Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daily MelWear: You win some, you lose some...

And today, I lost.

I strongly, STRONGLY considered not posting this outfit this morning. I do have a couple of reserve outfits that I could've posted.

However...part of the reason that I started this blog was to learn and grow and how am I going to do that if I don't throw in the bad stuff that desperately needs help? Such as this outfit. 

I feel awful in this. My thought for today started with the pants and the blouse because I wanted to wear red and brown together, and sometime in my thought process I decided turquoise accents would work well.  Red, brown and turquoise is a color combination that I haven't tried yet but I like it in theory.

I also wanted to throw on a long cardigan and belt it, but my long cardigan ended up not being very long. I tried a short-sleeved jacket and no.  I tried a brown cardigan and again, no. I threw on this blazer and figured it was the lesser of all the evils. 

Then I went for shoes.  I tried red kitten heels and nope. Tried leopard flats and still no.  I was out of time so I grabbed these nude kitten heels, ran outside for pictures and that was it.

I am so grossly uncomfortable that I can't even explain it.  I totally wish I could go home and change but I can't.

This is where I desperately need all of you! Please help me with this.  What exactly is wrong with this outfit?  I can't put my finger on it, I just know that the entire outfit doesn't work for me.  Is it the pants, are they too short, too tight? What could I have done to make this better? 
Pant detail

Today's outfit:

Red Blouse: Wal-Mart

Brown Striped Pants: Kohl's

Brown Blazer: can't remember

Nude Kitten Heels: Target

Turquoise Necklace/Earrings: Wal-Mart


  1. I'm gonna just come out and say it -- I don't know why you feel uncomfortable in this! Do some parts of the outfit not fit quite right? Because from here, it looks fine. Maybe it's not a rock star day but everything goes together well. I personally like the effect of the longer bright shirt under the muted jacket. I would probably wear a bigger necklace and some bright-colored shoes if I were wearing that.

  2. This outfit is fine, but I think it looks a little hot for summer? Maybe unbutton the blazer, wear a belt, switch out the shirt with a knit top in a neutral color tucked in, roll up the sleeves?
    Are there any fit issues? Usually, if I am not happy with an outfit, it's because of pieces that are too big, too small, etc.

  3. i love your honesty in posting! i am too wimpy to post any pic of me in an outfit--i just post pics of my clothes--let alone one that you feel wasn't a winner.

  4. I think the outfit looks good to me but, maybe the bright shirt undereath is too long? That's what is sticking out for me, no pun intended :)

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  6. It feels a bit heavy/dark for summer? Maybe a brighter shoe would have pulled it up. Yellow or turquoise?

    I do like the contrast between the stripes on the pants/blazer. Agreeing with other's that is something doesn't fit right that it'll make the rest of the outfit feel off.

  7. You're being too hard on yourself. I don't see anything wrong with the outfit. In fact, I like how the blouse is just slightly longer than the blazer. Having that extra fabric hanging out really brightens the whole outfit. With that being said, I do agree with Rad_in_Broolyn that this outfit might be TOO HOT for the summer months. Perhaps that's why you don't feel so good about it?

  8. I adore the jewel-tone blouse - such a fantastic color on you! I love, too, that you paired turquoise with it - those colors bounce off each other quite wonderfully.

  9. I hate when that happens. I like the idea of rolling up the sleeves on the blazer or maybe just belting the top? I love the detail on those pants, though. Fabulous!

  10. I am so so not a fashion guru but my only comment was brighter shoes? I would probably go more red like the blouse but kinda diggin' the idea of turquoise to match the jewelry. Thanks for being so real!

  11. If you posted this without any comments, I would have thought it looked fine. :-) Since you are looking for ideas on why it feels off, I am going to suggest that the lapels of the jacket and the shirt collar are large/competing for attention, and you are so petite/tiny its just alot going on :-) If you tried the same outfit with a red tee, you'd probably like it. I love the color combo as well.

    Anyways, hello! New reader here, saw your blog name on someone's reader list and popped over. Love your blog! :-) Sorry for my first note to seem critical - its not intended to be :-)great style and great photos.

  12. lovely outfit!

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  13. nothing wrong with it except - you feel uncomfortable in it! i get like that sometimes1 all about trial and error right xxxxx

  14. Cynthia - Yeah, some parts just felt "off" to me. Bigger necklace and brighter shoes sound great!

    Rad - It's definitely not a summer look. :( There are absolutely some fit issues. I love all of your ideas and I'm filing them away to implement soon!

    Elle - I've loved all the combinations you've posted. I think you should just go for it and do pics of yourself! Your profile pic is gorgeous so I'm sure you will look fabulous. :)

    Iris - I rather enjoyed the pun. :) I'm not too sure that I like it sticking out either. Maybe I should've tucked it.

    Maubrey - thank you! I tend to be the "English teacher" in my office so if I can help anyone learn more, I'm happy!

    Megan - you read my mind! I absolutely would have worn a turquoise shoe if I'd had any. I'm also on the hunt for yellow heels. I'm pining...

    Sydney - that is a definite possibility. My office is typically freezing though (as I'm typing I have my space heater on next to me!) so I was hoping it'd work. Not so much, apparently. :)

    Sarah - thanks! I love the red/turquoise combo, I think I just need to find a different way to wear it. :)

    Francis - I hadn't really considered belting the top because it has an elastic waist...but now that you mention it, I think a wide belt might look really nice! Thanks!

    Nicole - I did try red shoes but the pants are too short for my heels and the kitten heels looked really awful. But turqoise...that would be perfection. I'm going to have to find turqoise shoes. Yes.

    Bianca - thanks for visiting! And thanks for your comment (not critical, you're being honest and I love it!). I hadn't thought of the lapels competing but you are probably right on with that. Those two pieces probably should not go together, ever. And won't now! :)

    Carmen - thank you! I did check out your blog and you're adorable!

    Kirsty - Trial and error is right...it's the "error" days that I'm not a fan of. :)

    Rachel - I think YOU look great. :)


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