Monday, October 4, 2010

Daily MelWear: BBCA Day 4

The Bible says joy comes in the morning.  And while I do believe the Bible to be the end all, be all of knowledge, wisdom and answers, I'm beginning to think that verse is meant figuratively.  Because morning seems to be the most difficult time of day right now.

Anyway - I've been doing okay with the challenge so far but I did go to Ross to look for more pink things. Where is all the pink? I guess it's not really a fall color. No shoes. I did find one belt but the snaps wouldn't fit together to snap closed, it's like they were two different sizes. Weird. Found a cardigan but it was $25 and I don't want to pay that much for a cardigan from Ross.  I don't really want to pay that much for a cardigan at all.  I did buy two dresses, one casual and the other more professional. I have to wash all of my clothes before I wear them (please tell me I'm not the only one) so they're in the hamper for the next laundry day.

When I wrote the Friend Friday post about fashion do's and don't's, I wish I'd remembered to add that one trend I used to think was a don't that I utilize now is mixing different shades of the same color.  Like pink and red.  I really like them together! I used to think that if they didn't match, they didn't belong together. But I have a new view. And I like it. Then I threw on the leopard heels for a little more fun.

For a complete list of participants in the Blogging for Breast Cancer aWEARness Challenge, click here and check out how they're spreading Breast Cancer Awareness this month!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead.  I can't wait to see all of your pink!

Today's outfit:
Pink Blouse: Dots
Red Belt: Salvation Army
Black Skirt: Probably Ross but it's probably a decade old and I can't remember
Leopard Heels: Payless
Bracelet: Gift from ML

{I'm still really behind in reading and commenting.  There are lots of personal things happening right now.  I apologize for not commenting on your blogs lately and for not responding to your comments as diligently as I wish I could. I'm considering trying to read the most recent posts first just to see what you're up to now and then go back through the older posts later, so if I do comment and ask about something you mentioned in an earlier post, I'm sorry!  There is a lot of transition and change and chaos in my life, it'll probably take me a few months to work through it all but I'm trying to keep up with the blog as much as possible. As soon as I'm able to share everything with you, I will. I don't know why I feel like I have to mention this and apologize in every post, but I do. Thanks for sticking with me!}


  1. Love the pink and the red - can't wait to see what you do for Valentine's ;)

    Pink is seriously your colour you look beautiful!

  2. Hello my darling Mel!

    Your smile brightens up my otherwise crazy hectic Monday. Beautiful outfit and may I say, beautiful bracelet too?! My plate is a little too full this week but I want to do two things -

    a) check on you. Sending you prayers..
    b) perhaps cheer you up in some way, its for your aWearness Campaign.

    much love,



  3. I like the pink and red combo. And great addition with the leopard print heels!

  4. That's a great shirt! Love it. And I love it with the heels

  5. There's no need to apologize! It's your blog - you choose what you write about! But you do look great! I too was all about the "pink and red don't mix" but I love how you did it - maybe I'll try to mix the two sometime this month!

  6. I love this combo, Melissa! I wear different shade of colors ALL time, and I think it's just fine. The first time I tried combining pink and red was during my dessert week outfit -- and I actually loved the look. I'll have to resurrect it for this challenge!

    And please don't feel any pressure to read or comment -- whenever you have a momnent is a-okay with us!

  7. take care of you! we'll be here!

    and I'm wearing pink today- I'm giving you a shout out at my place! :)

  8. fantastic blouse!

    hope all is ok with you - real life definitely comes before blogging life :)

  9. Oh my gosh, that's so cute! Pink and red work great together! (And if not, we're both in trouble today! ;) ). And I totally understand about being behind! I hope things get better soon, and I'm sure we all understand!! Have a great afternoon! :)

  10. This is one of my favorite outfits of the day! I love the pink and red together, and I think this is so business-chic!

  11. you look gorgeous. :) and sooo teeny. I swear your body is my goal. just bought JM's 30 Day Shred. I'm going to be up with you in the mornings!

    I'm getting back on track tomorrow. feeling like death warmed over, laying in bed today.

    love you!

    p.s.- matt did red and pink today, too!

  12. I love the mixture of pink and red! I also have to wash my clothing before wearing, almost always.

    Take care, dear. The blogs will be here when you find the time. It's not mandatory to comment everywhere. It's great to see you're still finding the time to post and let us know you're here and okay.

  13. You look wonderful today! You look so pretty in pink! You might want to try Old Navy for some pink. I don't know how I've acquired so many pink items, but I do know that a few are from Old Navy's clearance.

    Sending prayers your way! Hope you had a relaxing night :)

  14. Same with me, I have so much going on that I'm finding it tough to comment on other people's blogs and write one too. Don't worry, we wll still read you :)

  15. Cute Outfit. Publix is selling shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness they are 8.99. Also I have seen a Pink shirt at Costco for 6.47.
    I hope that helps out some.

  16. you definitely rock the it with leopard print!

    xx a j

  17. I LOVE the red pop of color with the look gorgeous as ever:)

    Super cute shoes make it soo interesting too!!
    Ill try to email back from work if things are soooo nutso there in teh morning:) hugs hunnie!!!

  18. very cute pink shirt. I realized I totally forgot to wear pink the last two days. Just completely forgot. I am so sorry. Will get back on the wagon starting tomorrow.

  19. Pink and red is pretty cool together.
    Hey do not apologise.... real life should definitely come before blogs. Relax and focus and don't feel bad! :)

  20. I love that ruffle-front blouse. The red and pink go perfectly together, too.

    I'm thinking of you, and I hope you're doing okay. Please never hesitate to reach out to me, even if it's just to vent. I hope things turn around for you soon.


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