I'm ready to go. :)

How was your Tuesday night? My husband and I went to a really nice bar/restaurant called the Blue Martini to hear his sister's band, All Night Groove. We've heard her with pretty much every band she's been in (not to mention the fact that we've sung with her in different a cappella groups too) but we had yet to hear this one.  My husband is also building their website so we wanted to take some pictures. It was a lot of fun!  The band was set up BEHIND the bar. I've never seen that set up before but it was perfect. 

My husband ordered a mojito for himself and a mochaccino martini for me. B.L.I.S.S.

My parents kept our daughter overnight so we haven't seen her since yesterday morning before work.  It's really nice to get out on a work night but I miss my girl! Can't wait until work is done so I can see her and get some snuggles!

On yesterday's post where I mentioned that blazers are like cardigans in the way that they are able to add professionalism to most outfits, Kara from Destined For Now commented that she wondered if blazers could be belted the same way as cardigans.

Today's post is my answer: YES! Granted, this is cheating a little bit because this blazer came with a belt and has belt loops.  But whatever. Here's another example of belting a blazer and this one DOESN'T have belt loops. So there. :) And here's one more, although this isn't my favorite.

I really like red and turquoise together so I added my red belt, wine rosebud pumps and turquoise jewelry. 

This outfit makes me feel really good.  I feel professional, ladylike, office-appropriate, still stylish and ME.
Plus I've had lotsa coffee. That might have something to do with the euphoria.

Today's outfit:

Black Dress: Plato's Closet

Blazer: Ross

Red Belt: Salvation Army

Wine Rosebud Pumps: DSW (clearance!)

Turquoise Necklace/Earrings: Wal-Mart


  1. Great professional look. I love that the blazer is a bit flirty with the puffy sleeves :)

  2. Very professional and super cute! Red and turquoise are great together, and I love the jewelry and those shoes. I hadn't thought of belting blazers, I'll have to try it sometime. :)

  3. Turquoise and red is so great together! I've just discovered that turqouise can go with a lot of colours!

    Very cute look today.

  4. You look so cute today Melissa!! I love the belted always have the cutest belts with nice colors!! You look professional...for sure!!

    So happy you had some "alone time" with hubby....sounds like a really nice evening...Im with you on the "white thing"...Ill wait to hear about next week:)

    Statements in Fashion

  5. I adore that blazer - it's so chic and has such wonderful details that give it a real personality. And I think when a blazer can be belted, it's a wonderful thing! I love that silhouette on you.

  6. Great idea belting the blazer. I need to try that!!!

  7. I love this look, Melissa! I belt cardigans all the time (in fact, I'm wearing a belted cardi now), but I've only belted one blazer. I'll definitley need to try it more, thanks to your look!

    Do you have criteria for which blazers you belt? I've been worried about belting those that I can't iron -- I would hate to have to take a blazer to the cleaners because it got wrinkled from belt. The cleaners are so, so expensive, and I never seem to drop my clothes off or pick them up in a timely fashion.

  8. You look great - professional and chic. The belt definitely adds a nice shot of color and shape for your ensemble.

    And it must be nice to have a grown-ups night out every once in a while. Can you believe my sis and her hubby have not had one single grown-ups night out since they had my little nephew over 4 years ago?!

  9. That's a great little jacket. I think I need to wear jackets with a defined-waist silhouette like that -- I only have one but it works really well.

  10. I love red and turquoise together. It is one of my favorite color combos. You look great and very professional :)

  11. I like to belt my blazers, too, especially those that don't have buttons. Happy to read that you and your husband were able to enjoy a nice night out, and your mom was taking care of your daughter. Enjoy your nice snuggle from your daughter :).

  12. I think this is one of my favorite looks on you. Drop dead gorgeous. lady! And the two belted blazer looks you linked back to are both amazing!!!

    <3 me

  13. Love this look! I hadn't thought about belting my blazer before, but as soon as it cools off here in ATL I will be giving in a try!

  14. I don't think I've ever belted a blazer before, but it looks great on you! I will have to try this out sometime...

    You look great and yay for going out on a work night.

  15. I lurve the blazer - its perfect on you! Colors are great, and the skirt looks lovely! :-)

  16. Adorable necklace! Love the belt too! You just look great all around! Thanks for the uplifting comment on my blog!


  17. I'm loving your outfits lately! This does indeed look quite professional, and still not stuffy!

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog! ]

    You have really cute style, and you look GREAT in that dress! : ) I am adding you to my blogroll ;D

  19. Hi babe!

    You left me one of the most awesome comments at the contest, I feel so much love, thank you! I got more than ten now, out of 100 votes, ha ha!

    Maybe I should ask my friends to re-blog it!

    Btw, I'm sending your parcel today!

    Love ya!

  20. That blazer looks great on you! Love it belted too!

  21. I am trying to love blazers. I love them on other people, but I'm starting to think my shape is just not suited to them. In the past I've stuck to cardigans because they have more give and conform to my body shape. But, this season I'm absolutely determined to find the perfect structured blazer or, better yet, a navy school boy blazer!! Ahhh, I think this is what they call blazer envy!

  22. I went through a phase when I removed all the belt loops from my blazers - and I'm so mad now! Next time I get that urge, I'm going to at least save them to stitch them on later!
    I do love the look of a belted blazer over black dress - a modern classic!

  23. Seeing this post reminded me that I have a similar short-sleeve blazer (in black, also from Ross!) that I haven't worn in awhile. I'll have to try it belted over a dress like you did. I like the look! :-)

  24. Thanks everyone! I felt great in this outfit all day. I almost didn't want the day to end because I'd have to wear something else the next day! :)

    Jamie: I don't iron. Period. (I don't cook either, but that's a whole other story.) If my clothes get wrinkled, I usually put them in the dryer with a moist washcloth to steam the wrinkles out. Otherwise, I don't worry much about wrinkles so I don't think about whether or not the blazer will wrinkle under a belt. Plus I've only done it with dark blazers so far, where you can't see any wrinkles anyway. I'm sorry I don't have better advice for you!

    Lisa, I can NOT believe that your sister hasn't had an adult night out in four years! That's sad! I hope they can find some way to go out and reconnect!

    Becca, we'll all agree with you that you WILL find the perfect blazer! You will! :)

    Thanks everyone! I'm really glad you liked this one as much as I did. :)


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