Thursday, June 9, 2011

Daily MelWear: Watermelon!

Hey, look what I can do! I added pages to the top of my blog! It's the little things, people. I'm easily amused.

So I missed Megan and Kiki's Fruits Week last week, but decided I really liked the idea of watermelon so much that I would wear it today! I'm not entirely sure this counts for watermelon, but I'm saying it does and this is my blog, so I guess that's okay. Right?

Moving on...

Have you ever walked into a spiderweb? I'm pretty positive everyone has at some point. I can't claim to know, but I would assume that it's similar to what it would feel like to be sneezed on by a spider.


Pardon me while I go peel the ick off of my shirt now...

Today's outfit:
Skirt: Salvation Army
Shirt: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Salvation Army
Sandals: Payless


  1. LOVE those shoes! Payless??? I'm there! My son told me the average person eats 8 spiders a year- they crawl in your mouth why you are sleeping. I'm pretty sure I could have done without that bit of info!

  2. Super cute! Glad you joined in on the fruity theme. Your sandals are adorable.

    Yep, I walked into a spider web today as a matter of fact. Gross!

  3. I've walked into a spiderweb before. It sucks! Your outfit is awesome though, and I like the bright turquoise.

  4. I have work in to a spider wed a few time. Cute outfit. I also like how you add the pages to your blog.

  5. That color is gorgeous on you! Love the shoes! And when you said "Hey, look what I can do!" it reminded me of Stewart from MadTV! haha!

  6. Cute and I love your sassy poses!

  7. i love watermelon looks! and this might be one of my fave shirts that you wear. i hate walking through spiderwebs. i get so grossed out and they are so sticky and don't come off. i'll be flingy my arms around trying to get it off. i do it all the time. yuck!

  8. I love your watermelon mix! That blouse is a fantastic color.

    and you only got the spiderweb on your shirt? Lucky you. My moms (dirt floor) basement is a spider haven, I've gotten a face-full before. Talk about anxiety for an arachnaphobic. I didn't go downstairs again for a week.

  9. Nice blog tabs!
    I can see the watermelon colors with the green shirt and pinkish belt. Very cool.

    Yuck that had to be awful waking into a spider web.

  10. I think it totally works for watermelon! I love that skirt. Watch out for spiders. yuck!

  11. Love this outfit. Black and white with a bright is one of my favourite colour combinations!

  12. I always love black and white with a bright color on look awesome!

  13. I love that you put the teal and red combination together with the black and white. I love it!

    Ask the Duplex

  14. Are those payless sandals recent? Because I REALLY REALLY like them!

    You are too cute, Melissa! :)

  15. I agree with Peggy- I'm there- love those wedges and the colour of that shirt is perfect on you! You know what- I think I'm the only girl (well person actually) who actually likes spiders-I've never killed one and I always save them from harms way...does that make me weird? Probably!

  16. Those shoes are great!!! The spider thing is just gross!

  17. Cute! So happy you could get some inspirations from our fashion challenge!

  18. I love the belt, Melissa! I'm so happy to see you wear such bright clothing to the workplace. I bet you brighten up everyone's day. :)

    I have walked into a spiderweb.. it scared me for the rest of the day. I had to take a shower as soon as I got home. eep. >.<

    <3 Irene

  19. I want that skirt! I do have a B&W print skirt but that one is BETTER. (I am being a brat about a skirt, huh.)

  20. hey i just found you blog and I love it. You're a 'real' and funny woman and I'm a mom of 5 who tries to be super glam as much as I can but struggle with my own stuff too!
    Nice to meet ya!
    hope you stop by i'm having a cute summer giveaway now too!

  21. If you say you're a watermelon, you are most definitely a watermelon...that's the beauty of blogging :)

    I love these colors look gorgeous!

  22. I like those sandals. I can't believe they are from payless. Good find!


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