Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Daily MelWear: Board Meeting Momma

I always get thrown off a little when we have an extra week in between board meetings. I expect them to be every other Tuesday but they're actually the 2nd and 4th, so when there's a 5th Tuesday in a month, I just get all confused.

At any rate, today IS a board meeting day! Which to me means a skirt suit or at the very least, a blazer.

I have to be honest: as much as I love the silhouette and aesthetic of a pencil skirt (especially for business), I find A-line skirts to be much more comfortable. I think I need to start looking for more of those.

And now let me pat myself on the back a little bit. Back in April, I wrote a post about my story, my struggle with weight and how I got it off. I do feel like I've lost my grip on my eating habits since hitting my goal weight (although I'm pretty good about sticking to my workout routine). While I don't weigh myself anymore because I don't care how much I weigh (I'd rather gain weight in muscle than lose weight and lack definition), I do care about what I'm fueling my body with and how my clothes fit. Lately they're a bit snug.

Yesterday is the first day in a long time that I stuck to my menu and drank my water and didn't feel guilty about anything I ate. Yay! Go me! I know it's important to allow yourself treats and splurges, but I don't think that should be allowed every single day, which is what I've been doing lately.

It's difficult as a vegetarian, who doesn't eat eggs or fish, and also doesn't like tofu or tempeh, to eat well and not overload on carbs. I'm doing my best though, and I'm proud of myself for yesterday! Hopefully I can keep it up!

Do any of you struggle with eating well, avoiding sweets and coming up with yummy and healthy menus? What tips and tricks do you use?

Today's outfit:
Gray Skirt Suit: Ross
Pink Shirt: Dots
Yellow Belt: Target
Heels: DSW


  1. Wow - no eggs either? I have a adopted a veggie diet since India but I still eat eggs and drink cow's milk (when I am not at home, at which I drink almond milk). Fortunately I love tofu. I guess you just need to make sure you eat lots of fruits and veggies rather than breads, which is definitely hard for me too ;)

  2. I'm glad you linked back to your story! You've done an amazing job and you look beautiful!

    However, I know how crappy we feel when we overindulge. I have the hardest time with sweets! If it has sugar or chocolate, it is my vice. =/ But similar to you, I gained 45 pounds with my Little Miss and have to get rid of the rest of this weight ASAP!

    I'm making a little pact with you. =) I'll stick with my healthy eating plan (which is watching my portion sizes and avoiding sweets/junk food for snacks) and my workout routine and you stick with yours and we'll get 'er done! As they say over here in Milton, Florida. lol

  3. those heels are killer!
    Im a veggie, but i eat fish and dairy products. i dont think i could do without that.


  4. Love your board meeting look. Very appropriate.

  5. I had no idea you were a veggie lover. I could see that putting some kinks in your menus. I am sure there are lots of ways to get what you need from veggies though. I only have a really hard time with "treats" when I am out with family or when people bring me food. This weekend my aunt and uncle had a party for my cousins' s birthday so there was cake and my Dad brought me doughnuts which I never eat but love so there was overindulgence. Bringing lunch is helping me quite a bit though.

  6. Super cute and professional for your board meeting. I really like pink and grey together.

    Unfortunately, I am a junk food junkie. Donuts and cake are my weakness! When I eat healthy, I do feel better. Lots of fruits and a salad with grilled chicken are my favorites.

  7. Amazing story! I have battled with my weight most of my life. Just in the last 8 months (thru regular exercise) have I finally got a grip on it and for the first time in a long time am comfortable with where I am. The difference with me is that I REFUSE to "diet" any more..I've done it for way too much of my life. If I want to eat something..I eat it. I just make sure that I make up for it with cardio. I am not at my goal weight I'm about 3 lbs away), but it's just a number, ya know, so if I never get to it but am happy with what I see in the mirror..that's just as good.
    You look beautiful. :o)

  8. Aww..Thank you for the comment Melissa! I am glad you enjoyed today's post and I love our blouse! www.bravoerunway.com

  9. I'm struggling to curb my insane sugar-eating habit. While it isn't necessarily creating a problem for me at the moment, I recognize that I eat way too much of it and it will be problematic later, so why not take that last step toward being healthier now? It's way easier said than done, though. Especially working at Starbucks, haha.

    No one believes me, but I used to weigh 195 and I'm around 145 these days. I was fortunate, though, and the standard, run-of-the-mill eat better and exercise plan worked for me. Anyway, all that aside, you manage to wear clothes and shoes that I would never go for but somehow rock 'em, you know that? I would look at those shoes and think "prom" but you rock them corporate style. (: Adorable as always.

  10. FABULOUS shoes!!!!

    I love that you're sharing your personal stories with us :) I'm so amazed at what a great job you're doing with limited options.

