Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Daily MelWear: Jewelry Inspiration

You guys are so encouraging. You helped me get through the day yesterday.  I just have to get through today/tonight and then I'll see my girl for a few minutes before work tomorrow and again when I leave work tomorrow night. I can't wait!

I'm feeling less than inspired lately with my outfits. This one came together mostly because of the jewelry, for which I need to give a HUGE thank you to ML of Twenty York Street!!! She has the most exquisite taste and I'm honored that she sent me some gifts AND some giveaway items! Stay tuned; I'll throw up the first giveaway post soon! So exciting!

This shirt is way too big. I didn't even realize I'd kept anything from my pre-weightloss wardrobe but this is one such item. I decided since I was going to belt it that it might work anyway.  I think the only reason it does is because of the necklace! Isn't this necklace gorgeous? Pearls, diamonds, gold strands...*sigh*

And CHECK OUT this bracelet! This is fantastic-ness wrapped around my wrist! Love it.

I took a typing test yesterday and got 89 wpm with 100% accuracy the first time, then 92 wpm with 99% accuracy the second time. I'm supposed to have at least 30 wpm for my test tomorrow morning! That makes me feel a little bit better.

And that's really all my news.  I miss you guys.  I haven't been able to read any blogs or keep up with anyone lately and it makes me so sad. I feel very detached from my bloggy friends!

Today's outfit:
Brown Top: Can't remember. Really.
Brown Floral Skirt: Target
Teal Belt: Salvation Army
Brown Studded Heels: Wal-Mart
Necklace and Bracelet: Gift from ML


  1. I think the shirt looks great. And the jewelry really is just STUNNING! So beautiful!
    Take your time getting caught up; it'll happen eventually.

  2. Cute skirt hunnie...the jewelry looks AMAZING on you!! LOVE Marilou:)
    SO happy for you and your typing test.....you will be good to go:)

    Stop By and Say Hello♥
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  3. I LOVE that bracelet! How do I find one? Did ML make it for you?

  4. Awww, look at you Miss Typing Queen! I can text pretty fast but you beat me in this fair and square!

    First off, you look lovely and you are very welcome!

    C, I love you TOO, LOTS!

    Hi Courtney, both the pearl and gold necklace and weaved bracelet are from Banana Republic!


  5. That bracelet is amazing.
    Good luck on the test!! I'm sure you'll do great :)

  6. That belt really makes the outfit stand out! Lovely look! Enjoy your Tuesday!!

  7. Very Cute Skirt. Good Luck on your typing test.

    I can't wait for you first giveaway.


  8. Love the skirt and the necklace, too. I like the look of gold, but since my hair has started turning silver, I don't look good in it.

    One day at a time, girl! One day at a time!

  9. You shouldn't feel detached! Everyone's still coming here. :) And you look great! I love the skirt- and your right, shirt totally works, tucked in and belted. GORGEOUS jewelry. The bracelet is my favorite. :)

  10. Love the print of that skirt! And that bracelet is so pretty!

  11. Great skirt! Congrats on the typing scores!

  12. Pearls, diamonds, gold AND getting time with your daughter... You couldn't ask for more

  13. So pretty! I love the browns and that skirt is just fabulous ! Beautiful jewelry too :)

    92 WPM!? That is awesome!

  14. Cute!! I hope this week flies by and you get to see your beautiful little girl soon!

  15. p.s. I've always wondered, where's your follow section? I can see your blog roll but not to follow..

    am I blind?


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  16. Hey Mel!
    So great to see you looking so fantastic and working hard. I hope you can find the perfect job soon.
    Not much news on my end. Getting busy with summer/Christmas coming up soon. :) Take care.

  17. Fabulous!! I love the print on that skirt, and the jewelry is just wonderful! Great outfit! :)


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