Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daily MelWear: A Little Bit of Sunshine

I had no idea what to title this post.  The I looked down at the yellow in my shirt and figured this title works. :)

I had such a hard time figuring out what to wear this morning! I don't know why.  I kept thinking that I did want to wear this dress, but I really wish that I had a yellow cardigan or a simple pink one (my pink one is rufflicious and would be a little too much next to this pattern). This shirt came to mind but it's yellow with white stripes and I wasn't sure the pattern mixing would work. can't really see the stripes, you mostly see only the yellow. So it works.  Kind of.  The back is really the only part where you can see the stripes but my hair is long enough that it covers it for the most part.

How do you all put your outfits together?  Do you think of outfits for the entire week, do you pick one out the night before, or do you throw something on in the morning?

Today's outfit:

Dress: I have no idea. It was my mother's.

Yellow/White Shirt: Macy's

Black Mary Janes: Wal-Mart

Necklace/Earrings: Wal-Mart (gift from a co-worker)


  1. I like your subtle pattern mixing.
    As far as picking out outfits, there are times when something pops into my head the night before and I set it out, but usually I figure it out in the morning. I think of a piece while I'm in the shower, and then build the outfit around that. I'm not so good with the planning ahead of time.

  2. I love the pattern mixing!

    I set outfits aside as I think of them, whenever, that might be, but I don't wear them in a particular order, or pre-plan each day. At any giving time I might have 2 outfits waiting, and sometimes I have none.

  3. Looove the dress layered like that. Yellow is a perfect accent color.

    It depends on the week. If I'm feeling uninspired I wait until I'm getting dressed that morning, but like this week with the theme week, I plan everything ahead of time (mostly). I also have my fashion binder with pre-planned outfits that I can pull if I just can't figure anything out.

  4. Super cute dress and the yellow really wakes it up!

  5. Frances: I'm not great with planning ahead either. The only time I really do is when I've bought something new, because I typically have to wear it RIGHT AWAY! :)

    Erin: Thanks! I haven't thought of actually setting outfits aside. That's a great idea. My only problem is that my outfits would probably use some of the same pieces so I couldn't set aside complete outfits and that would bug my OCD mind. That's a great idea I might have to try soon, though!

    Megan: Thank you! I adore yellow as an accent color, I need more of it. I need to see pictures of this fashion binder that you have. That sounds like just the kind of organization that I need!

    Kim: Thanks! You're one of my biggest inspirations!

  6. Brilliant layering! I love the contrast of yellow against that gorgeous dress. That silhouette is perfection on you!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. This is such a cute way to layer a dress! I love it!!


  8. Cute dress! I love it with the yellow.

  9. Sara, Amy and Jessica: Thank you! You guys are so encouraging, you make me love being a part of this blogging community!


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