Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daily MelWear: Not A Dress

As much as I wanted to wear a suit for the board meeting last night, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I absolutely adore Florida and all of its warm weather glory, but I do wish it wasn't quite as hot, so I could wear some of my suits. 

Contrary to how this appears, I'm not wearing a dress. It's an a-line skirt, my turquoise/teal blouse, and a black jacket. The orange belt made me feel a little Halloween-ish, but I figured the blouse threw it off enough. The leopard heels kick it up a notch, too.

I've worn the teal/orange combo before and almost wanted to do a yellow belt today instead, but I really do like it with the orange. It just makes me happy.

What are some of your favorite unexpected color combinations? 

Today's outfit:
Black Skirt: Kohl's
Teal Blouse: Charlotte Russe
Black Jacket: Can't remember, probably Ross
Orange Belt: Target
Leopard Heels: Payless


  1. Your splashes of color definitely make this outfit even better! I hear ya on dressing for the weather...I was 111 here yesterday!

  2. You look wonderful!

    Are you styling your bangs differently? I like them!!

    Happy Wednesday to you!

  3. The leopard heels are a great addition to this outfit! Orange and teal is one of my favorite color combos, so it's win for me :)

  4. So cute! I absolutely love your heels. I just wore green and salmon together and really loved the combination, though it is unusual.

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  5. I love the way that skirt just falls on you! Your shoes are cute as usual!

  6. This is so cool how you made it look like a dress, but it's not. The teal and orange paired with the leopard heels is genious!

    My favorite color combos are turquoise and red and teal and hot pink!

  7. Oh, it's not Halloween-ish at all! You are so good with adding color to your outfits. I like red and teal together, although I don't wear it all that often.

  8. Red and turquoise, orange and teal, coral and navy, pink and black. . . I love me some color combinations. :)

    I love your shoes! (Speaking of shoes, I bought myself of black pumps that actually fit) They're so cute.


  9. You don't even come close to looking Halloween-ish. Don't worry about it. You look really good and I love the orange belt. I haven't thrown a belt on in a while, but I have been super casual lately. For example, today....long jean shorts and white sandals...I haven't even blogged it because I have not even put my makeup on and my hair is in a bun...I am just not feeling it today. I should blog it...and just not show my face!!! Wouldn't that be funny.

  10. Great pairing. I don't get Halloween of it at all. The top has too much blue to invoke that kind of feeling. Love the leopard pumps with this!

  11. fun mix girl...and NO have to add pops of color to break it up, no?

    So into skinny belts lately..I don't own any..obviously needs to go on my shopping list for fall. Thanks for reminding me:)

  12. I actually think this looks very suit look even if it wasn't two matching pieces. I love light blue green with cobalt!

  13. The benefits of a suit is that it's two pieces - which don't have to be worn together! And really - this isn't that far from a suit! Wait - that sounds like I'm telling you to not wear those pieces together... that is so not what I meant! Sorry... post-nap grogginess!

  14. Ooh, I love this orange belt with the teal - it gives the outfit an unexpected turn!

  15. Very nice accent with the orange belt! I hope it won't be as hot tomorrow in Florida! How many board meetings do you have? It feels like it's almost every day! LOL

  16. I love teal and red, but I don't know if that qualifies as 'unexpected' anymore. Then again, I think you can get away with just about any color combination these days, which is awesome! I also love purple and yellow.

    And I've never really considered turquoise and orange, but it looks great on you :)

  17. Like the pop of orange. You always add interest to your work outfits with touches of color.
    Love it.

  18. I like orange and teal...although I don't wear it much. I also like to pair navy with as many other colors as possible...although I don't do that much, either!

    You look REALLY great! And a little leopard goes a long way! (Have I said that before?)

  19. I feel like I commented on this already but I think that maybe it was all in my head... like many things! The point is that I love what you've done with the orange and teal! They really compliment each other!

  20. cute outfit. but you had me at leopard shoes. i just adore those shoes!!!

  21. I love this color combo and the optical ilustion. :) teal and red/orange is so unexpected but it pops.


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