Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daily MelWear: Black with a POP!

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday!

So, interesting thing here...I'm typing this on Monday night (okay that's more interesting to me as I'm typing, less interesting to you as you're reading). Usually I photograph my outfits before I leave for work and then post them first thing. However...with our work issues lately, I'm not sure I'll be able to continue that. Since my daughter is with her dad on Monday nights, I figured I would have some time to pre-post so I took my pictures of Monday's outfit.

Now, all that being said...I'm not sure how things are going to go here at A Working Mom's Closet. Things have gotten a little tense in some areas and things may need to be scaled back. I don't know if that means my posts will be sporadic, or if it means I may skip posting some weeks, or if it doesn't mean anything and I'll magically be able to do it all. I'm hoping for the latter. Because I like it here. It's like Cheers: everyone knows my name. :) {Tangent: did anyone ever actually watch that show? I feel like it was a little before my time but I've heard it was a great show and I'm kind of sad that I never got into it.} {Tangent Deux: speaking of great shows, I really miss Friends.  Like, a lot.}

The hardest part about writing this at home the night before is that I'm getting distracted by How I Met Your Mother. 

Wow, you'd think all I do is watch TV, huh. Not true, I promise. 

Anyway. So tonight (tomorrow night? I'm so not good at this pre-posting thing) is our board meeting. I'd love to show you what I'm wearing but that might be tomorrow's post. 

Okay, to recap: life is hard, I've hit a rough patch, I'm going to try to keep up here as much as possible (because it's really the only thing keeping me from getting too depressed about other life stuff) and I'm no good at pre-posting. 

My head looks like something out of The Exorcist in this photo. It's kind of freaking me out.
The End.

Have a great day ya'll! Hopefully I'll see ya tomorrow! :) 

Today's (Monday's? AUGH!) outfit:
Dress: Target
Red Bolero: Sears (came with a dress)
Red Belt: Salvation Army
Red/Black Heels: From my mom


  1. So sorry to hear that things are a bit rough. You definitely don't look like it in your photos. Sometimes the best thing to do is keep smiling, right?

    Your faithful blog readers will still be here whether you post everyday or once a year. Take care of yourself first and the rest will follow. Sending virtual hugs to you!

  2. I am so sorry to hear that things are rough...but you look fabulous!! I love that bolero! Good luck with everything and I am always here if you need a little online virtual shopping date pick me up :)

  3. Sorry that things are rough right now...but you will totally get through it! I love your red bolero, it looks fab with the dress! Try not to get overwhelmed with things :)

  4. Oh no! I hope everything at work is okay! Don't worry about your posting! Your readers will be here regardless of when you post. :)

    PS- You look GREAT today (I mean, last night ;) ) Love the red jacket!

  5. Sorry to hear things are rough for you. Hopefully things will come out good for you in the end! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade :) Hang in there!

    Either way you look fabulous! Love the red jacket. Super cute!

  6. Sorry to hear that things aren't going so swimmingly. As someone who has gone through lots of rough spots, just remember, it won't last FOREVER, no matter how bad it seems. Stay strong, mama!
    Oh, and I did watch Cheers and loved it!

  7. You look absolutely adorable - even in the midst of a rough patch. Keep your head held high and looking fabulous!

  8. I watched cheers on reruns. I only watched a half dozen or so episodes of Friends though.

  9. Great basic black dress with the pop of color! I stink at pre-posting too. Sorry to hear about your rough patch! You can make it through girl, I know you are tough! And I will be praying for you!

  10. i'm sorry to hear you are having a rough spot. on a positive note, you look gorgeous! i go back and forth with blogging...some days i LOVE it and some days i think it takes up way too much of my time. it's funny that you mention cheers. that theme song has ALWAYS depressed me. even to this day, the second it comes on, i change the channel! i hope things get better for you soon!!!

    ~xo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  11. 1. Mel, I'm praying for you! Please don't claim depression. Just try to focus on the positives about your situation.

    2. I love that your mom gets you the cutest shoes!

    3. I wish I had the diligence at least to prepare posts in advance.


  12. Awww sorry to hear you're going through something tough right now. You know how to reach me if you need to chat!

    You look fabulous as always Mel - those shoes are one of my favorites!

    Don't let the blog become a chore, it should be fun and your outlet. Even if you post less frequently your loyal followers including me will still be around :)

  13. I think "Friends" was the "Cheers" of our time. You hung around during my blogging woes, so I'll be around for you too. Love the red with black dress
    No Guilt Fashion

  14. I look forward to seeing your smiling face everyday and your positive attitude! We're here to support you and will read the posts you can write, when you can write them! It'll get better and we're here for you!

  15. That shrug hits you in just the right spot. Keep your chin up!

  16. sorry about the rough spot. Hopefully it will all level its self out soon so you can keep your sanity.

    And to your possibly rhetorical question. I did watch Cheers. Religiiously. I am your age too. The last episode was the last night in my childhood home before we packed up and moved to Florida. We all sat on the floor and watched.

