Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daily MelWear: What's Black and White and Pink and Purple and Teal?

I know that post titles are supposed to be catchy and enticing, but sometimes, I got nothin'. Except colors. And clothes. I'm wearing some, so that's good.

There has been some interesting talk in the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday group this week about becoming a professional blogger and advertising and creating marketing packets and everything that goes with it. These discussions have made me wonder how you, my readers and friends, feel about those things.

If you are a blogger, is it your goal to become a professional blogger, or would you take it if it turned into that naturally, or would you prefer to keep it as a hobby?

Do you have a marketing packet and if so, how did you put it together (secret - I don't have one, I've gotten lots of advice on creating one, yet I'm still a little unsure how to go about doing it and gathering all of the information I'd need)?

As a reader, how do you feel about ads and/or links being placed on blog if you know that they provide some source of sustainability to the blogger? Do they bother you, do you not notice them either way, do you find they're typically for products or services you'd be interested in so you like to see them?

That little pink flower is part of the blazer's button! CUTE!

I think those are all my questions. I really want to know what you think, so let me know - and have a FABULOUS Thursday while you're at it!

Today's outfit:
Black Dress: Plato's Closet
Floral Black/White Blazer: Stein Mart
Teal Belt: Target
Lilac Wedges: Payless


  1. Cute top....cute shoes....and all your questions are currently swimming through my head...I hope to be able to discuss them soon...but must get past the wedding...look forward to reading what your followers have to say!!

  2. I love the jacket! You have some of the cutest jackets! Although, I am interested to see what the dress looks like. I don't mind ads and links...they're kind of part of our culture, and the internet is the biggest source of business. I'd love to be a professional writer in general, and if I get there through blogging, then that's awesome! I have a very "marketesque" (made up word, I crack myself up) so putting together a marketing packet would come easy to me if I ever got to that point. Sounds like you have some good stuff cooking over there, Melissa!

  3. Melissa I love this outfit, you should put it up for Kileen's color brigade. All your questions have long winded answers :P So I'll just say that I think most people who blog do it b/c it's fun and they love it. And I think everyone out there would LOVE to make a living off of something they love to do. I mean generally that's a common goal for everyone right? Do I think it's realistic? Not for everyone. If it were then everyone would be full time bloggers.

    How do I feel about ads? I don't mind ads on the side bars or bottoms or wherever on people's posts. It's up to me to click or not right? And I don't mind sponsored posts or reviews as long as the blogger is honest that they are receiving some kind of compensation for their review whether it be money or products. I do mind however if EVERY post from that blogger is a sponsored post. I would just watch TV commercial for that.

  4. Personally for me, I like just seeing bloggers do it as a hobby. If you can make money, fine. But, I like to see the "real" people and learn about them-not what they are trying to advertise. That's what makes it fun. When kids or pets bomb the photo shoots or outtakes of funny things happening in your life. Those are the types of blogs I am drawn to. With that being said, I have found some neat links to websites for products that I have found useful on bloggers websites.

    Now for your outfit, pulled together and adorable. I have that same teal belt!

  5. Cute outfit. I blogger for a hobby. If I ever do go big I would love it but for now it a fun thing to do. I don't mind ad's on blogs.

  6. Cute the shoes!!!
    I blog as a hobby. I wouldn't knock anyone that does it professionally though. I do find myself reading less of the blogs that are all about advertisement and selling something than I do ones with someone telling about their day and what they wore or a funny story, ect.

  7. I'm with Elaine A. I'm fine with sidebar ads and reading reviews on certain products (as long as they seem authentic) but when every post is shilling a product - ugh. But if someone decided to pay me to blog or give me free stuff? Uh, yeah. I have no problem turning a hobby into a paid position.

  8. Ahhh can I have that adorable blazer and those FANTASTIC wedges!?! There are few things I love more than wedges and this pair has to be one of the cutest I've seen! Purple! Flower embellishment! Perfection! Your shoe collection always leaves me a hint of green with envy :)

    As for blogging professionally.. I feel like I have mixed feelings about it! A part of me thinks it would be an absolute dream come true for any fashionista to be able to do what she loves for a living. And another part of me really loves the authenticity and sincerity of blogging as a hobby both as a reader and a blogger. But at the end of the day I know my blog roll is filled with both kinds of bloggers, those that do it out of a hobby and those that do it professionally, and I follow them both faithfully because I just love being inspired by all kinds of different people! So I guess if an opportunity arose for any blogger, including myself, to take their hobby to a profession that it would be too good to pass up and I hope most people would continue to follow as they blog about what they love! And nope ads don't bother me at all, but I also don't really pay much attention to them :)

  9. Loving those wedges! You are looking great in that summery blazer and skirt.
    Sometimes I think professional bloggers loose touch with us who blog as a hobby. But,I don't mind ads on a person's blog.

