Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Daily MelWear: BBCA Day 6

You guys. I have almost 700 unread blog posts.  And I have no idea when I'm going to get a chance to read even a single one of them. Never mind the 50+ that will be posted today! I'm swimming over here, people. That number stresses me out.

On another note, I've come to the realization that I will need to add a slip to my list of fall clothing needs.  The riding up of my dress against these tights isn't so much fun. And the day has barely started.

But look! Tights! Booties! Because the high is only 82 today!

Yes, that's still incredibly hot but the only time I'm really outside is in the morning when I walk into my office (it's in the 60's now) and then at night when I walk out to my car (it'll be in the 70's at that point). I won't even see the 80 degree temps. Unless I run an errand to another department.  But whatever.

This is one of the dresses that I found at Ross last weekend.  If I wear it on a night out, I probably wouldn't put the tank underneath but for work, yes please. I like the teal with the deep pink, too. You know what this outfit needs? Leopard booties. Oh yes. And another item is placed on the fall shopping list.

Now let's talk about the Blogging for Breast Cancer aWEARness Challenge. How are you all doing? Are you enjoying it? Has anyone asked why you're wearing so much pink these days so that you're able to share awareness with them?

IMPORTANT - I would really like to add a feature to this month's challenge where some of the participants share their stories about cancer and awareness. I don't know which of you have a story (or stories) to tell and I don't know which of you would be willing to share publicly, so I'm asking that if you'd be willing, please contact me as soon as possible. It's so important to share what we've learned through experience. You never know if your story might enlighten someone else and save someone's life. Email me at {aworkingmomscloset at gmail dot com} with a little recap of your story and your blog address if you have a blog.

Thank you for reading! You guys are so awesome. Hope you have a great Wednesday! {Speaking of Wednesday, did any of you spoil yourselves yesterday like you were supposed to? If so, tell me how! My co-worker brought in Peanut Butter and Jelly cupcakes and Pumpkin Cream Cheese cupcakes - that's how I was spoiled!}

Today's outfit:
Pink/Black Dress: Ross
Teal Tank: Plato's Closet
Black Tights: I have no idea, I didn't even realize I had a pair of tights
Black Booties: Payless (last year...or the year before...)
Black Necklace: Wal-Mart


  1. For someone who claims she doesn't own many pick clothes, you are doing awfully well on your challenge! And this dress is just fantastic!
    Enjoy your cool "autumn" day in FL! :)

  2. Yayyy for your tights and boots babes.....LOVE your look are doing so great with this challenge....not to worry about the will get to them when you can....I have FIVE mos worth of accounting to do!!
    Emailed ya back this morning:)

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  3. Love the tights and the booties! I just bought my first pair in grey but I'm not sure I can pull them off yet! You look beautiful :)

  4. Great outfit! I missed a day of blogging and I'm behind by 100+ unread posts. I can only imagine how overwhelming 700 posts feels like!!!!

  5. I'm so jealous of your "fall" weather! The outfit looks great & those pumpkin cupcakes sound awesome too.

  6. I love those shoes!! Your fall is still hotter than my summer :) Enjoy the "cool" weather.
    As for all the posts in your reader, I would probably just start fresh. I'm overwhelmed just hearing about it :)

  7. love the colors in this outfit. you look beautiful.
    i hate when dresses do that..slips are a pain but they work.
    have a wonderful day love.

  8. Okay, if we lived less than 1800 miles apart, I would be raiding your closet for every piece in this outfit. Seriously stunning. You look wonderful in bright pink and the slight tulip shape on your skirt is so sweet. AND the booties! You're too much, my dear!

  9. What a fab dress! I love the pop of blue the tank adds.

  10. This is so adorably cute!! Love the tights and booties with that dress, and the pop of teal under the dress is awesome! Don't worry about being behind, we're still here! I guess we spoiled ourselves yesterday by doing some creative pictures for my blog, and going to a nice restaurant! I hope you have a great "cold" day! :)

  11. I HEART THIS DRESS- and the pop of teal! AND your booties. Such a hottie. :)

  12. Cute skirt!!

    One of my little boy's mother started chemo a few weeks ago. This week her hair fell out. The boy is taking it much better than I would... :(

  13. Great outfit. Those booties are so adorable. And I can just see this outfit with leopard print booties. I swoon!

    I've got a couple cancer stories, but I don't know if I can put my thoughts together eloquently, but I'll be thinking about it. I'll keep you updated. ;)

  14. visited your blog
    hope u do the same and
    enjoy reading my blog too



  15. About catching up on blogs... just hit "mark all as read" and start over. :)

  16. Wow, I thought that this was all one dress. The tank works so well under it!

    I'm not sure whether I'll have time to write up a story or not, but can definitely say that breast caner has had a huge impact on my life from childhood on, when I was 7 and my grandma had her 2nd re-occurance of breast cancer - she passed away after her 3rd re-occurance, which was shortly after I graduated from college - and when my aunt was diagnosed with the same type of breast cancer several years ago.

    The good news for me is that several relatives have undergone genetic testing, and there is no sign of the known BRCA gene mutations, even in the relatives who have had cancer. The prediction is that my sister and I have no greater risk of breast cancer than the general female population, which is very positive considering our family history.


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