Saturday, October 2, 2010

Daily MelWear: BBCA Day 2

So I'm realizing now that it's going to be difficult for me to take pictures and blog on the weekends.  That's not something I normally do because it's typically spent doing family things.  I'm going to do my best so that I can keep up with all of my Blogging for Breast Cancer aWEARness outfits! Please check out the link to see a list of participants and visit their blogs, too!

Today, for example, we're going to SeaWorld so my daughter can do the trick-or-treating that they have in October, it's part of regular admission which is fantastic.  We went out last night and bought The Princess's costume.  She still wanted to be a ghost.  She actually walked over, picked up the package and put it in the cart herself.  I guess there's no question about what she would be.  If you're wondering, this is what she picked. Not quite as bling-ed out (yes, bedazzled!) as I would have liked, but it's what she wanted.  So that's what she gets.  I love that little girl. 

And...oh poop.  Just found out that SeaWorld's Spooktacular doesn't start until next weekend.  Well that stinks. So I guess when Princess Girl gets up we'll let her pick if she wants to go to SeaWorld anyway or Disney instead. Oops.  

Anyway, yes, we're going to SeaWorld {EDIT - she picked Disney for today!} and while I normally have a theme park "uniform" (and I have a post lined up to show that one too, seriously it's the same two pieces every time), I had to switch out the shirt to continue with the challenge. I really do love this tank, it's so comfy, perfect for layering but the neckline details make it cute to wear alone also. I also have a leopard print crossbody bag that I carry so I can keep the essentials with me (debit card, license, hair brush, chapstick, etc.)

And no, I don't wear flip flops most of the time but for theme park heat, I do.  I can't wear closed-toe shoes to a theme park when it's hot. Only during the cold times. Which is why I need some flat boots. 

I'm done rambling now.  Hope you're all having a great start to the weekend!

Today's outfit
Denim Bermudas: Target
Pink Tank: Plato's Closet
Silver Flip Flops: Target


  1. A theme park uniform? That's awesome! Cute and functional! That's also really cool that Seaworld has trick-or-treating for the kids. Ghosts rock too, and that is definitely better than a sheet with holes. I hope you guys have a great time and a great rest of the weekend! :)

  2. How cute Melissa.....and way to keep the challenge going...:)
    I dont post outfits on the weekends son has Homecoming tonight (his first..awwww)
    Have fun....take pics!!!

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  3. OMG, her costume is so cute. If it makes you feel any better R. told me he wants to be garbage for Halloween. How cool is it that you live someplace where you can choose between SeaWorld and DisneyWorld.
    I don't usually post on the weekend either, but instead just do a long weekend re-cap post on Monday. Maybe that would work for you?
    Have fun at Disney World. I'm jealous :)

  4. I am going to have some trouble blogging on the weekend too! I am going to post my first challenge outfit right now . . . so you are already ahead or me. Cute theme park outfit!

  5. Do you live in SD? So do I! We plan to do sea world next weekend. :)

  6. I love how dedicated to your kids you are, it's so sweet - and that is absolutely precious of your daughter, I think she picked out a cute costume! If only I was as chic as a child x

  7. Your shorts are really cute. I am enjoying your pink touches so far!

  8. You look fantastic in this shade of bright pink! Such a fun and cheerful color!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time at SeaWorld. I have never been there. Isn't that crazy? After living in CA for almost my entire life. And it sounds like your daughter was adorable. Isn't it funny how early in life we develop our own fashion preferences? My BF has a 4 year old cousin who refuses to wear anything by her favorite pink and green ruffled dress. Her mother is getting tired of washing it!


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