Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daily MelWear: How To Sparkle In The Office

This outfit is a prime example of why it is important to try outfits on in advance.

Because I didn't do that today and ended up with no time to come up with something different.  So I'm just going with it.

I'm not sure what it is that I don't like. I think maybe it's the length of the cardigan with the length of the skirt.  My skirts have to be about this long for work so I can't do much to make that better, but maybe a shorter cardigan would be more complimentary.


I found this cardigan over the weekend just hanging listlessly in my closet. I've had it for years.  I first bought it to wear on Christmas because it's kind of green{ish} (now I think it's more teal but whatever) and it's sparkly. I paired it with white pants and a white tee.  Not something I'd ever do again.

It came with a little string of a belt woven through it, but that came off in the wash after a couple of washes.  Since I wasn't into belting (that is a verb now, right?) way back then (man I feel old), I had no clue how else to wear this so it didn't get worn. Poor thing.  It's so pretty.

I think this works for the office because it's paired with simple black and white and the length of the skirt is so modest. Nothing else about the outfit is flashy (unless you count the leopard stilettos).

At any rate, I'm still not a huge fan of today. Throw in the fact that last night wasn't a great one and I'm just off to a sad start. I'm a little exhausted and overwhelmed with too many things.

Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day, another try!

Today's outfit
Black Skirt: Kohl's
White Tee: Wal-Mart
Teal Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Black Belt: Macy's (came with a dress)
Leopard Stilettos: Payless
Black Necklace: Wal-Mart


  1. I like the draping of the cardi. I think you look great but a pencil skirt may do well with the proportions too :)

  2. Eek! Good point! I didn't even think of that. Duh. The only one I own right now is getting a little tight. I need to look for a knee-length black pencil skirt and I'd really like some in other fun colors too.

    Great idea!

  3. I love the colors in this outfit, first of all. Secondly, I agree a pencil skirt would help with the proportions...or maybe pulling your skirt up so it's more high-waisted?

    I don't think it's bad as is, though!

  4. I don't know what you're talking about, I think its a super cute outfit! I love the cardigan and I'm jealous of those shoes actually. I do agree with eek, a pencil skirt might be worth a try too! I hope the rest of your day is great! :)

  5. Ashley, it's funny you mention that...because I actually did pull the skirt up a lot more already. That's about as high-waisted as I can get it! :) It keeps falling even with the belt.

    Matt - Thank you!!! :)

  6. You look gorgeous! I love the outfit, especially the colors and the animal print! Maybe you would like it more like other commenters said and make it more highwaisted, and then add a cropped cardigan? Though, I love it just the way it is :) It's just fun to try different shapes, and find out what works for you!

    Oo, just saw your comment saying that you already did try making it highwaisted!

  7. I love how the wide belt pulls the whole look together (and I love how you pull belts away from the things they came with - one of my favorite belts came attached to a dress!) and gives shape to the longer cardigan. I love that shade of blue on you, too.

  8. Hi Melissa: I honestly think you look fine in that outfit. The cardigan may seem long and loose but it is not bad at all. It may work well with pants too.

    Hope everything turns out well for you.

  9. I love that color on you! I agree that a black pencil skirt would look great.

  10. Stop the boat... you got those shoes at Payless? Recently? Ooh I hope so, they are AMAZING!


  11. That cardi needs to be worn more! I agree with the pencil skirt idea! I LOVE pencil skirts! Those shoes are awesome!!!

  12. Oooh I really like the sweater (it's coming up blue on my screen). I think it looks good with that skirt, but I agree with eek too that it would look cute with a pencil skirt.

    I think we-bloggers all had a pretty off start to the week.

  13. Love the belt

  14. Hi love!

    I'm away all week again and after a full day of conference on National Security... My head aches!

    But - I want to say hi and I want to let you know you look great, colour always suits you! I'm all business so boring black is my uniform!

    Parcel should come today or tomorrow!!


  15. Oh I think you look lovely! A tighter skirt may help create the look you're going for, but really, I think you look great!

  16. Hey there Sweets:) I think you look great in this..I actually like the longer cardigan with the length of the skirt...and the long necklace draws your attention to the middle of your body....not the length:) I know what you mean...Its happened a few times to me too...it looks fabulous on the hanger and once you out the outfit on....you start mumbling to yourself "what was I thinking"? lol...you are right, tomorrow is another day.....but I think "today" you look gorgeous!

    Statements in Fashion

  17. it's all about taking risks, and you did! awesome!

  18. What about tucking in the cardigan (possibly wrapped or buttoned) and then belting at the waist of the skirt? And we've all had those days! Hope your girl gives you lots of cuddles tonight, and tomorrow is better!

  19. You guys are great! Hm, okay pencil skirt next time, maybe trying it with pants instead and Cara, tying it - genius! It's definitely long enough for that.

    Amy, I bought these shoes (actually, my mom bought them for me for my birthday) back in April, so I'm not sure they'll still have them. I hope you can find some!

    Megan, we did have a pretty off start to the week. Hopefully that means we'll end with a bang! :)

    Marilou, it hasn't come yet, hopefully tomorrow - I can't wait!!!

    I wonder why the cardigan is showing up blue instead of the green/teal it really is. That's just weird. Oh well.

  20. I'm always hesitant to sport the belt-over-sweater look, but you make it look fabulous!!


  21. Love your blog , lets become fashionable blogger friends , lets follow each other.

    Maybe you'll be interested in the FENDI GIVEAWAY I'm having on my blog.

  22. Good idea with the pencil skirt.
    So we all have days when we aren't sure but at least you still made the effort in your outfit and got out of bed!! hehe.


  23. I think you're right, and shorter cardy would look better with this skirt, or perhaps if the skirt was a different colour? Either way it still looks nice :)


  24. Thanks ladies!

    Joy you should try the belted cardi!

    Jacinta I was out of bed, but not happy about it. I like sleep way too much.

    jamie-lee, a shorter cardi could also be much better! I need to try all sorts of things. :)


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