  17. Yay for Andrew Gellar shoes- my grey ones are just the comfiest! I think that's amazing you do most of your posts before work- I am not a morning person so all mine are in the evening! I agree with eek- whether you post once a week, once a month, or everyday we will support you and keep coming back <3

  18. This too shall pass my friend. Keep your chin up! I'll keep ypu in my prayers. And don't stress about your blog! It's a fun place, not a stress place, so do what you can and don't push yourself beyond that. We will be here when you get back.

  19. Life is hard. You are right. But I hope that even in the darkest times you can still see that things will get better. Sometimes things have to fall away so that better things can begin. Very tricky to remember that or see the good things when everything is dismal. Don't let the blog add to your stress. We'll all be here whenever you are. I'm awful in the morning so I post at least 1 day behind and take my pictures when I get home from work and write the post in the evening. Works (usually) for me.
    Love the little red bolero! such a great shape!
    Be Brave Miss Melissa. Good things are coming to you!

  20. Sorry to hear thinks aren't good right now but know you. I know you can bounce back from it. You always do. Prayer for ya.


  21. Well...you look beautiful and with that amazing smile, you would never know things are hard in life right now.I know you will pull through..you are such a genuine and sweet person....and if it means neglecting your blog for a bit than so be it...take care of YOU...and we will all be here..waiting for your sporadic posts...no worries at all.

  22. I hope things get better soon. Love how you dressed up the basic black dress with the fun red jacket and shoes!
    Keep smiling...

  23. Keep your chin up, dear. Love your shoes... and I miss Friends, too!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

  24. Sorry to hear that you are going through some rough times - I hope things look up soon. You look wonderful and take some time for yourself...:)

  25. The fit of this dress is so great! Very flattering and professional! I still love the shoes!

  26. Hi Melissa. I am sorry to hear that things are a little rough right now, but I'm sure there will be a rainbow after the storm. You look beautiful as always. :)

  27. POP it, girl! Love the black and red combo...especially the design of the dress. You take care of what needs to be done, we'll "keep the lights on". (Do you know that commercial...I think it's for Days Inn or something?)

  28. Pre-posting takes some work and practice. I really alternate verb tenses, either pretending I'm currently wearing the outfit or being straight up: "I wore this. I did that. Deal with it". I did find it much easier last summer to get a week's worth of pics, and then have a marathon session of blogging, and having them scheduled to post each day the next week. I always blog with the TV on, so it's something you'll get used to!
    Hope things look up soon!

  29. hang in there. :)

    These photos still look fabulous and doesn't give out any indication that things aren't quite as smooth as they should be. Keep smiling!

  30. You look gorgeous. I am sorry about life's bumps. I know you read my post today - I wish you enough. Just remember... whatever you are going through - it will bring you enough in the long run. Big Hugs and a bunch of love your way! xoxo

  31. I get distracted from posting by any Bravo reality marathon, so I completely understand. Hope you're doing OK!
    (I love the dress, it looks completely great on you!)

  32. Hang in there and know that your readers will still be here for you!!!

    I've cut back on my posting the last few months, trying to come up with a better work/life/blog balance. It's trickly sometimes, but I definitely enjoy blogging more now that I don't feel the pressure to blog everyday.

  33. At least you can blame your distraction on HIMYM....my distraction was the Bachelorette. Way worse :)

    I'm so sorry things are rough right now...you do whatever you need to do for yourself, and we'll all still be here whenever you have time to post.

  34. okay, i'm bummed. sorry to hear things have been rough for you! i really appreciate your posts...you always make me smile. whether it's that cute pose you do or the funny stuff you say (yeah, i feel like i watched cheers but i didn't, friends is definitely more my time frame too!). but i love this red bolero and i hope things get settled for you. have a happy day!


  35. Melissa, sorry to hear things aren't going so great. Your posts are always so happy and cheerful, I never would've guessed. Don't feel back if you need to scale down for awhile, I have and it's really what I needed right now. We'll be here, regardless. :)

  36. Awww sorry you're going through a rough time! You'll pull through and we'll all still be here!

    On a happier note, you look fabulous! And I love the red jacket! =)

  37. I hope things turn around for the better asap! I know you can make it though, because You're awesome! Take care of yourself and we will all be here for you, cheering you on.

    ps I used to watch Cheers, as reruns. Its a little before my time too, but it was pretty funny.
    and I loooooved Friends. I'm a total Monica. :)

  38. Hugs Melissa... I hope things improve for you- I will miss you if you don't post as much- but I know it's hard when you have a lot going on in life! If you ever need to chat, you know where to find me!

  39. I love the red/maroon-y color in this outfit. I still am in love with those shoes and am still looking for a perfect wine-colored shoe.

    I hate that you're going through some things. I've noticed your absence and it is pooey. But it happens sometimes to all of us and I guarantee you will pull through. :)

    Luv ya, chica!

  40. I've been trying to do some pre-posting a bit, too. And I do the same thing! Today, er... tomorrow... I mean last night? UGH. But I just don't have the time during the day (or even evenings). My readers are getting mad and bored, I think. :(

    YOU look amazing.
    And I'm here for you if you need to talk, friend.


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