Monday, November 22, 2010

Daily MelWear: Confusion

Today is the day! I start my new job this afternoon!

I walked in to the other department this morning (the one that's in the Institute with my old department but my boss told me I would be helping this other department answer phones while they unpack from our move last week) and both of the girls there had no idea what I would be doing or why. They said there is already so much confusion from the move that they can't imagine adding the factor of training someone (me) into the mix.

So I went back to my old department and my co-worker said she'd gotten off the phone with our boss who told her that I would be helping her to unpack this morning.


I figured I would do a real quick blog post while I can, since I'm not sure when I'll be able to post again with the job transitions and everything.

Hope you're all doing well and had a great weekend!!!

Today's outfit:
Dress: Ross
Bow Belt: Charlotte Russe
Teal Tights: Charlotte Russe
Black Flats: Target


  1. Hope all of the confusion sorts itself out.
    You look lovely in spite of it all :)

  2. Good luck, Bonne Chance, Buena Suerte!

    Cheers to you Mel, for everything going up from here!


    Come say Bonjour at:


  3. That striped dress is great. You look put together and in control of whatever confusion may come :-)

  4. Cute dress!! I hope everything gets figured out!! I hate starting a new job so I hope the transition goes smoothly!

  5. Glad you have got yourself a new job and hope it all goes well. I am sure things will settle down soon and everything will fall into place..

    Sorry I haven't stopped by for a while things have been mad busy here too. Love your dress and the coloured tights.

  6. Good Luck.

  7. Good grief! That DOES sound like a ton of confusion. :/ But YAY for the new job. Can't wait to hear about it! :) And you look amazing, amazing! LOVE that dress! WANT that dress!

  8. I love your outfit!! The tights are such a great color, the stripes in the dress are fabulous, and that bow belt is too cute!! And wow... that's a lot of a confusion! I guess that's reasonable with everyone moving buildings and jobs all at the same time!! I'm sure it will work itself out soon!! Good luck with everything!! :)

  9. Good luck today! I'm sure it went great!! I would probably prefer to come in during a move... I find it easier to learn personalities that way. Cute dress!

  10. Gorgeous dress! Hope things straighten out for ya. =D

  11. I hope your first day went well, despite all the confusion! Great dress for the first day!!!

  12. I hope your first day went well, despite all the confusion! Great dress for the first day!!!

  13. Yipes. New job confusion thrown in with moving confusion. I hope it all gets sorted out quickly.
    That dress looks so cozy!

  14. How confusing! You look cool and calm amidst all the confusion. I love the dark stripes in your dress. And how awesome are you in your teal tights?! I love it!


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