  11. Is there a reason you're vegetarian? Like meat makes you sick or you dislike how they treat animals? I'm curious.

    My clothes fit snugly and I don't like it :(

  12. It would be hard for me to eat healthy without meat or eggs. I do buy both meat and eggs from the farmers market, so local and organic, so I feel better about those eating choices. I don't think a lot about weight either, but I do feel bad if I am not exercising and eating well.

  13. I have never heard of Dots before but I want to find their store! this top is to die for! i love the ruffle details. Also, I haven't heard that about f21 wanting to sue a blogger... I understand why bloggers would be upset by that! If anything, i'm sure the blogger was promoting their store!

  14. i think you look fantastic! but i understand your frustration. don't be too hard on yourself. give yourself small goals every day! for example - drinking a specific amount of water or maybe allowing yourself one small snack daily, so that you don't feel deprived and then over indulge a few days down the road.
    just my two cents. :)

  15. I've struggled with weight pretty much my whole life and I have hills and valleys when I am conscious of what I eat and also when I devour everything in the house mindlessly (and wine doesn't help either!). What has helped me is keeping a food journal and writing down everything I put in my mouth. At the end of the day I look over what I ate and gauge if I ate well or went a little crazy. And just knowing that I don't want to write down that I ate 12 cookies will usually stop me from eating those 12 cookies! Just being mindful helps me a lot. I'm keeping a food journal right now, actually, because I feel like my clothes are getting a little tight, and summer's almost here... :)
    Just curious, what kinds of foods do you eat for protein?

  16. I don't think it gets much more professional than this outfit! Lovely!!

    I am probably the unhealthiest eater you've ever met. Or at least I claim to be. I'm a true Texas girl - red meat all the way :P

  17. Hrmph. I've never been big on sweets, but salt can be just as bad. I don't eat red meat or pork, but everything else is fair game.... Try fruits and veggies. I pack lots of them in my lunch and it helps!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  18. I think you look amazing girl, so don't be too hard on yourself. And as a MEGA sweet toothed person... if I am trying to not eat dessert every day, I opt for a cup of apple sauce (unsweetened) with cinnamon, some delicious fruity tea, a rice cake with peanut butter, or a cup of non-fat plain greek yogurt with some honey. Yum!

  19. Oh man, I'm SO bad at eating well. It's just too hard to resist the cookies and chips at work... and eating salads everyday gets boring. I always eat healthy for two days, then think I need to "reward" myself for eating well, and then I'm back to square one.

    I find that when I eat a healthy breakfast, I always end up staying more full and eating a healthier lunch (if I have a choice of eating out), because if I skip breakfast or only eat a handful of nuts, I'll end up starving at lunchtime and head for the greasiest fried foods :(

  20. My guilty pleasure is SALT! OMG I should just buy a salt lick. And lately...since I have been on the steroids for my shoulder it is EVEN worse. I have been trying to drink enough water but I have totally hit the snacks hard. I realized that it was the steroids making me so hungry over the weekend and I have made a concerted effort to improve.

    GOOD FOR YOU for sticking to your menu and not going astray.

    I think this shirt is ADORABLE!! I love the color and the belt with it!! You look great. :)


  21. I am the same way sometimes I allow myself too many treats! I think it's reward for a hard day! You look amazing and those little ruffles on that shirt with the belt are so cute!! Don't be hard on yourself you look great!

  22. I had no idea you were a vegetarian...me too, but I eat eggs. It is so hard to cut carbs then there is nothing left to eat!!
    Love how you added a fun touch to the suit with the ruffles and yellow belt. Glad you are back trying to be healthy, I just try to take each day as it comes.

  23. I love you in a classic suit done the "Melissa way". It's very fun.

    The first step to eating well is to shop well. Go grocery shopping with a strong list of healthy food, but also look at what is in season.

    Then plan to eat at home, bring your lunch or be aware of healthier options at the places you eat out at.

    When you cook your meals - make them visually appealing. Choose many colors of foods. I know you don't cook, but even if you're making a salad or cutting up fresh fruit to snack on - make it pretty.

    To get your veggies in, try pureeing them. A mini-food processor makes this really easy to do. Tossing some extra veggies into any kind of soup, sauce or just on top of plain pasta can help jazz things up.

    Take a day to portion snacks/meals, if it works for you. That way you can visually see the portion and not over do it.

    Last of all, let yourself have healthy treats - everyday. Have a square of dark chocolate with some fresh strawberries (in season right now). Try to find things you'll view as treats to go along with the healthy stuff.

    I'm not so good with the v*gan stuff, but I've managed to cook balanced meals for my v*gan friends and still make them healthy and tasty.


    I swear I could talk about food all day.

  24. This is so pretty....love how you added the yellow pop to spice it up!

  25. I love how you gave your suit a feminine twist with the ruffles.

    Congrat on the healthy eating habit. Me, I suck at avoiding sweets. Especially in the summer with all the ice cream tentation. I just try to limit myself to one a week, and to walk instead driving to get there. I need to restrain myself if I want to get back in my work wardrope once my maternity leave will be over in august !

