Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Daily MelWear: Momma Likes Flowers

If there is one thing I wish I had more of (besides time, sleep, energy, chocolate, and wine), it would be flowers. I could probably go out and buy fresh flowers each week but that would get expensive.

So I'll wear them instead. This skirt makes me particularly happy because it's not the typical red, pink and yellow flowers.

My boss is out this week, so us girls are plugging away getting lots of projects done. Whee! I may have a bit more freedom in my next couple of outfits, too. :)

Hey, did you hear that Everybody, Everywear's next theme is YELLOW? It was MADE for me! How will I pick just one outfit?!

What's your favorite color to use, either to pop an all-neutral outfit or to contrast other colors?

Did you all have a fantastic long weekend, with either Friday or Monday off? I hope so, and I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday too!

Today's outfit:
Skirt: Burlington
Shirt: Penney's
Belt: From my mom
Necklace: Gift from ML
Heels: Beall's


  1. amazing outfit! love it! xoxooo

  2. The blue and flowers look amazing. I love just about any bright colour red, pink, yellow, orange, green, blue...

  3. I love the sleeves on your blouse! I just started wearing flowers on my clothes. I used to think it looked goody , but now the right pattern really excites me. Try to get yourself flowers from wal-mart every now and then, and buy a $1 vase. Cut the flowers down, fill the vase with water, and put them in. Voila!


  4. I wish I could buy fresh flowers every week too...I love them! You are looking super adorable :)

  5. That shade of blue looks gorgeous on you! (Ha! I rhymed!)

    Yellow, bright pink and turquoise are my favorite summery colors! Yay!!

  6. I really really like your big chunky necklace - I couldn't find anything to go with my outfit today so I am necklace-less. And I feel a BIT naked. I will get over it, though, I am sure.

    You look great today. That skirt is awesome!


  7. Very cute Skirt. I had Sunday off and it was spent doing stuff around the house.

    I'm also try to brainstorm one outfit for Everybody wear yellow.

    Have a good day.


  8. such a great floral print. That shade of blue looks great on you!

  9. I planted my very first "cutting garden" this year and am excited to it to start blooming. (We're getting a late summer here this year). You always look amazing in blue!


  10. Blue! Love it! So so pretty. And that skirt is a great shape too!

  11. Gaaaw-jus, dahling. You look simply gaaaw-jus!

  12. Melissa I LOVE this skirt! I can't wait to see you in yellow, it's going to look so great on you! I am always thrilled to read your posts ;)


  13. Fab skirt. You could always buy a potted plant of flowers. Get one that's particularly hearty and you will have flowers all summer.

    I love orange, yellow, red, blue! I just love color. I'll probably miss out on EBEW this time because of the Fashion Challenge happening at the same time. Oh well! ALSO DEATHLY HALLOWS! Eee!

  14. The BF bought some flowers from the supermarket last week and now he wants to start buying a fresh bouquet every week. Which in theory is awesome, but think of the money! Plus this week he tried to put together his own bouquet - well, let's just call it a DUDE-quet!

  15. I love the colours and patterns of this outfit- great floral detailing! I am such a fan of fresh flowers but so is my cat, resulting in chewed up mangy looking flowers :(

  16. You are adorable! I like the necklace with the skirt. It ties everything together and looks so polished. The over exaggerated sleeves look great too. Now I want one!!!

    Get Up & Go

  17. What an amazing outfit! Those colors look fantastic on you.

    Red or blue would probably be my favorite pop colors. But yellow is pretty awesome too!

    And I wish I could buy fresh flowers all the time too. Imagine how wonderful your house would smell! ahhh!

  18. Blue looks great on you. I am going to have a hard time with the yellow challenge, since I think I only have one yellow item of clothing.

  19. Hi Mel.
    I really love today's outfit. I love that jewel tone of blue. (even painted my living room wall...ooopss..sorry TMI). I love the A-line shape of the skirt. As you can probably tell, I LOVE prints and that skirt looks like it belongs in my closet.

  20. Ha...I totally thought of you when I saw the EBEW post :)

    I am such a fan of live flowers, too, but I hate spending money on them, when I know they're going to die in a week. And even real plants don't last long in my house, so I'm out of luck, entirely :)

    Love the skirt!!

  21. you looks fabulous today my dear! Yellow - awesome - I'm in! OK, your Twitter made me go back and re-buy the Target dress! It was only $6.24 after all! I will wear it to work tomorrow so perhaps I will snap a mirror pic - I know how much you like those - haha

  22. love the blue and that necklace is gorgeous! you look great, Melissa! i wish i had fresh flowers around the house too. they just make me smile. and yay for yellow!!!


  23. That top is absolutely gorgeous!!

  24. What gorgeous colors in your skirt. You know I love a good floral print. And thanks for letting me know about EBEW's yellow challenge. I love me some yellow, but totally would have missed it!


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