Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Daily MelWear: Secretary Style

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I had a gig in the morning and our costume was all black, so I figured it wasn't very interesting. Not to mention that I didn't have time to snap any photos.

Here's a quick recap of the weekend: I had Friday with my girl! Tried to make cupcakes. Failed miserably. Although they apparently still tasted good because they're almost all gone now.

Saturday morning we met for breakfast with her dad and he took her for the weekend. I went shopping with my friend after breakfast and on our way there, I sort of rear-ended her car. It was not fun.  I'm a little emotionally drained right now so where I'd normally remain calm and relaxed and logical, instead this time I was rather hysterical and she had to calm me down. I still relive that entire thing. It's awful. We still went on to the outlet mall and shopped for hours. I went to Ross after she had to leave and spent two more hours shopping, then I came home and threw it all in the washer and promptly crashed in bed.

Sunday I got up early and went to a rehearsal.  All. Day. Long.  My grandmother was also admitted to the hospital on Sunday with sepsis and pneumonia. {As I'm typing this on Tuesday morning, she is being wheeled in to surgery to have her gallbladder removed because they think that's where the infection is coming from, so hopefully she'll recover quickly from surgery and be back home soon - although I'm not sure how serious sepsis is, maybe I'm being overly optimistic.} I didn't get back home and in bed until 11PM. Then I had to get up at 4:30AM on Monday to make our call time for the actual show.

We got done with the performance around noon, then I hightailed it back to my office for the rest of the day, came home to do more laundry and was in bed by around 8:30PM.

I'm still exhausted!

My department went to breakfast this morning to celebrate my upcoming transfer and we're also having cake at lunch today with all of the departments, so that's happy.

After work my father-in-law is bringing my daughter to meet me and her dad for dinner at Mellow Mushroom! I'll get to take her home with me tonight and I'll have her this weekend too.

After we get home, I'll probably put her to bed while my dad is there to watch her and then my mom and I will go visit my grandmother, if she's up to having visitors tonight.

Wow, that's a lot of text. I didn't mean to be so wordy.

As far as today's outfit, it's sort of a cop-out because I'm not feeling particularly creative. I bought all three pieces (skirt, top, jacket) at Ross on Saturday and figured today was a good day to wear them. Why not? :)

Hope you're all having a great day! I keep saying that I'm going to catch up on blogs to catch up with all of you but as you can see, life is keeping me from doing anything at all, including REST! One day...one day I'll be able to catch up. I also haven't had a spare moment to respond to emails but if you've emailed me in the past week or two, I WILL reply as soon as I possibly can! I'm sorry for not being quicker!

Today's outfit:
Black Pencil Skirt: Ross
Blue (ish...) Top: Ross
Leather (um...fake leather!) Jacket: Ross
Silver Heels: Payless
Black Necklace: Wal-Mart


  1. Okay, first of all, I'm absolutely praying for your grandmother. I hope the surgery goes well and that she's comfortable. I also hope that you get to see her tonight. There's no such thing as being too optimistic!

    Second, HOLY MOTHER OF HOTNESS- You look so sexy today, it's not even a little bit funny. Like... oh.em.gee, Melissa. Your itty bitty waist, those hot shoes, and everything fits you SO PERFECTLY. I love the color of your top and your bangs pulled back is a really gorgeous change/way to mix things up.

    And I'm crying because I'm so jealous of your jacket right now. No, really. I'm crying.

    Love you! Miss you!!!

  2. Prayer For your Grandma. I hope you get to see her tonight.

    You look great today.


  3. Wow! What a weekend! Just reading it makes me tired. I went shopping with a friend on Saturday too.:) I LOVE your your jacket and the buttons on that skirt are fab!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother, I'll be praying she has a speedy and full recovery.

    You look beautiful today! I love everything you bought over the weekend, just gorgeous pieces! And they all go together so perfectly.

  5. I hope your grandma recovers quickly!!! She will be in my prayers! You look beautiful Melissa and holy skinny-minnie!!! Enjoy your time with your little girl!

  6. We are praying for your grandmother! On another note, you look fabulous!


  7. Oh my goodness, you're really having a lot on your plate. Many well wishes to your grandmother's quick recovery.

    You look fabulous. That skirt is fantastic.

  8. Wow, you have had quite the weekend. I'm tired just reading about it. I hope all goes well with your grandma. You are in my thoughts :)

  9. What a crazy weekend. I wish your grandmother a speedy recovery.

    You look amazing! I love that blouse on you and the whole look is super put together. Congratulations again on your new job!

  10. Take your time catching up. Real life is totally more important than blogging. I'll be praying for your grandmother.
    And you look so amazing in this blue and black combo.

  11. You've got a ton on your plate right now, so no apologies! We'll all still be here in blogee land, take care of you and the real world first!

  12. I hope your grandmother recoversdoes well! I'm a little behind again too! But that outfit is just fabulous!! The skirt and shoes are just great!! Super cute!! I hope things calm down soon! :)

  13. Ah!!! at last I found what I was looking for. Somtimes it takes so much effort to find even tiny useful piece of information..


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