  26. You look amazing! I love the pink and gray and that pop of yellow is gorgeous! I struggle with all of the things you mention, I have a huge appetite, love sweets and struggle to eat healthy. My trick is to have one very indulgent eating day every week and eat fairly healthy on the other days.

    You should stop by my blog, I have a great giveaway going on!


  27. Melissa, you look great today! So professional and put together, but adding the unexpected with the pop of yellow in the belt!!

  28. Super cute. I'm glad you felt better. Cookie are my weakness and we have them in the house right now.


  29. Such a perfect board meeting outfit...you are getting good at the blazer look :)

    I think I knew you were a vegetarian, but I don't think I knew you didn't eat eggs or tofu. Where are you getting your protein?

  30. So pretty! I love the combo of pink, yellow, and gray. I'm not too great at watching what I eat...I try to manage portions and I only drink water and tea (which helps with cravings, too).

  31. How lovely and professional for board meeting day! We're meeting with the executive director of our umbrella department (as in the department which encompasses our department and a few others, not a department for umbrellas, though that would be sweet), and I was going to throw together a similar outfit. Then I discovered a GIANT bruise just below my knee. Ugh, the joys of anemia!

  32. YES! I am struggling with my own weight loss journey. you are not alone. I am on a strict dr. supervised eating regimen. Sometimes I just want a DONUT!!! I am going to walk everyday at lunch the rest of the week! Thanks for being an inspiration. Cheers! xoxo

  33. This is a great suit. Love the yellow belt which adds an unexpected color to the pink and grey combo.
    Great for you to try to eat right and not obsess about your weight. That is such a healthy outlook.

    I know in an office environment it is sooo much harder to stick to a good diet and avoiding the junk food. I worked in an office for 11 year so know how it is.
    As a SAHM I don't have those struggles. I feed the kids only healthy food so we are never around sweets and I actually eat healthier smaller meals and snack more often. But my biggest struggle is drinking enough water and cutting back on caffaine. Honestly I am not sure if I can cut back. I barely survive as it is on 4 cups or so. I know it is bad but...


  34. Quite frankly, I think you look fabulous. Do you know how many women would kill for an hourglass figure? (I'm raising my hand, right now.)

    And this skirt suit totally works for you. Professional and stylish all wrapped up in pretty pink ruffles. (I love ruffles!)

    You have a great attitude, Melissa, which makes a huge difference. Stay positive. As long as you FEEL good, you're all right!

  35. I love your outfit!! The shoes are adorable.

    I totally know what you mean, I over indulge all the time and then my jeans don't fit!

    I think the key is everything in moderation! Its one thing saying it but another sticking to it haha!

    Girl about Town XxX

  36. I love the ruffly shirt and the belt!!! It makes a suit so much more feminine and cute. I struggle with eating healthy because snack food is my favorite so what I do is force portion control on myself. For example I love the rold gold honey braided pretzels so I buy a bag and immediately split the bag into serving sizes via sandwich baggies to take to work...That way I don't overeat and wind up eating the entire bag in one sitting!

  37. Those heels are so great:D!

  38. Yeah for color. You do it so well. I love the belt. It's a bit unexpected and that is very nice.

  39. Uhg, the battle with the weight. I know where you're coming from. I like to keep the weight off but I also LOVE to eat. It's one of my fav passtimes. To keep myself on track and not get all snacky at work I keep a lil pic of an Oxygen model taped to my comp. Reminds me to keep on track. I also constantly asks my friends and my sis for encouragment when I get off track.
    As for the outfit I love the ruffles. So sweet and fun. And I love the little pop of yellow.

  40. wow, that is harder being vegetarian. You can do green smoothies or other smoothies and add rice protein -they are yummy. I'm back on the wagon like you too. Trying to cut sweets and eat right. Doing pretty good. I want to drop 10 pounds. You look so adorbs today!!!

  41. honestly it's so hard to eat healthy. and i love sweets so i'm always eating those. i try not to have them around.

    do you like lentils? what about beans. i've had some yummy bean salads from Whole Foods that i know are not that hard to make. veggie tacos are always delicious too. oh, or teriyaki eggplant and some brown rice. mmm...


  42. I love the yellow belt with the pink top! I really love mustard yellow as an accent color.

  43. I love pink and grey together!

    I have no hints or tips but it just takes practice to maintain healthy eating habits. I am a sweet tooth so I avoid that aisle when I'm doing my groceries or try and just pick one small thing. OR find something else that is a healthier treat. (i like olives so i might splurge on good ones).
    I know I do fall back into old habits when I've had a tiring / bad day with the girls or am running around and dont sit down to eat a proper meal.
    Well done on getting to the gym, I couldn't do it. Your hard work is paying off! xo

  44. Congrats on the weight loss! I hear keeping it off is a lot harder, because you've already reached your goal. I'm sure you're in a group with many.

    Adorable look! So glad you joined in our fashion friday meme!


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