Monday, November 1, 2010

Daily MelWear: BBCA Da- No wait, we did it!

It took actual effort for me to not wear something pink today. It felt unnatural, almost.

For those of you that follow me on
Twitter, you may have seen my tweet already this morning. I went to work a little bit later because The Princess was up late last night trick-or-treating and I didn't want her to have to wake up super early today, plus I didn't want my mother-in-law to have to leave her house quite so early to come pick her up this one time. We met for breakfast at Einstein's. It was really nice.

And then...I had to say good-bye to my girl for the next three days. She'll be with her dad at his mom's house tonight and tomorrow night, then my mom will meet him at my office to pick my girl up on Wednesday morning and I'll see her again Wednesday night after work. I'll have her for this first weekend too, so that helps.

But I've never spent two nights away from her before. I had a mini-meltdown on my way to work so now that I'm here, I'm grateful for the opportunity to be at work with distractions. Thank God (no really, thank You God!) for FaceTime on the iPhone too; at least I'll get to "see" her to say good-night.

On the job front, I've been informed of an opening with a department that my current department works with regularly and they also have Fridays off, so I'll formally submit my resume for that position as soon as the job is posted. There's also another opening in Emergency Department Administration for which my resume has been submitted. I'll need to take an Executive Secretarial test to continue that application process; hopefully I can take that this Wednesday. It makes me nervous! I'll take a typing test and be test on Spelling, Grammar, Secretarial Skills, Vocabulary, Letter Setup-Block, Proofreading and Office management Skills. Wow. That's intimidating to me!

We moved this weekend. I ended up having to get a larger storage unit which means more money every month. That stinks. I'm eternally grateful to all the guys who helped us move, along with my friend Nicole.

So that's all my news. Moving is done. Need to get organized. Still searching for a job but have prospects.

And I miss my girl. A lot.

And now Blogger won't let me format my pictures the way I want. Irritation is not what I need right now.


  1. LOVE your outfit hunnie....the darker blouse looks so nice with the light colored skirt...:)
    I know how you feel about your daughter, I was there years takes some getting used advice would be to use this time to keep yourself some of the things you really want to do....soak int eh tub with a book and a glass of wine..go shopping..walk around the mall and window shop if you have up with some girlfriends....:)
    Im so happy to hear about the job opening too...I'm telling you....things will be looking up for you..and it may be starting today:)

    You did an EXCELLENT job on the pink challenge..way better than I did doll!!!

    Stop By and Say Hello♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  2. Cute Outfit. Sorry to hear your going too be away for you Daughter. It will time so time getting used to everything. A good thing is Wednesday always seem to come fast. Good Luck with getting the new job.

    Hugs and Prayers for you.

  3. Today may be hard... and next week and the week after that, but to look on the positive side of things, your daughter is going to have such a strong relationship with both of you!
    I'm so glad that there are 2 more job openings! Hopefully they work out!

  4. That must be so hard :( But you will definitely get through it and good luck on the job prospect!

  5. I have no doubt it is very difficult for you (and for your daughter too) to be away from her but it is your chance to spend that time just for "yourself". Good luck with your job search.

  6. Darling outfit!! I hope that one of those jobs works out!!! I can't imagine dropping my kids off for a few days I would miss them terribly!! This too shall pass! Right!

  7. Great job on the pink challenge!

    This look is so pretty - the shiny blue top with the skirt? lovely.

    Keep hanging in there - thoughts and prayers your way. sounds like there are a few leads on a new job!

  8. The color of that skirt looks so great on you...Good luck with the all the jogs search stuff..just remember you are a strong person, women and mom!

  9. Well you look hecka cute!!!
    Sorry to hear about your daughter. That has to be rough. I agree with Collette, do something for yourself and try to enjoy the time. I hear it gets easier.
    Good luck on the job too :)

  10. Cute outfit of course! And good to hear you have job prospects. Just think of this time by yourself as a breather. A nice time to get organized and relax a bit. It will get better, I know it. good luck on your test!

  11. I hope things work out on the job front -- it looks like you have some promising leads.

    I hope the next couple of days fly by :) It'll be the middle of the week before you know it...

    Sidewalk Chalk

  12. You're going to do great on the test this Wednesday. And you look absolutely incredible. I love the color of your top with your skin- and the necklace adds so much to your whole outfit.

    We're all smiling for you. And praying, and rooting, too.

  13. Fabulous outfit today. Does feel a little strange to see you in did an amazing job with the challenge!

    Good luck with your job hunt - sounds like something is right around the corner.


  14. This is the hardest part---the beginning. It will get easier (but don't expect to ever be happy about it, I know after 5 years I'm not). Take the first few times to drink wine and be sad/mad/whatever and then use the time to be productive (or shop!) and do things for your self. Be strong, mama!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed about the jobs! You'll ace those tests, don't worry.
    And, of course, your outfit today is fantastic!

  15. Congrats on finishing BBCA! Hang in there--I know it's tough, but know that no one, and I mean no one, will ever take your place as number 1 mom in her life. She knows how much you love her.

    I agree with some of the above posts--these few days are a great time to pamper and care for yourself. You deserve it!!

  16. You look lovely today! You were such an inspiration for the entire month with all your pink.
    I don't have children, so I can't even begin to imagine how tough it must be to not see her for a few days. Hopefully the time will fly by and you'll be with her again soon.

    Good luck with the new job opening!

  17. Love the blue top. Lots of luck on the job prospects. Now's the time for new and exciting things to come your way.

  18. Congrats for making it through the month!:)

  19. You look great as usual! It was hard for me not to wear something pink today too!

    I'm sorry about not getting to see your daughter! At least you can talk to her!

    Good news about the jobs!

  20. You look lovely, of course. So glad to hear about that job opportunity with Fridays off! I hope that works out for you. Hope things go well while you're away from your little girl.

  21. Great news on the job front. Sorry you won't see your daughter for a few days. I haven't been away from the kids that long either and can relate the melt down. May be use it as a perk though and go out with friends see a movie etc...

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  23. I'm STILL having trouble not picking something pink to wear! I feel like I'm having a free for all in my closet. I'm just now catching up on some blogs...good luck with the jobs :)

  24. First, super cute outfit!! I love the color of that top! And that is really awesome about the job prospects!! I know you can do it, and all it takes is one of them to work out! So yay for that! :)


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