  10. I like the bright pink brooch with the black and white.

    I don't think that blogging professionally is a realistic goal for me. It is a fun hobby, but I'll ever make money from it. That's just me though.

  11. I don't mind going on blogs that have ads, so long as the ads are not obnoxiously in the way of the post.

    For me, blogging is just for fun. Most of my friends IRL have no idea I even have a blog! It's my little piece of escapism, to share my satorial choices with other bloggers who can appreciate it!

  12. I don't have a marketing packet or any of that. I haven't looked at FBFF group for a few days. Now I feel like I missed out. I still have the emails as unread. I need to look.

  13. While I would LOVE to do this a job (especially while I work towards my Master's degree), I know it won't happen. I've been blogging for a year a half now and just reached 40 readers! *sigh* I never was a popular one!

    With that said, as much as I'd love to do this as a job, I get tired of reading the blogs that feature different things by different companies every day. Mostly because (for the most part) those bloggers don't come back and reciprocate the love that I share on their blog-- does that make sense?

    I love your black and white and teal and pink! You're so much more daring than me... I would have just worn it with yellow! :) Happy Thursday that feels like Friday to you!

  14. You know....I don't mind ads that much. If they are unobtrusive. I don't like them between every post. And I don't particularly care for big flashy ads. But ads in big deal to me.

    I would, of course, love to blog professionally. But I am not STRIVING for that. I have three different blogs. And right style blog gets more attention and comments than my other two!! And I am okay with that. for the outfit. I like all the little pops of color that you have with your black and white.

  15. I'm ok with ads. I've learned to ignore them. The occasional sponsored posts all right too. But to be honest, any blog that I've read that brings in any significant amount of money always seems to lack both credibility and genuineness. I don't trust the product reviews (do they really love the product, or is it great because it was cheap/free?), and without fail the personal details tend to come second if at all to the big money making content.

  16. You're such a cutiepatootie! Seriously, you always look so happy and glowing.

    Ads and sponsorships, I've resisted them for awhile, but I would like to add a couple when I revamp my blog. I don't think it's bad provided the blogger discloses somewhere on their blog that they are or possibly could receive compensation for it. That's just polite.

    I would only ever work with companies that I know have been good to me and will be good to my readers.

    I've found myself needing a business card lately. I get into conversations all the time about my blog and want a way to get my name out there.

    I'm sort of on the fence about where I want my blog to go. I want to keep it professional, but I also want to keep it personal. I'm letting it go naturally where it goes for the moment.

  17. LOVE it! Way to spice up some basics :)

  18. Sure, if I could spend my days putting together outfits and getting paid to do it, that's be awesome. BUT that's never going to happen and I'm not counting on it either.

    I'm all for a blogger to promote themselves and take ads/reviews/etc. as long as long as I still feel like I can see and "hear" the voice of the blogger. It just isn't fun anymore when it becomes one big glossy blog-zine.

  19. That blazer is so great...adds a nice pop to a basic black dress!

  20. I have no delusions about becoming a big blogger that would need marketing packets or anything of the sort. Blogging for me is a fun, creative outlet in a life otherwise dominated by work and school. I'm putting myself out there to meet some people and maybe make some friends along the way while being inspired by amazingly fashionable ladies.

    As for blogs that are monetized in some way, I understand why they go there and it depends on the taste level, I think. If a blogger is gonna be sponsored or promote products, they had better believe in the product and only promote things the audience wants, or else I'm going to stop coming around, you know?

    Ultimately, I think it all depends on whether you can confidently back what you choose to put up, or if it falls into your lap without you necessarily believing in it. If you can convince me as a reader that it is a logical and good step, I'll take the journey with you.

  21. I love this outfit! You look so classy. I love the pops of color in the belt and shoes.

    Interesting questions! And to be honest, I'm not sure. I was blogging years before I started my current blog, and I write and edit an online publication for a living. So maybe I already do make money blogging, just not with The New Professional? I dunno. I certainly don't have any plans to do so, but if things started heading that way, I might just follow along to see what happens.

    I honestly don't notice ads that much on blogs. They're everywhere on the Internet, and it doesn't bother me at all.

  22. Love your printed blazer!

    I think ads and sponsorship is fine for hobby and professional bloggers. It's always good to have another stream of income and awesome if you can make money by doing something you enjoy. As long as the brands you work with fit with the tone of your blog and aren't too overwhelming, they are fine!

  23. I love those shoes...I absolutely adore wedges, and that color is just gorgeous!

    I blog because I love to write, and while I've always thought it would be amazing to write for a living, I kind of like my day job I have now, too. And while I don't have a marketing packet (or even any idea of what I would have to do to develop one), I also don't think I have to time to put into developing my blog to the point where I would need one. Between work and family, I have maybe an hour or two in the evenings to write a couple of posts and check in on what my favorite bloggers have posted for the day. I'd love to build a bigger readership for either of my blogs, but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards for me right now...


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