Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Daily MelWear: Going, going...

And I'm almost gone! Two more days in my old job! Just this morning and tomorrow morning! That's it!

I started my new job yesterday afternoon, beginning with a Thanksgiving luncheon with us and another department. That was fun! I got to meet some new people that I'll be working with and the food was great.

The afternoon was spent arranging my desk and getting some things in order, I learned how to do a few things but it was a pretty relaxed first day. I'm excited to learn more this afternoon and to eventually be fully trained so that I can work on my own.

Since I'm walking back and forth and up and down five flights of stairs this week in my old job's new building, I'm making this week a "flats" week. Kind of kills me since I'm so prone to wearing heels, being short and all. :)

These pants are pretty new and are the perfect length for flats. My new office is warm so I wanted to wear something I'd be comfortable in with layers in case it was cold in the new building. This purple cardigan was perfect. I really like purple and green together so I grabbed the green blouse. Added a belt and some leopard flats and VOILA! Out the door!

And just as one more little personal update, my grandmother had her surgery yesterday and my mom said she's doing well.  Hopefully they will discharge her soon so that she can be out for Thanksgiving! Yip!

Hope you're all doing well and that you have a great day!!!

Today's outfit:
Black Pants: Ross
Green Blouse: Kohl's
Black Belt: Ross (came with a dress)
Leopard Flats: Target
Gold Necklace: Gift from ML


  1. I'm glad your grandmother is doing well!
    Love the green/purple/leopard combo. Very chic.

  2. I love the green blouse. It looks like it will be a great shirt for Christmas. Enjoy your last couple of days at your old job!

  3. Outfit looks great - love the color combination. Happy to hear about your grandmother. :O)

  4. i am so happy that your grandma is doing well. <3
    the green looks beautiful on you!!!
    hope your last days at your old job go well. :)

  5. Love the purple and green together! I'm horrible - I could choose to walk up five flights of stairs at work here...but I rarely do. I often use the "heels" excuse..even when I'm in flats! :)

    Glad to hear about your grandmother!

  6. You look so great in jewel tones. Glad to hear your grandma is doing better.

  7. Love the green and purple together!! You look fantastic in both colors!

    Glad to hear about your grandma!

  8. Glad your grandmother is doing well. Glad you had a great first day at your job.


  9. You know how to make an EXIT. I love the green on you. You look beautiful. I am also grateful that your grandmother is doing well.


  10. So adorable. i love the green and purple together and the leopard flats.

  11. I never would have thought of that awesome green/purple combo. It looks really, really pretty and super festive for the holidays. I don't know WHY. It just does.

    I'm really glad your grandmother is doing well after surgery, and that they were able to finally do the surgery.

    Also, that green top looks super incredible belted.

  12. love that green top...the color looks great on you!

  13. That green looks great on you! And I love green and purple together, too!!

    You've been so busy!! Hopefully by next week, you'll be all settled into one place!

    Glad your grandmother is on the mend!

  14. I am so glad your Grandma is doing good!!! Fingers crosses that she will be home in time for Thanksgiving! You look beautiful today!

  15. Purple and green is definitely a favorite of mine. I love the added leopard print!

  16. Glad you're still finding time to post! Purple and green are a fun combination - I'm thinking of swapping out a white shirt for a purple one in my 30 for 30! Seeing your outfit confirmed it for me!

  17. I dig the purple and green. I always find myself trying to pair purple and yellow but then remember their LSU colors and back to the drawing board I go. I'm totally gonna keep this in mind next time.

  18. Good to hear that you're settling in to your new position with your new dept. well!

    I'm really short, but I'm still a big fan of flats - comfiness AND cute footwear, what's not to love?!

  19. You look fabulous in this emerald green! And as always, leopard is the perfect finishing touch. I'm glad to hear that your grandmother seems to be recovering well.

  20. Purple and green makes one of the most beautiful color combinations! This whole outfit is just perfect, I love it!

    And I'm so glad to hear you grandma is doing well after her surgery, I hope and pray she will continue to recover smoothly and quickly.

  21. Yes that shade of green and that gorgeous purple cardigan are perfect !
    Sometimes I wish I had a new job to go to... I have been at my same job for 5 years now and even though I have no complaints sometimes just wish I was busier... but, I gotta be careful what I wish for as I've had busy till 12 at night jobs and its no fun.

  22. I adore that green top! The colors and patterns in this outfit are just fabulous!! Super cute! And I'm very happy to hear your grandmother is doing well too! :)


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