Monday, November 8, 2010

Daily MelWear: Out of Time

This is what happens when you don't have enough time to change your outfit.

This one does not work for me. I'm not entirely sure what it is, maybe that the shoes and belt don't quite match but don't contrast nicely either, or maybe the shirt doesn't work with this skirt, or maybe I need more necklaces. Or a scarf. Or something.

At any rate, I'm now wearing a big, over-sized sweater to cover everything up (not to mention because it's 64 degrees IN MY OFFICE) so I can stay hidden.

Today is Monday. I said good-bye to my baby girl again this morning, this time for three days instead of just two, because her great-grandfather has a Pearl Harbor Survivor event this Wednesday and my mother-in-law really wanted to take her there to be with him for that. This next weekend will also be my first weekend without I'll get to spend time with her on Thursday night after work and on Friday when I'm off, but that's really it for over a week, from today through next Tuesday or Wednesday when I'll get her back again.

When is this going to start getting easier? I cried just as much this morning as I did last Monday when I said good-bye.

Okay...I'm done whining. Thanks for letting me get that out.
Today's outfit:
Skirt: Salvation Army
Black Top: Charlotte Russe
Tights: Can't remember
Red Belt: Salvation Army
Red Pumps: DSW (clearance)
Necklace: Gift from ML


  1. So sorry you're going through such a hard time right now :( I really do hope it gets better soon!

  2. I think you look like professional Hottie Barbie!

  3. I think If you did a gold belt it would look better. I have day I think I look cute and then look back at picture and go what was I think.

    It will get easier over time. Hang in there Hugs.

  4. Sweetie, don't be too hard on yourself: I think the outfit works. Maybe it's the streamlined simplicity that is throwing you off - I've seen so many pics this morning of bloggers in multiple layers so it was refreshing to see your outfit!
    And there's nothing wrong with crying... I'm 26 and my mother still cries every time I leave after visiting her. As long as you can continue on with your day, cry your heart out - I realize it's not what they were referring to in the movie, but as Shrek says: "Better out than in!"

  5. You're crazy! Your outfit is adorable!

  6. I think this outfit is great. It's simple but beautiful!

    And I'm sorry you're going thru such a rough time!! I hope it gets easier for you

  7. I like this outfit. The red belt and shoes go good with this sweater.

  8. I think this outfit would have looked better with a different top. Otherwise I like the shoe and belt pairing, I love the skirt. You just need like.. a printed top or something to give it that *oomph*.

    Hang in there. It will get easier with time. Make the most of the time you do have, and let yourself cry when you need to.

  9. Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog, Melissa! I'm so sorry to hear how difficult it is to be separated from your daughter. As you know, I fully understand what it's like to be away from one's loved ones. Just look forward to the time that you will get to spend with her on Thursday and Friday.

    My office is cold too -- we had the air conditioning on the other day -- and it was 51 degrees outside. Ridiculous -- and so wasteful!

  10. I think your outfit worked and am sad you covered it up!! I hope it gets easier, just always remember she is with someone who loves her just as much as you do!

  11. LOVE the outfit babes...I think the shoes and the belt make it FAB:)

    RE Daughter: it gets better with me:)


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  12. I love your outfit!!! A scarf or shrug maybe? But you look great and your eyes sparkle! Don't laugh, I'm serious. The red shoes are lovely.

  13. This is a fabulous outfit though!! I think its super cute! I love the all black with little pops of red, and I adore that dress! :)

  14. One of my favourite necklace, I love that its delicate and pretty!

    You look fantastic Mel!




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