Monday, July 26, 2010

Daily MelWear: Pink and White

You GUYS. Guess what? I finally got a statement necklace! (I know, woo-freakin-hoo for some of you who've had some for a while. I'm usually the last one on board.)

I had some time and a little bit of cash at Target the other day.  I went through their clearance stuff, took a bunch of things into the dressing room, most of it fit and looked okay...but I didn't love any of it.  Not a single thing.  So I put it all back! Yay me!

I ended up going through the girls' clothes and getting some clearance things for my daughter, and I also found this necklace on clearance in the jewelry section.  I love this!  It's got a modern vintage feel to it (ya like that oxymoron?).  I have a feeling this is going to be seen a lot.  I need more statement necklaces, I really like them!

My baby girl wasn't feeling well this weekend (she had some sniffles, sneezes and coughs) so we didn't do too much yesterday.  On Saturday I had the baby shower and then the birthday party; we took her to dinner that night. Sunday was a lazy day (albeit a little bit frustrating at one point). 
So today's outfit revolves around this necklace. I had to wear it right away.  That's how I am with all new clothes, I usually can't wait to wear them.  I just can't even fathom people who have things in their closets for days/weeks/months that haven't been worn.  How do you do it?  When I buy something, I buy it because I love it and I don't want to wait to wear it. 

Really, those of you who can do that, how do you do it?  I kind of wish I could have a little more patience and self-control! 

Anyway, it started with the necklace.  I knew I needed a simple shirt to let the  necklace stand out but I couldn't think of one. I did decide that I should wear this white skirt with these nude snakeskin heels.  These have been hiding for a while because they're too big since I lost the weight, but I bought those heels guards at Target and they fit a little better now.  Good thing because I love them.  So I went with the white skirt, these heels, the necklace...and this pink tee was the best I could come up with. It's a little too casual, I'm not real fond of the v-neck, but I figured with the snakeskin belt and white cardi, it'll work for the office. 

Cardigans make almost anything work for the office, don't they?

Wow, I'm awfully wordy today.  Sorry! I'm done!

Today's outfit:

Pink Tee: Target

White Cardigan: Target

White Skirt: Gap

Nude Snakeskin Heels: Payless

Snakeskin Belt: Salvation Army

Necklace: Target

Earrings: Wal-Mart 


  1. Aw, KT took the words right off my keyboard! Great necklace.

  2. wow that necklace is so CUTE! i love it with all the white and pink in your outfit. ~joelle

  3. <3!!! SO beautiful!

  4. Fantastic necklace!! Welcome to the statement necklace club! :-)

  5. What a beautiful statement necklace! I really like how you pair the necklace with a deeper pink top, making the different parts of the necklace really stand out.

  6. Absolutely fabulous statement necklace~ I love the snakeskin additions too.

  7. i love that necklace...i have a similar one from forever21 and i love cant go wrong with pink!!! xoxo

  8. I love that necklace!!! I think the whole outfit works perfectly!!

  9. Great necklace and I'm also in love with the snakeskin belt. Looks wonderful!

  10. I second the 'love the necklace' post! It goes well with the rest of your outfit!

  11. Such a cute girly look! I bet this necklace would be fun to pair with a more rock and roll outfit too! Oh the possibilities of a statement necklace :)

  12. I LOVE that necklace! Super duper cute! And it looks so great with your outfit.

  13. I haven't managed to find my perfect statement necklace yet, but yay for you! In the meantime I'll be borrowing from my roommates jewelry box!

  14. I've been eying a couple, but I always think: "I can make that!" but never buy the materials or go through my stash! Maybe I"ll have to resort to buying one too!

  15. Wow! What a beautiful necklace! I love that you built an outfit that really allows it to take center stage. I may just have to stop by my Target's clearance section to see if I can find something similar.

  16. Beautiful outfit:)))

  17. That necklace looks so pretty paired with a dark pink top! I'm still searching for my perfect statement necklace; they always seem to overwhelm me!

  18. Katy and Lisa - thanks! Me too!

    Joelle - Pink is all I could come up with for now. Hopefully I can wear it with some other colors soon!

    Kimberly (Sadie's Momma) - thank you!

    Kimberly - thanks! It's nice to finally join the club!

    Sydney - that was completely unplanned but I love the effect as well!

    Megan - thanks! I'm big into animal print/texture lately.

    Gee - I used to hate pink, until I had my daughter. Now everything is pink! Even my cell case!

    Tricia - thank you!

    Frances - me too, isn't it great?! Salvation Army rocks!

    LaToya - thanks! Love your blog, too!

    Liz - is IS very girly! I can't wait to pair the necklace with something edgy. Yay for versatility!

    Jessica - thank you! :)

    Becca - how lucky to have a roommate you can borrow from! My husband doesn't have any accessories I'd want to borrow. :)

    Cara - oh, to be so crafty as to make a statement necklace. I envy those of you that can do that! I HAVE to buy them! :)

    Jamie - yes! Target clearance is fabulous. Hope you find great stuff, too!

    Minnja - thank you!

    Christy - that's why I like this one, it's smaller and more delicate. For someone who isn't even 5 feet, this is good. :)

  19. omg that necklace is FABULOUS! I wannnnttt!

  20. I love that necklace! Great texture and colors, and I imagine it will go with lots. I love the bright pink against the crisp whites, and those shoes are amazing!

  21. Sweet necklace. :)

    xx Love & Aloha
    *Swing by to enter my Wendy Mink Jewelry Giveaway!!!

  22. ShyGirl - If we lived close, I'd totally let you borrow it! :)

    Sara - Those shoes make me happy. :) I'm glad you like it, that makes me feel like I'm doing something right! Confirmation is GOOD!

    Sharon - Thank you! It really does make me smile!

  23. Love the pink and white! Beautiful necklace.

  24. Gina, thank you! I adore the necklace!

  25. So pretty! I own the exact same necklace! :)


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