Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daily MelWear: Turquoise and Red

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Thanks for the encouragement yesterday regarding the neckline of the dress.  I think I'm going to visit Target or Wal-Mart soon to buy some camis in every single color available!

When I decided on this top for today, I thought it came up higher until I pulled it out of my closet. I saw that it had a v-neck so I decided to add some color with a tank underneath and then went with red for my accessories too. Simple but very much a "me" kind of outfit!

Today's high is 82 but I think tomorrow will be in the 60's. I'll get to wear a scarf! I already have an outfit in mind. Yay!

Have a great day, everyone!

Today's outfit:
Top: Kohl's
Red Tank: Plato's Closet
Black Pants: Charlotte Russe
Red Belt: Salvation Army
Red Heels: My mom!


  1. Great way to improvise with the tank hunnie...and Id do the same thing...just layer underneath..did she say anything about yesterdays outfit?


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  2. I LOVE this outfit!!! I really like the subtle but sassy pops of color with the turquoise and the red together.

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  3. I love the cami idea! You look beautiful and sooooo swear you have been shrinking away lately! Beautiful as always! Keep us updated about how your job is working out!

  4. I often worry about necklines. Especially working at a school. I get almost all of my camis from Maurices. They have a couple styles, but the one with lace straight across is the BEST!

  5. Go to Forever 21 Cami are 2.50 and they come in tons of colors. I love cami I wear them all the time. I digging your outfit today. I so Hope we get that 60 degree weather tomorrow.


  6. You can always order online from Maurices. They are so wroth it.

  7. Holy crap 80+ degrees. That's hot!!!
    Kohl's has some awesome camis from Elle. They have lace on the neckline and bottom. They are about $9 but I have gotten them for cheaper when they are on sale. they are the best and they come in all kinds of great colors. I have about 5 :)

  8. love that fun skirt under the sweater vest...btw, I did not think yesterdays dress was to risque...what did the boss think?

  9. I too was gonna suggest F21 for cheap camis. But the ones that have lasted have either come from Walmart or Target.

    I love how the cami adds a great pop of color. Don't think of camis as a "have-to" but as a great addition to the dimension of an outfit.

    You look fabulous, darling~!

  10. I love this outfit!! The print on the top is great! Super cute! And a cami in every color is always a great idea! If you live near a Maurices they usually have an awesome selection of cami's in colors and patterns too, and all the ones we've bought from there seem to hold up pretty well! :)

  11. Oh, I just saw Keely's comments! Basically, I totally agree about Maurices! :)

  12. So cute! I love the layering! The red belt really ties it all together, too! And WOW, that's a huge temperature change! Are you ready to bundle up??

  13. you can also try old navy for tanks - they have great colors.
    and i love how excited you are to wear a scarf - i've been rockin' my scarf for two weeks!

  14. The cami was a great idea under the blouse. I really like the colors in your outfit! So pretty.

    Wow, can't believe those warm temps. It's winter sweater weather north of the border. :)

  15. Camis are a must-have for the office outfit! I created my "stash" when I was teaching high school - definitely can't have low necklines or little gaps in between buttons when teaching pubescent boys! I'm so used to layering them that I often throw one on when I don't need it (and then get mad you can't see the fun colour combinations!!|

  16. I love those pops of color. Very you, and very cute.

  17. Very cute layering! I have a simply black sleeveless sweater that I have been unsure how to style. Wearing a pretty floral blouse underneath might be just the thing to make it more me. I love the look -- and the red accents are just the right ticket!

  18. Oh my. i love this outfit too. perhaps I need to quit reading your blog in reverse order and quit saving it up for the weekend because now you get a bunch of posts from me right in a row (and stop reading it in reverse order. i didn't realize my reader was backwards until you referred to things in your post that I didn't know about and you had posted about days earlier. I'm catching up though.)


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