Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daily MelWear: Skinny Cat

The title of today's post is simply referring to the fact that I'm finally wearing a different silhouette in slacks today!  Almost every pair of pants that I wear to work are the same style and they're all wide-legged.  I love wide-legged pants...but I've really wanted to find some that aren't quite so huge.

Enter my mother-in-law this weekend - she'd bought these for her mother but they didn't fit.  I tried them on and VOILA! Perfection. Yay for new pants! Without even entering a store!

I originally paired the pants with a magenta tee that had some floral embellishments, but the tee is now a little too big and looked kind of ridiculous.  Then I tried my leopard metallic tank and it was nice, but something was still off.  It looked too "party on a Saturday night" instead of office-appropriate.  I ditched my silver stilettos, added the jacket...and it works. 

I also tried belting it but with the blousy-ness of the tank, that didn't work out too well.

We had yesterday off from work in observance of Independence Day; I didn't even shower, hence the reason for no post.  It was great to have such a long weekend! 

What did you all do to celebrate the Fourth of July? Did you get a long weekend or did you have to work on Monday?

Today's Outfit:

Black Ankle Pants: The Limited (via my MIL)

Leopard Metallic Tank: Plato's Closet

Black Jacket: Charlotte Russe

Black/Gray Pumps: Target (Isaac Mizrahi)


  1. I love wide leg pants too! Nice to change it up. Looks great! I had Monday off and today - back to work tomorrow though! We had friends over for the 4th - it was fun!

  2. That tank is killer and I LOVE it!!! You look fab!

  3. You look chic yet professional today. And ACK for Plato's Closet - I've heard so many good things about that store!

  4. I think the pants are a great look for you! Love that you're a working mommy who is staying fashionable!

    ps: thanks for the comment on my blog - I will definitely be following yours!

  5. Peggy - I'm so jealous that you had Tuesday off too! :) Glad you had fun!

    Tricia - thanks! This is my go-to tank when we hit theme parks because it's so breezy and I can eat all day without worrying how bloated I look. ;)

    Lisa - Plato's Closet is AWESOME. When you're buying. They're not so great to sell to. When I tried, they took two items and told me the rest were a little "too mature." I think they were saying I'm OLD! :)

    Kristin - thanks, I'm trying! I love your blog!

  6. Great pants! I love a skinny trouser. They're perfect for the blousey like top you have on. The jacket just adds to the structure. I love the neckline of the top

  7. This is a great look for you, you can definitely rock this style of pants!


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