Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Daily MelWear: BBCA Day 5

And...Tuesday. Poor Tuesday.  No one really cares about Tuesday.  Everyone hates Monday, so Monday gets some attention. Wednesday is the mid-way point so everyone starts getting happy.  Thursday means TOMORROW IS FRIDAY and everyone is all excited about that. Then Friday...well that's just self-explanatory.

But poor Tuesday never gets any attention. We should start some kind of campaign for Tuesday attention.

Wow, I think I need more sleep.

So here's today's pink, in the tee. You guys are going to start getting tired of my pink things because I've about worn them all at this point. Except for the two new dresses I found at Ross.  And I'm going to try to hit Salvation Army this weekend.

It seems like those of you who are participating are doing a really good job so far! I haven't been able to visit everyone's blogs yet, I've only had a few moments to read a few posts, but so far you're doing great. Don't worry about it if you forgot a few days or haven't started yet, you can start in the middle of the month and only do a week, if you want. Whatever works for you to bring awareness to the cause.

Some of you have left comments with questions. I'd love to respond to every single idea and question, but that's hard to do through comments if Blogger doesn't have your email for me to reply directly to you.  If you have something specific to suggest or if you have a question for me, please don't hesitate to also email me directly at {aworkingmomscloset at gmail dot com} or use my Formspring too (there's also a box in the sidebar).

And while we're talking about connecting, don't forget to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Have a great day everyone - show Tuesday some love! (And by that, I mean treat yourself to some chocolate, ice cream, a pumpkin latte, etc. Tuesday loves it when you spoil yourself.)

Today's outfit:
Pink Tee: Target
Floral Skirt: Target
Nude Snakeskin Pumps: Payless
Brown Snakeskin Belt: Salvation Army
Brown Necklace: Bridesmaid gift from my super special friend Amy whom I miss a whole lot!


  1. I love your slouchy pink top, it looks so chic!

  2. lovely pink top - the draping looks great!

  3. Hi, I am in pink today thinking of your cause all the way from Spain; but how do I join??????????????

  4. Perfectly belted outfit! You have those belted looks down!

    I'm embarrassed to admit just how much pink I have in my closet...I decided to scale down to a big accessory today so I didn't go into pink-overload!

  5. Hi babes....love the tee!! you are a master at belting, thats for sure!! You are awesome!!

    You really are doing a fab job with the challenge..I dont have TONS of pink, but Im wearing some harem pants with HUGE flowers on them lol...they are pale pink...itll be my post for tonight, lol....:)

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  6. I like the pink and brown together.
    I hope things are getting better :)

  7. You look gorgeous as usual today - the draping on the top looks awesome on you!

    You're doing so well on your fashion challenge for a cause - go Melissa!

  8. Super cute!! You've had some really awesome outfits for the challenge! I'm running out of pink too, I guess that really just makes this a remix challenge for some of us as well. Blogger did something weird to my first attempt at a comment, so hopefully I don't double post! I hope you have a great day today!! :)

  9. I'm so glad you are keeping up with the Challenge for a good cause. I've blogged about it yesterday and tagged your campaign. Sorry, I'm a bit late starting but I'm participating in spirit and as you know, I've got something special brewing for you!

    You look soo pretty!


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  10. lovely challenge :D

    haha, love your rambling about tuesday. its actually true! ;]

    im a new follower. hope my blog inspires you to follow back

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  11. That is such a beautiful top! I can't wait to see how you mix up your pink for the next round of outfits.

  12. I LOVE the pink top paired with that skirt. It's a great way to turn pink into a fall color.

    Tuesday has meant math class [last semester] or [now] English class, both of which means I'm about to be assigned a lot of work. Lol! I guess I'll have to hop over to Dunkin Donuts for a strawberry donut to make the day sweeter.

  13. You look gorgeous in pink! I love the neckline of that blouse, and the belt creates the perfect proportions. Love this look!

  14. You look lovely in your pink top. I think I'm going to have to visit Goodwill this weekend to stock up on some pink, otherwise I'll be wearing the same things everyday!

  15. YAY for more pink! Love your pink top! You look great!

  16. I agree - Tuesday gets no love - the one thing it has going for it is that it's not Monday, and people seem to ignore that one.

    The draped-neckline of the shirt looks so pretty on you! I think I actually use to have the same shirt from Target.

  17. love the color of that top and i looove target! on thursday i manage to integrate a tiny bit of pink in my post.... check it out!
    you're doing great with all the pink!


  18. You're so right about Tuesday being the forgotten day. But I was born on one so hopefully I'll have some good Tuesdays. That skirt is so pretty on you

  19. Love brown with pink. Nice combo.

  20. What a great idea. I love pink and will definitely blog about this because it is a cause close to my heart. I make todays outfit pink too.

  21. This is such a polished and professional look. And I love the neckline on your pink blouse -- it highlights your beautiful necklace perfectly.

    And I think Tuesday definitely needs some love -- your idea of treat yourself Tuesday is a fabulous one. Too bad I'm reading this on Wednesday -- bah! I could have used a pumpkin latte yesterday...or a rum and coke, for that matter!


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