Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Daily MelWear: Why I Don't Wear Pants


This is why I don't wear pants. They just don't look good on me at all. I really do like the blouse (it's from my aunt, it's White House Black Market! I've never owned anything from there!) but I think it would look much nicer over a dress or tucked into a skirt (which I was going to do but then decided that the skirt I wanted to wear would be too short for today).

So. Meh.

Plus I'm not used to wearing such little color. I have the purple tank but it's not very bright and I just feel all out of my element today.

I'm really swamped at work this week and I have no idea when I'll be able to catch up with everyone. I miss reading your blogs! I love hearing from you in the comments but I really miss hearing about what's going on with you in your blogs.

Meh again to being too busy. I suppose being busy is better than being bored, though! AND - I can't tell you how grateful I am for the fact that I even have a job.

So let's end this post with a YAY!

Hope you all have a fabulous day!!!

Today's outfit:
Gray Slacks: Kohl's
Blouse: From my aunt
Purple Tank: Charlotte Russe
Gray Pumps: Payless
Black Necklace: Wal-Mart
Ring: Forever 21


  1. i'm really self conscious about wearing pants too but think you made a good decision to go with wide-legged pants to help balance out the look. and the gray shoes go perfectly with it!

    and i hope work dies down a bit for you after this week!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  2. I think you look great in pants! They are definitely harder to find the right fit though, that's for sure.

    Being busy IS better than being bored, but just don't get stressed :)

  3. I think the outfit looks great on you!

  4. Melissa...don't be so hard on yourself!! First, you look great in pants!! You should wear them more often Second, the blouse is very flattering the way it is structured Third, I love neutrals with the pop of one color. I find it to be chic and sophisticated. Muted elegance. A great change of pace Fourth, don't put so much pressure on yourself. Do all you can just for today. ONE DAY AT A TIME!
    You look great!

  5. Regardless of all of us insisting on you looking great in pants, it is more important for you to wear what makes you feel great! I would love to see the top with skinny jeans at some point.

    And I'll help out your busy predicament: I'll take a short break from blogging to ease your load :P!

  6. I do like you in these pants -- but I completely understand your disdain for wearing pants in general. Some of us are just more comfortable in skirts and dresses. Just wear what makes you feel best! :)

  7. I have those exact same shoes. Have them in my car right now because I was going to wear them yesterday but decided against it with plain gray leggings. It was overwhelming!!!

    I prefer skirts. They look better. I feel prettier. And I only have little bitty short legs so I try and show them as best as possible.

  8. Yay, right back at ya! I too have been swamped and JUST got the chance to catch up with my fave blogs. Firstly, lovey your adorable blouse & secondly, those pants look fabulous on you. Although, I too feel more comfy in skirts/dresses it's what I wear most days. xx veronika

  9. Your look great in pants. I have tons of Cami you have on today. Love your ring.

    I hope your work slow down for you.

  10. I'm not big on pants either! Jeans are OK, but not so much pants/slacks. I LOVE those shoes- payless?? Wow

  11. Melissa you're silly. Pants may not be in your comfort zone but they don't look bad on you at all. Any girl that has body issues has that item of clothes that they feel just highlights that body part they don't like. At this point, you could find the perfect pair of pants but your mind will still tell you they don't look good. Please trust me when I say that your readers (and people in your life) do NOT see what you see.
    If you didn't point out that you didn't like yourself in pants, no one would have thought anything negative.
    You are a kind, fun and beautiful woman with a great sense of style. I know you didn't post this to get compliments but it breaks my heart that you would say something negative about yourself.
    /end rant ;)
    Okay love, I really do like this outfit.
    I hope your work schedule calms down a bit so you can relax and enjoy some blog reading.

  12. I just had a conversation with a girlfriend about pants this morning! I don't like them either and rarely wear them. Jeans are somehow magical and don't count as "pants" in my book, because for some odd reason I can find a least a few pairs that work on me.
    I like this limited color edition of your OOTD. The WHBM shirt is gorgeous and looks great on you, and the hint of purple gives it added interest.

  13. I think you look great in pants!! I really like the wide leg on you it fits you with perfection. I think you look great even if you do feel out of your element! Hope life slows down a bit for you!

  14. I like the pants! I also really like your blouse, so cute!

  15. The pants look great on you! I don't love wearing pants either, especially now cause I have so few pairs that fit and have no money to buy any lol!

  16. I think you look great! I love the top!! :)

  17. I love the detail on the blouse but I feel the same way about pants. They just make me feel weird.
    BTW, I wrote a post on that hater comment I got. Good times :)

  18. I think the pants look cute on you!

  19. Uhm, I think the pants look cute! Great wide-leg, with a sheen, and the cuffs. Adorable.

    I love that you feel out of sorts with such little color - so do I! I always feel *off* when I'm wearing mostly neutrals. Funny.

  20. That is a lovely blouse! I think that the pants don't look as bad as you think but I pretty much feel the same way. Skirts are more comfy and flattering on me anyhow! Busy is not so fun!

  21. I think you look good but you have to wear what makes you feel good!

    Loved your polka dots yesterday!!

  22. I think you look amazing in pants! And that top is so got some wonderful items from your Aunt :) And those shoes...ah! Perfection!

  23. Skirts do look great on you but these pants are not bad at all but if you don't feel pretty in them than that is going to effect the way you look. I really love the blouse and the black and white color scheme a lot.

  24. I also think you do a great job of rocking pants. But I can certainly understand favoring skirts. It's just so much more difficult to find pants that fit and flatter. And your blouse is absolutely stunning. The black and white color scheme looks very polished!

  25. I really like this top as well. I am excited to see what you do with it in the future!

  26. Oh you silly girl, I think you look beautiful!! But, I do know what you mean about feeling self conscious about certain items of clothing. For me, it's usually short sleeved shirts. About pants, though -- I used to (and still sometimes am) be a little self-conscious of myself in pants, and to my wild surprise, I've fallen in love with skinny jeans. Have you tried them? I think that they are so flattering! And I'm definitely NOT a skinny girl. I'd be curious to see what you think. :)


  27. Hushyou! No seriously, you look hott!!! I love the seaming on the top, I love the cut of the jeans. And those shoes, let's just say if I ever come across a pair like that - I'm getting them. I love the button detail/strap shape. Too cute.

  28. I have noticed that depending on the person the style of pants that look amazing changes. it is just hard to find the correct one. skinny does not look good on me but bootcut look great. I am not sure about wideleg on me.

    Just try on a ton and I'm sure you'll find ones that YOU like. If you don't like them it doesn't really matter that we all think they are great.

    I have posted about hating pants myself. I have about 20 pairs of dress pants and I like and only wear about 3 of them.

  29. Oh my gosh, I actually love this outfit!! The pants look great! (And I'm so jealous of those shoes!) And I even think all the neutrals look great too!! It's different from what you normally wear, but it's still you, and it's absolutely super cute! :)


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