Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Daily MelWear: BBCA Day 26

Have I mentioned lately how much I love pumpkin? I really do. I'm sitting at my desk (you know, the one that I have for just the next six weeks) enjoying some Pumpkin Spice coffee from the K-cups given to me by my generous mother-in-law (erm...ex-mother-in-law? I really don't like the way that sounds, someone give me a nicer adjective!) and while it might be a high of 90 today, the taste of pumpkin makes me feel like it's fall and that's really all that matters.

Along with the B&BW pumpkin scented candles and wallflowers. I love pumpkin.

At least when we move this Saturday the high will only be 81. Better than 90.

I'm surprised today's outfit didn't come to mind earlier this month.  This dress has to be one of the best purchases I've ever made because I wear it all.the.time. I wear it to work, to church, on nights out, on days at home, everywhere. And to think that I found it at Plato's Closet for about $8. Awesomeness.

I decided to use the polka dot belt for a little splash of pattern. The outfit turned out a little more sweet than I'd expected, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

I'm not sure what's up with my bangs though. Sometimes I want to grow them out because that cowlick is so aggravating, but then my hair is so incredibly boring to begin with that the bangs at least add a little something.

You guys - we're coming close to the end of the Blogging for Breast Cancer aWEARness Challenge! And we have a few more joining us this final week so make sure you take a look at the list if you haven't recently. There were so many things I wanted to do throughout this month: featuring different bloggers, sharing stories, highlighting participants' favorite outfits. But, life happens and I ran out of steam (not to mention time). I'd really like to do this challenge again next October and hopefully can accomplish everything next time around! For those of you who are participating or did participate at some point this month, do you think it's something you'd do again next year?

Today's outfit:
Black Dress: Plato's Closet
Pink Shirt: Dots
Black/White Polka Dot Belt: Plato's Closet
Black Bow Pumps: Wal-Mart


  1. You look great hunnie..I like how playful this outfit looks:)

    I have an EX MIL too..and I never call her that..shes still "mom" to me....there are no rules as far as that goes. Your relationship with her....is separate and on its won:)

    Have a great day..and thanks for the sweet words about my new blog:)

  2. I would definitely participate again next year. This has been the first challenge of any type I've done since blogging, and I really enjoyed it! I'm hoping to do a little personal recap at the end of the month of what I got out of participating in the challenge!

  3. really cute jumper! love it! i admire anyone who can do these challenges...they're tough.


  4. That is a great dress that can be paired with anything! I think you could call you ex-MIL your daughters grandma... or just call her your MIL I bet she will still refer to you as her DIL!

  5. cute outfit. I would so do this Challenge again next year.


  6. I hate using "ex" when I'm referring to someone I still like. Instead I say "my former"-whoever. Of course when I don't like that person it's "ex", as in my ex-husband. It's almost like I'm mentally crossing him out of existence. And you know why I want to do that! :)

  7. I love it and even got a pink jacket to wear on Friday for you! Keep up the positive attitude and great outfits!


  8. I love this outfit. That dress is awesome!!
    I will so participate next year. Good job Melissa!

  9. Just say former mil, if you have a good relationship, or witch, if you don't! ;)

    I love that pink shirt!!

    I have to be honest. I am tired of pink. I may not wear it again the rest of the year!!

  10. I LOVE the belt with this outfit and you're so right- that dress is mega versatile. Your bangs look FINE!

    And I'd DEFINITELY do the challenge, again, next year. Knowing that it's coming up will keep me better prepared!

  11. Love the layered dress.

    I would participate if the color for Breast Cancer Awareness wasn't pink. I just don't wear pink. I will continue to root for everyone else and support Awareness in different ways though.

  12. great outfit - I can see how versatile the dress is!

    ["former" instead of "ex-"?]

    Pumpkin things are a great indication of fall.

  13. I love the smell of pumpkin in food!! It definitely helps with the fall reminders! (Especially when the temperatures are abnormally high... like right now!) I just LOVE this outfit!! Its super cute! And the top and that belt are really great!! I have always wanted to try bangs with my hair long, but I just don't see how I could get away with it! I would definitely be willing to participate again next year! Good luck with the move!

  14. You seem so much happier today - hopefully I'm not misreading your tone! You definitely deserve happiness. Since you and your "co-parent" are trying to hard to maintain a good relationship, there's no reason to not call his mother your mother-in-law. I was trying to think of something kind of ganster like "mother of another lover", but I couldn't quite bring myself to take that seriously!

  15. I really wish I would have been able to participate more in the challenge. I would definitely try again!

  16. I love this outfit and would love to do the challenge again next year!

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  18. I love the polka dot belt. Definitely adds a fun kick to your outfit.

    I am a recent pumpkin convert. I used to hate it when I was younger, but then one of my mom's friends introduced me to pumpkin cheesecake, and I was in love.

    And I'll be sure to participate again! I actually have more outfits picked out then the number of days remaining for the challenge. I might just have to go into November!

  19. I love this pairing - the ruffled blouse is fantastic with that dress!

    I'd definitely do this again next year. I really liked how, all month, I was aware of why I was wearing pink. I appreciated that mindfulness. Thank you again for organizing the challenge - I enjoyed it!


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